Laura's Luck

Laura s Luck Laura knows she won t be happy at campbut could she be wrong In the second of three books about a poor family living in the Bronx in the s Laura the older sister has to cope with the pleasures

  • Title: Laura's Luck
  • Author: Marilyn Sachs
  • ISBN: 9780595175901
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura knows she won t be happy at campbut could she be wrong In the second of three books about a poor family living in the Bronx in the 1940s, Laura, the older sister, has to cope with the pleasures and pains of going off to camp.

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    1. Re-read over Memorial Day weekend; it was the perfect start to summer. The unwrapping of the birthday present from her mother is such a bittersweet moment. And that first rainy day is one of my all-time favorite literary rainy days. "Maybe the pies wouldn't be as good as Mama's but they would be apple pies."11-28-09 review:My favorite summer camp book. "For such a quiet, serious girl you certainly manage to get involved in all sorts of scrapes." Laura is such a meaty, complex character that she [...]

    2. As a girl I was obsessed with summer camp books. This one was the gold standard by which all other books were judged. I wanted so badly to be at camp with Laura, who was one of my fictional best friends.

    3. THis book is different from the other two books in the series in that it takes place in the country at a camp instead of the Bronx. Sisters Amy and Laura, following a terrible accident and a family emergency, wind up at summer camp (for like, ALL SUMMER! 8 weeks! WHOOA! Good Lord: what a nightmare!) I had a sad camping experience as a kid and like Laura, i was a quiet bookworm who was close to my folks and hated summer camp. It freaked me out to think of being sent to camp for that long since i [...]

    4. Originally read this series of 3 books as a kid (maybe 6th grade). I decided to read the series again now and understood a lot more of what was going on, especially with the adults. Some of the plot lines and characters annoyed me, but some of them were quite relatable. My ratings are as I rate them upon reading them now. My ratings as a kid probably would've been a star higher for each book.

    5. I read a lot of Marilyn Sachs as a child, and this was perhaps my favourite of hers -- the other Laura & Amy books frustrated me because of the sibling dynamic (which I could not relate to), but this one is just lovely, and having reread it once as an adult, I think it holds up well.

    6. This book is from my childhood. I loved this and it makes me feel how to feel on camping and meeting new friend :)

    7. Perhaps the quintessential summer camp story, if a little mired in period (John Garfield!). I never went to camp, but I'm fairly certain that if I had, I'd have been a lot like Laura.

    8. Tracked down this childhood favorite after getting help remembering the title from a group on this site. I read it over and over as a kid, as I read it this time, I remembered a lot of the exact lines. Great book, I always related to Laura (and still do) and glad I was able to find a new copy.

    9. This review of all three Amy and Laura books also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom. When Marilyn Sachs passed away at the beginning of January, I was reminded immediately of how much I enjoyed her 1968 children's novel, Veronica Ganz. Back in 2015, when I reviewed the book, I wrote that it was "refreshingly unburdened by the contemporary notion that every book is poised to make or break the reader’s entire childhood by its portrayal of unpleasant happenings." I appreciated the book so much [...]

    10. The popsugar-dot-com challenge for "a book you loved as a child" was a tough choice, because I loved so many books! But "Laura's Luck" is the quintessential story of preteen summer camp: the loyalties and factions of girls that age, the earthy crafts and the odd but memorable songs, the blazing campfires and the tree-shaded lake, the ghost stories and pranks, the self-conscious awkwardness and the friendships that seem they will last forever.Singly or all together, the trilogy "Amy Moves In," "L [...]

    11. This was a re-read for me. It was one of my very most favorite books as a girl. Laura is a girl who, like me, was a city kid going to summer camp. Unlike me, Laura did not want to go to camp at all, but I read this book about 27 times while growing up (checked it out so much I remember my mother yelling at me to quit reading the same book over and over, ha ha.) I enjoyed the descriptions of camp because I just loved summer camp! It was fun to re-read and I'd recommend it to any young girl.

    12. I was a huge fan of the book Amy Moves In as a child, but somehow I missed this one back then. I found it yesterday at the library sale and cracked it open before bed. I love summer camp stories and this one was a good one. Nostalgic and pleasant, it brings to mind simpler days. I don't know if today's children can relate to these books, as that world unhappily no longer exists. I think kids reading it may feel cheated with their modern experience. Overall, this book was good, clean fun.

    13. I loved Camp books! In fact, I wrote one myself in 7th grade, a hodge-podge of every summer camp book I had ever read. I wish I still had it, I bet it was HILARIOUS.

    14. Read this as a teen and loved it. Stumbled upon an old copy of it decades later and bought it for a song.

    15. I read this millions of times as a kid. I love the old-fashiondness of it. And re-reading it as an adult, I'm surprised to find it somewhat of a feminist read.

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