Raptor Red

Raptor Red Paleontologist author Robert Bakker is acknowledged as a rebel in his field thought by many to have been the model for the paleontologist character in the novel and the movie Jurassic Park This aston

  • Title: Raptor Red
  • Author: Robert T. Bakker
  • ISBN: 9780786206346
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Paleontologist author Robert Bakker is acknowledged as a rebel in his field, thought by many to have been the model for the paleontologist character in the novel and the movie Jurassic Park This astonishing novel of love, loyalty, family, and survival tells the compelling story of a year in the life of one of a female Utahraptor, told entirely from the animal s point of vPaleontologist author Robert Bakker is acknowledged as a rebel in his field, thought by many to have been the model for the paleontologist character in the novel and the movie Jurassic Park This astonishing novel of love, loyalty, family, and survival tells the compelling story of a year in the life of one of a female Utahraptor, told entirely from the animal s point of view.

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    1. She coldly looks for her next victim, hiding in the bushes, as does the male consort, ready to kill again, the duo, frequently work together and enjoy butchering the helpless, the fierce, bright, intelligent, pretty eyes, always searching and moving , she is patient and can wait for hours, finally there, a short distance from them, the cripple a silent signal to the companion, both running from opposite sides, they attack, slashing and slashing, blood squirting out, from gaping holes, it is soon [...]

    2. You've heard the rule for writers: only steal from the best? Bakker obviously knows it. Naturally he knows everything about dinosaurs and uses all that knowledge in this novel. But, aware of his limitations, he stole a plot engine and stuffed it under the hood. Yes, it's PRIDE & PREJUDICE, with velociraptors! It's a hoot to read this, with that in mind. Every fan of Austen should pick this up.

    3. I had been wanting to read this book for quite some time. Finally, I did it! Loved this story. It was sad, it was happy, it was interesting. I liked how the author got into the dinosaur's brain like he did. I became quite fond of Raptor Red. I did find the story ended somewhat abruptly, though. I could have used another chapter. I enjoyed the killing, the playing, the mating, the natural disasters. It was quite an adventurous life.I've had pet lizards before and I've often wondered what a dinosa [...]

    4. Finally, a dino book with the dinos as the main characters and not a human in sight. The descriptions of raptor social structure (and the world itself) are so real they must be true. After reading this it seems impossible for dinosaurs to have behaved in any way other than what Bakker describes. I felt like I was watching a documentary with running commentary from an omniscient narrator, and this is much better than interrupting a dinosaur’s thoughts with human interjection. National Geographi [...]

    5. [This Review is taken from my blog, abookwithoutend.wordpress/, which also contains a short audio clip from the audio book]Okay, this is probably the best audio book I have ever listened to. In my previous review of the audio book of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy I talked about how much I loved it as an audio book, because of the comedy. But what makes this my favorite audio book is for the use of sound effects and music, perfectly accompanied with the story line. The above excerpt from [...]

    6. One of my favorite novels! My parents gave me this book when I was younger, and I admit that I cried the first time I read it and Red went through all her troubles. I'm generally not a fan of anthropomorphizing animals, but when the animal has been extinct for millions of years I don't suppose anyone really gives a fuck.The narrative is engaging, really--not like a lecture which is as dry as the bones it's discussing.

    7. From the look of the jagged title font and gloomy-looking shadows on the front cover you might think that this book is a thriller or horror, but actually it's a book that features a dinosaur as the main character, giving readers a dramatized view of what life as one of these large reptiles was probably like at the time when tyrannosaurus rexes and raptors ruled the earth.

    8. Second read; it's really that interesting, so much information on so many creatures, not just raptors. But I have to admit that it's not 100% a page-turner for some reason I was finding it soothing and kept falling asleep, so it took me several days to read. Otoh, if one is in the right frame of mind, there is a lot of excitement, and it's not long, and shouldn't take long.And it's not just for adults. Any reader who isn't afraid of vocabulary & science, age 9 up, can enjoy this. And I do re [...]

    9. I read this book forever ago but it stuck in my memory. I take that as a positive sign. I found it at my library recently, thumbed through it and liked what I saw. Raptor Red follows the life of a Utahraptor after the death of her mate. She reunites with her sister and her sister's hatchlings, despite her sister's apprehension of having another adult around the chicks. Together, they travel in search of food, escape predators and play. Red continues searching for a new mate, despite her sister's [...]

    10. A consistently underrated, forgotten classic with an extremely unique point-of-view. I read this book over and over when I was young. I loved how realistic it made dinosaurs, how personal the view into Red's life became. The same struggles we deal with, the death of a loved one, illness and danger, family bonds, are shown to us through her eyes, broken down from their cultural definitions into something simple and pure - science. It is an amazing study in point-of-view and the power of prose wit [...]

    11. I used to give this book two stars in my first review, and I honestly don't know what my problem was 10+ years ago. This book is incredible and will be re-read regularly. (My guess is that the German translation must have been terrible and lifeless. Especially with authors like Bakker, who use rather a lot colloquials and a natural, "spoken tone" language, German translation fail me regularly and spectacularly. I refuse to read any German Stephen King anymore for this reason. They are just diffe [...]

    12. It's awesome how Bakker is able to almost humanize the animals in this book and make you feel genuine empathy for them while also making sure you understand that nature can be cruel sometimes and animals do things to survive and because they need to do them. I actually learned a lot from this book. I've always loved dinosaurs but there were many that I've never even heard of and I enjoyed that. There's also a lot here about other creatures from this time and how their biological processes work. [...]

