The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right

The Left Hand of God Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right Mint condition hardcover book in its also brand new condition decorative dustjacket Enjoy being the first to read this book

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  • Title: The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right
  • Author: Michael Lerner
  • ISBN: 9780060842475
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mint condition hardcover book in its also brand new condition decorative dustjacket Enjoy being the first to read this book

    One thought on “The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right”

    1. I was really, really inspired by this book. It was a deeply affirming read. I basically share Rabbi Lerner's vision of a politics of meaning based on love and hope. In the second half of the book Lerner details various policy proposals for a spiritual progressive movement. This is the sort of book I have to go back and re-read, taking notes this time. My hope has been strengthened by being exposed to Lerner's vision. Even before starting this book, I have made it a personal mission to build a sp [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book, I really did. Thought the author has some good ideas, he ruined the book with a repetitious and rambling writing style that made it very hard for me to wade through this wordy morass and actually finish it.The author, a rabbi, challenges the idea that religious conservatives have the corner on spiritual values that are relevant to politics. Religious conservative ideas, which conform to the financial bottom line, are what Lerner calls the "Right Hand of God". He asser [...]

    3. this would also be a good read for people who think that they are right-wing christians, but they're not likely to pick it up.I didn't even get to finish it (damn library got all my requested books at the same time *shakes fist*), but I was already fairly well enthralled. After I get through a few of the ones I need to get back to the library soon, I'll pick it back up. (Or buy it when it comes out in paperback)

    4. Great book! Deals with the topic of spirituality and the militant right wing agenda, namely the concept of "just war"not by any means definitive, but compelling nonthelesse author is involved with the network of spiritual progressives, whos camp i would consider myself a part of. you can check them out at tikkun

    5. took a while to get through (reading on and off until finally completed it tonight alhamdullilah), it's worth readingFirst time I heard of Lerner is when he spoke at RIS a few years back I believe on the invitation of Shaykh Hamza who had written for his magazine (Tikkun). Random fact-Tikkun's office is up a small door that you can easily miss on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley!

    6. I ALMOST finished it. There was much I liked such as having a government based on hope, not fear and moving away from our culture of Materialism. But toward the end it got a bit utopian for me and I just got bored. Too many other books I want to read.

    7. This one is still not finished and probably will not be finished. It is a little out of date and would be a good read for politicos.

    8. I enjoy politics, but this was a bit too partisan for me. The concept of "The Left Hand of God" was interesting, but became too tainted in political i-told-you-so-isms.

    9. While Lerner is so wordy that he is slow reading, this book still had much to say about why people fall for the religious right posture.

    10. One of the most important books I've read in a long time. Gives me hope for our political future that I haven't felt in years.

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