Queen Bitch

Queen Bitch With the cards stacked against her Precious has to gamble it all and use the only weapon she has left her street savvy brains to outwit the most dangerous enemies she s encountered yet In this game w

  • Title: Queen Bitch
  • Author: Deja King
  • ISBN: 9780975581155
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the cards stacked against her, Precious has to gamble it all and use the only weapon she has left her street savvy brains to outwit the most dangerous enemies she s encountered yet In this game where the winner takes all, who will come out on top the mentor or the protege Because there can only be one Queen Bitch.

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    1. this book is so good because there is this girl named precious nd dis gurl named maya and precious is trying to do what ever it takes to keep her baby aliyah safe all because Maya is trying to kill thee pretty little baby aliyah all over the stupid fact that Maya Think's That she's the baddest of the baddes't but precious think's she's got another thing coming for her.! I sooo can't wait to finish the rest of the book,.

    2. WowI was cheering so hard for Precious. This book was all that. I can't wait to read the next book. I would highly recommend this book to read.

    3. This novel starts off exactly where The Bitch is Back left us hanging. Precious is kidnapped by the evil sibling duo Pretty Boy Mike & Mya and is tied to a pole in a dark basement trying to think of a way to get out of this mess. Supreme is home with baby Aaliyah distraught that Precious is missing and honestly doesn't seem to be doing his best to find her. Unlike when his daughter was kidnapped, this time he sits back, drinks, and leaves the entire investigation up to the police. Supreme, s [...]

    4. This one was a fast pace I finished in one day. Precious find herself being kidnapped by Mike, Maya and Devon. Maya have alot of plans for Precious and the plans don't include Precious at all.Precious find that Mike want more with her even when she tried to escape. He talked her in them leaving together with Aaliyah. To get Mike to be cool and for Precious to get her freedom around the house she was being held at Precious agreed to anything.Maya wanted Supreme in ever way even if that mean that [...]

    5. Well, the next book in the series was sent to me and got lost along the way so now I'm stuck waiting a few more days which was the exact thing I tried to avoid but what can you doI was very leery of this book even though the first three in the series all got five stars from me. I didn't see how King could keep this a five star book with Precious in the prediciment she was in at the end of book 3. She did it though. And I'm enthralled. It's rare for me to feel real strong emotions while reading a [...]

    6. precious cummings was doing crazy about her baby aaliyah coming up missing and finding out pretty boy mike had found away to fling jail. But all along maya had all that plan out and had inside help in jail. Maya was plotting to steal precious husband supreme, she did everything got her kidnapp. Mike was start back fallen for precious, things wasn't going maya way so she killed mike and thought she killed precious. But maya was Queen Bitch and had the crown over precious.

    7. I didnt care too much for this installment for the bitch series. Usually the author has some parts of the book thats predictable, however I found everything to be predictable. Most of the story was boring, too "everything coming together", and just made for a boring read. The best part of the book was the end, and even than you could predict the ending. The author could have done wayyyyyy better on this book.

    8. So far I think that Maya is a shady baack stabbing bitch and at trhe same time in the other book I kind of figure that her and d=Devon was helping because he was a new worker and Maya was still his little sister no matter what but the thing is that she doesn't know that mike is trying to leave the country with Precious and Aaliyah because he thinks thats his daughter.I learned that people who are like family can always stab you in the back.

    9. this book is a really good book the main character is precious, precious has it all a life that any one would love to have and everything that anyone can possibly dream of. she has a husband and a daughter that she love's and a gorgeous house and there is someone out there that want's what precious has and they are going to do everything in there power to take it way from her will she be able to do something about it or will she just not enjoy the ride that she is force to ride.

    10. I love King's character of Supreme. The shallow main character does nothing for me but there's something about Supreme that's different than the other male characters you read about in urban/street lit novellas. Anyway, the Bitch Series grows old after a while. And since I've only read most of them, I can tell you why: predictability. However, this story's interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I'm certain you could read this one without having read all the others.

    11. Book 4 was okay to me, a lot happened but nothing happened. If that makes sense. lol. I breezed through the book no problem but did get a little bored with it. Don't get me wrong, it was still good just not as fast paced as the first two. But I will say once again Maya shocked the sh*t out of me! Smh On to the 5th Book

    12. I love the series of these books but i hate this one!! the way stuff turns out in this book totally trips me up and i was sooo pissed at maya!! I thought for sure precious could get through this but the way things were tunring out i was like no way this is gonna end on a good note!! I didnt like the back and fourth chapters that were set up but i guess in all this book turned out ok.

    13. OMG Deja just left me hanging at the end of bookbut she's did it again. Another great plot and ending to this series!!! I thought Precious was going to be home sweet home with her family!!! I read this book with in 1 dayI didn't want to put it down! I'm ready for Part 5arting it tomorrow night!

    14. I love these sequels. I was irritated that precious was locked in a basement almost the whole book but of coarse I knew she would get out she always's do. It was so many twists and I cant wait for maya to get hers. I'm never the type to spoil the story but I cant wait to get part 5 and trife life to lavish.

    15. Loved itI hope Maya gets what's coming to her crazy ass. how you gone treat the person who treater you like family life like that. then kill your own brother, that's sick, she had been pale them all. Just to get her claws in her supposedly best friend/ sisters husband

    16. Mya is a jealous ruthless bitch that,is so jealous she wants what she can't have. I can't wait to see Precious does to her. I knew Maya would kill her brother Pretty Boy Mike. Precious is a true fighther & street soulja

    17. oy. i can't stop reading them. i am officially addicted. like the zane book that was one of the first in this whole urban fiction movement. but stilley are not good. or well written. in any way. one more to go!!!

    18. I love Deja King's books - especially the Bitch series! This book was as satisfying as the rest, and I'll definitely read the next book in the series.

    19. this book is crazy I wonder what gona happen next in the last bitch standing you know who my money on lol


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