Bad Girl

Bad Girl She never meant for it to happen For Chicago Thomas aka Windy it was an offer too good to refuse the chance to head the forensics lab at the Las Vegas Police Department With her six year old daughte

  • Title: Bad Girl
  • Author: Michele Jaffe
  • ISBN: 9780345464989
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • She never meant for it to happen For Chicago Thomas, aka Windy, it was an offer too good to refuse the chance to head the forensics lab at the Las Vegas Police Department With her six year old daughter in tow, Windy moves to Sin City hoping to start over with a loving fianc far from the sad memories of a first marriage that ended in tragedy But the job of her dreShe never meant for it to happen For Chicago Thomas, aka Windy, it was an offer too good to refuse the chance to head the forensics lab at the Las Vegas Police Department With her six year old daughter in tow, Windy moves to Sin City hoping to start over with a loving fianc far from the sad memories of a first marriage that ended in tragedy But the job of her dreams is about to take a nightmarish turn.She wanted to be a good girl Though the first murders appear to be random, they are savage in their intensity an entire family, butchered in their own home Only a few days later, another family meets the same grisly fate To Ash Leighton, the enigmatic chief of the Metro Violent Crime Unit, the signs are clear a serial killer is stalking Las Vegas.But she just couldn t help herself In a breathless race against time, the lines between good and bad, right and wrong, begin to blur, and Windy and Ash find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other In a town where nothing is what it seems, only the evidence doesn t lie And Windy may have to pay for the truth with her life Sometimes being good is dangerous.

    One thought on “Bad Girl”

    1. Well done for a mystery-suspense-thriller. The last two hours were edge-of-your-seat-could-not-stop-reading.Windy (female) is the main character forensics expert. She reminded me of Sherlock Holmes in a couple scenes. Her observations impressed me. There were a lot of good ideas in the clues and ways of solving of the mystery. There was a red herring and I was ok with that. I like third person. We are inside the killer’s head but we don’t know who the killer is until the last quarter of the [...]

    2. Not being a crime/mystery type of book reader - though admittedly I've never actually tried the genre - I found this book to be a real page turner. Although it was easy to be persuaded to keep reading on because the chapter increments were so small, easily 2 page to 5 page long chapters. A couple of twists were good, though I'm still deciding whether I like the big twist about who the killer was. The romance angle of the book was meh, but that's coming from a cynic who doesn't believe that one c [...]

    3. For the crime drama/suspense I give this a 4 star with no problem. But the romance took a backseat in the story for the first 3/4s of the book and only gets about 2 stars from me. I would definitely recommend it to people who love crime drama/suspense type novels with a side order of romance.

    4. I found myself becoming annoyed with Windy's constant need for validation. It felt, at times, as though, when around Ash, she was particularly hard on herself because she knew that he would build her back up. I can see how she would need that after being with someone like Bill, who did nothing but heap guilt onto her shoulders and pressure her into the perfect woman for him, but it seemed like she was seeking out this validation every other chapter. It just got old after a while.I also had a pro [...]

    5. could not put it down!very, very well written. I can normally smash through a book in one sitting, but this is quite a long read, but totally worth it. it never slows down and it doesnt go into agonising detail. Just great storytelling and 3D characters.

    6. This book is on my read, reread, and read again list it is amazing. I first read it when I was in seventh grade (inappropriate? yes) and it blew my mind. Essentially it is a mystery novel that chronicles the life of a serial killer, the women he blames for turning him into a killer, and the detective that is handling the case whom he has fallen for and plans on killing. The novel is full of suspense, literally edge of my seat the entire time and every other time I've read it. There is also just [...]

    7. Sometimes I feel for women authors. George Eliot had a point. This book reads like any police procedural written by male authors that I like. You have your usual crazy serial killer, and minor romance/family time. But the cover of this book looks like a chick-lit cover or romance novel (and bad ones at that). Despite the fact that this book came recommended from someone who's judgment I trust - it sat on my TBR pile for many months, because, it turns out, even I judge a book by its cover. I even [...]

    8. Chicago Thomas (AKA Windy) moves to Vegas to start a new life after something traumatic happens in Virginia. Windy is a cop investigating a serial killer targeting families. Windy's is working closely with her gorgeous boss, Ash Laughton. The romance is inevitable and rather sweet. There are lots of surprises and many plot twists. This is one book that keeps you guessing until the last page. The crimes are brutal and fully described. (So if you're squeamish, skip this book!) What wonderful chara [...]

    9. Mit einem leichten Einsteig fängt das Buch an zu seinem Albtraum zu werden. Einem genialen Albtraum! Morde so kalt und ecklig dass es mir die Haare aufstellt, so detailreich geschildert das sich mir der Magen umdreht und so gut durchgeführt dass die Polizei vor einem Rätsel steht. Ich habe das Buch richtig genossen, die Gänsehaut, die Schockmomente und auch die Tatorte. Das Buch steckt voller Überraschungen, wenigen langweiligen Ermittlungen und sehr viel Blut. Ein Thriller der einen besond [...]

    10. The book is packed with a lot of twists and turns that leave you wondering who the killer is. Although the answer to that question is answered before the end of the book it is still interesting to see how Windy and her team work. I was a bit disappointed by the last four chapters though, they felt a bit rushed, as if the author wanted to get it over with real quick A very entertaining book nevertheless!

    11. To me the book cover looked cheesy and I had low expectations but it ended up being a great mystery book and I liked the main character, especially for the portrayal of her as a strong women, high up in the ranks in a traditionally male field. it also was nice to read about balancing work and family. Overall a good mystery.

    12. "Bad Girl", by Michele Jaffe , is a phenomenal mystery.In the begging of the book I thought I was not going to like it, but when Windy moved to "Sin City", Las Vegas, things started to get interesting.This book has lots of twists and turns that will leave you questioning the murders that go down in "Sin City".

    13. Excellent stand-alone mystery. Great characters, even the bad guys, though sometimes the dialogue is a little awkward. Several plot twists that readers will likely see coming, but they don't really detract from the experience.

    14. Loved the book when I read it in 2004. I'm raising my rating after listening to the newly produced audiobook narrated by Teri Clark Linden. Terrific thriller with fully realized characterscluding the villain.

    15. Mir gefiel der Schreibstil, aber ich musste das Buch früher beenden, da mich die Morde zu sehr mitgenommen haben. Das Cover hat mich nicht wirklich auf den Inhalt vorbereitet. Morde an Kindern nehmen mich zu sehr mit. Da ich neugierig war, musste ich zumindest noch das Ende lesen.

    16. 2.5-3 stars. Not bad mystery/suspense with a couple loose threads, nothing huge but could bother more finicky readers. Not my usual genre but enjoyable despite some gruesome sections.

    17. This was a great mystery suspense thriller. There are lots of twists and turns including some big suprises. It was getting a 5 star rating until the end which was very rushed.

    18. This book was so different then I thought it as going to be from what the cover looked like but it was SOOO good. One of those happy surprises that you can't put down till your done.

    19. I don't remember anything about this novel, but after reading the description I'm a little embarrassed that this is on my read shelf.

    20. It's #27 on Dear Author's Top 100 Romance list and was recced by Jane, whose recs have worked out well for me so far.

    21. I was hooked instantly into this book. I loved how graphic and realistic it was - until the end. It was a little hokey.

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