    13. After reading Jurassic Park, was kind enough to recommend this book to me (What absolutely amazing books would I have never come to know without ?). Already captivated by the cover, the summary had me thinking: "Yes! Finally a book from a dinosaur's point of view!" and I quickly ordered it. I was excited when it finally came, and I read it within two days, as I was quickly sucked into this prehistoric tale.Dinosaurs are often portrayed as savage carnivores that kill everything in sight, and alt [...]

    14. The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars is the loud and annoying background music that kept drowning out the narrator during ALL of the climactic parts of the story.I guess that I'll have to read the actual book to find out what I missed which won't be a problem because I really enjoyed this story.

    15. Great concept; teaching through narrative. Textbook authors take note, Bakker effortlessly conveys an enormous amount of information within these pages. The fundamental idea is quite similar to James Paul Gee's concept of "externalization of identity". As he discussed in Why Video Games Are Good for Your Soul: Pleasure and Learning, playing immersive video games blends the player with the virtual character; they are joint actors in a virtual world. This construct opens up enormous possibilities [...]

    16. Pleasantly surprised with this book!I originally bought it from a secondhand store because it sounded so weird that I couldn't pass it up. I mean, really, a book written from a dinosaur's perspective? As weird as it sounds though, it was actually very entertaining, and even managed to invoke some emotion.The book is written by the world famous paleontologist, Robert T. Bakker, and he succeeds in showing that not only does he know WAY more than almost anyone about dinosaurs and other prehistoric [...]

    17. This was a cool book. It's the story of a utahraptor but it's also a book of science talking about a wide-range of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. It does take a little getting used to at first, especially if you're not familiar with some of the creatures. (I had to look a few up so I would have a good mental picture.)You can tell the author is knowledgeable in his field, and I learned a lot about raptor behavior and life during that period from reading this. If you like books about animal [...]

    18. This book was fantastic!I loved how the author usedsuch a unique approach when writing this book. I mean come on how often does a person come by a book that is written from a raptor's point of view?It was heart warming and touching in a lot of parts and other parts served as a reminder of how cruel the world can be and how it has been in the eons before us.I recommend this to everyone. It will surprise you.

    19. Books&Chai Series: 6 Reasons I Fell in Love with Raptor Red by Robert T. BakkerIntroduction to the BookMy friends already know how crazy I am when it comes to fiction based on dinosaurs. I have been known to wax poetic about such books.In this book, however, Bakker takes facts about dinosaur life and weaves them into a story. So, it is like reading fictionalized non-fiction!Introduction to the ChaiNow that you have had your book intro, let me proceed by introducing you to another series of b [...]

    20. Raptor Red Not a review. Just a note about how much I enjoyed this.  It was a prehistoric romance, about a Utahraptor and the world around her. It was a pure joy to read. Full of science and beautiful descriptions. I am in love with this book.

    21. This book combines a beautiful knowledge of the Cretaceous period with the witty humour and language of the author. Very detailed when describing dinosaurs, scenes etc.

    22. Dr. Robert T. Bakker is a very famous and great Paleontologist. He was one of the first paleontologists to link modern day birds with Theropod dinosaurs and to propose that dinosaurs were actually warm blooded creatures who were active and relatively intelligent. His work was so revolutionary that it eventually landed him an unofficial role as an adviser for the Jurassic Park the movie and is pretty much responsible for the way we view dinosaurs today.Briefly, Dr. Bakker's "Raptor Red" is an ent [...]

    23. This book details the lives of a pack of raptors, called Utahraptors (a giant species of raptor dug up by amateur fossil hunter, Bob Gaston in 1992) that lived in the Cretaceous Age in what is now Utah This is an intelligently written book which seems to accomplish the impossible by combining the genres of science and adventure to produce entertaining knowledge.I discovered this book while scanning a reddit IAmA listing to see the upcoming Q/A events. I saw a paleontologist was on the future lis [...]

    24. I spent a nice chunk of yesterday evening (and a bit of this morning) reading Robert T. Bakker's Raptor Red. Recommended by Becky2844 & Grrlbrarian over at the SDMB - I added it to Mount ToBeRead sometime in the past year and finally dove in.The novel follows a year in the life of a female dinosaur (specifically Utahraptor) in the plains and mountains of what will eventually become Utah. Bakker's background in archaeology is very evident, but the info dumps are very well-handled; you're lear [...]

    25. i enjoyed it. Dated slightly as Bakker is still arguing against the early misconceptions of dinosaurs as reptiles - i.e. cold blooded, slow, etc. They weren't; like the remaining line of dinosaurs - birds - they were warm blooded and many were quite fast - just as mammals today. To show what life was like during the Cretaceous, Bakker follows one dinosaur - a Utahraptor he calls Raptor Red. While he speaks of one family making the walk from Asia, across the ice bridge to Greenland and then Easte [...]

    26. Written by an archaeologist, this book is cleverly written. The majority of the book is written from the point of view of Raptor Red, a five year-old female velociraptor who lived in prehistoric Utah. However, in some chapters the narrative switches. We share a chapter with a prehistoric turtle about to lay her eggs, a prehistoric rodent whose burrow gets trampled by large dinos battling above, and a wise pterodactyl who bemusedly observes it all. Using what he knows of these animals' anatomies, [...]

    27. By far one of my favourite books ever, really felt for Raptor Red through out the story and the author brings his unique palaeontological views into the book with him. I have to admit that through reading the epilogue, I started to feel like maybe his views of the Dinosaurs behaviour and various extinctions makes complete perfect sense. The way Bakker ends the book leaves me unable to look at a bird of prey the same way, most of all the Golden Eagle.I highly recommend this book if Dinosaurs are [...]

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