Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer Nevada s rugged majestic beauty is a balm for the aches of Hope Gardener s heart But the ranch she loves is dying of thirst thanks to the worst drought the area has ever seen Hope needs a miracle a

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  • Title: Beautiful Dreamer
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780380818761
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nevada s rugged, majestic beauty is a balm for the aches of Hope Gardener s heart But the ranch she loves is dying of thirst, thanks to the worst drought the area has ever seen, Hope needs a miracle and one day it comes to the Valley of the Sun.A man out of time, Rio is an anachronism in the modern day West, bringing with him a reputation for finding water in any deserNevada s rugged, majestic beauty is a balm for the aches of Hope Gardener s heart But the ranch she loves is dying of thirst, thanks to the worst drought the area has ever seen, Hope needs a miracle and one day it comes to the Valley of the Sun.A man out of time, Rio is an anachronism in the modern day West, bringing with him a reputation for finding water in any desert Hope has no choice but to trust this dark stranger who claims to make dreams real And Rio, who has never had a dream of his own to follow, has found something in this extraordinary lady whose passion tempts him to defy his own rules.In the midst of adversity, two free spirits must now explore the most closely guarded corners of their hearts they search for a beautiful dream big enough to hold them both.

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    1. In the beginning Hope made these references to her past, about her sister and her mom dying close together, and her dad dying before that, but didn’t come out and say everything that had happened, so I knew it was going to be dragged out, and I was right. It’s really irritating when you just want the full information, instead of these little hints the author drops out randomly.The book quickly shaped up into a really monotonous, boring story where literally all that happened was Hope hauling [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book. The prose was lovely, evocative. I really felt as though I was in the Valley of the Sun. The author did a fantastic job in creating scenes and really used excellent, original descriptions. The characters were interesting, although I would have liked learning more about Hope's sister and the mother and father, as well as Hope's life as a model. I think she would have felt more like a complete character that way. We never saw her in her modeling career so there was no e [...]

    3. Sometimes, when am done reading books that interest me, there's a lull of sorts I try searching for hidden gems which bring back the itch back again. This was one such gem. Why you should read this book:Roi--- Strong alpha male, good-heart, tender but skittish to stay at one placeHope-- Hard working young woman, loves the hero with all she's got,virginal, falls pregnantScenes are mushy-mushy, some dialogues are funny and I mostly skimmed through the geographical details about the ranch lands. Th [...]

    4. Truly beautiful book. I won't be writing a technical review but I wanted to note that this book is one of the few romance novels that really stays with me. I've actually read it several times.

    5. Elizabeth Lowell can create a sensual narrative that really pulls me in.I liked this story of hers because she wrote a hero that I wasn't pissed off with through the whole book. Some of her other heroes are men that I don't want the heroine to forgive because they've SEVERELY messed up. But her heroines are pushovers, it seems like. But this hero was really nice. I'm thinking I may have read this book many years ago - but she does have other stories in her collection that are similar -similar se [...]

    6. 7/10 - I enjoyed this book except for it took a long time for the characters to get to the romance, unusual for Lowell (I've read a few). Amber Beach or Where the Heart is or Desert Rain are still my favourite Lowell books. That's not the original title, I'm sure, but can't remember the correct one so this'll have to do. Hopefully, in 50 years I'll still know which one I'm talking about.

    7. This is, by far, one of her best books. In "Beautiful Dreamer", Lowell uses words to paint imagery so vivid and enticing that you actually feel as if you're in a drought-stricken ranch in Nevada. I read this book in about 1 day because I absolutely could not put it down. The descriptions of the land captivated me. It's a great read that I will absolutely read again some day.

    8. So many ch-ch-cheesy parts. It got better but there are just so many overdone flowery descriptions. How many ways (and how often) do we need an allegory about love, life, and land. Not to mention the tie ins with Rio and water. Likely my hooting snarky enjoyment of a cheap e-book is not what Ms. Lowell intended. And it did remind me of why the paperback went into the "donate" pile.

    9. There were elements of this book that took me by surprise. But, none more so than the ending. I actually found myself crying. Each delivery sent to the ranch was a giant love letter from Rio. He literally gave Hope everything he owned and then some.The author even made geology romantic. She turned the evolution of the earth into poetry.

    10. Story of a young woman who has a dream of raising cattle on a ranch that lacks water. A "rainman" who can usually find water agrees to help her.I thought this was a different type of Lowell story. I liked it, but it was a different type of story.

    11. The only thing I didn't like was how much the initial looking for water went, that and there was no mentioning of any other difficulties that came with the ranch, other than the balloon payment coming due.

    12. Story about immigrants from Cameroon who move to NYC right before the great Recession. Resonates currently with what is going on with the immigrant populations.

    13. "Sarebbe stato sempre con lei. vicino quanto il battito del suo cuore, profondo come l’acqua nascosta sotto di loro. E come quell'acqua, il loro amore sarebbe sgorgato con forza irresistibile, portando la vita dovunque si posasse."Ambientato ai giorni nostri ma dal sapore antico, "Il cercatore di sogni" ci porta in un ranch nel Nevada, povero d'acqua ma ricco di sogni, i sogni che riempiono gli occhi di Hope che ha sempre vissuto e lavorato per il futuro di questa terra, la sua unica casa. Il [...]

    14. Hope Gardner’s home is Valley of the Sun, the Nevada cattle ranch she inherited from her parents. She had come home after her father’s death hoping she had earned enough money as a model to support the ranch in the bad times. The ranch is located in high desert country at the base of a mountain range, and a months-long drought has left the land parched and dry. When the only producing well left on the property gives out, Hope becomes desperate to find a new source of water and is forced to b [...]

    15. I didn't remember this book so I had to reread it. I enjoyed it for the most part. The protagonist is a woman with a very symbolic name, Hope Gardner. She lives in the Basin-Valley section of Nevada living her dream as a cattle rancher on her ranch, Valley of the Sun. However, her dream becomes a nightmare as a drought threatensher existence as she knows it. Hope then as a new mission of finding artesain water running beneathher land. She hires Rioto help her find this water. Part Zuni, part Swe [...]

    16. Beautiful Dreamer is another book that I'd like to give 2.5 stars to, rather than just 2. It's a pretty entertaining romance about a woman who is devoted to the land that her father left her when he and her mother and sister passed away. It's a beautiful ranch, which has had the bad luck to be located slightly out reach of obtainable water. So, when a three-year drought hits the area, located in Nevada, Hope Gardener has to rely on ferreting water back and forth from her dangerously troublesome [...]

    17. I thought about giving this book two stars, and maybe I still should. Overall, this was a nice book, but I'm not sure I would ever read it again or another book like it. The prologue confused me when I read it and I really didn't understand what was going on. That's one of the reasons I didn't like this book more. The second reason I thought of rating it lower was that, for me, the book didn't really take off until about page 200. The book only has 392 pages, so I wish the first half of the book [...]

    18. This book was - well - beautiful. It reminds me of romances written in the eighties and nineties, when romances didn't need murders and car chases. It also lacks, for the most part, the horrible cliches epidemic of that period. That said, this book can occasionally be a bit melodramatic, but that was only something I noticed on the second reading. The first time you read it, you get so caught up in the characters you'll forgive the occasional fault. This book has joined my shelf of "comfort food [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book!Hope is a lady who is about to lose her ranch. She has had to sell of some cattle, she has to truck water from her neighbor's ranch to her cows because of the drought, there's no sign of rain, no sign that anything is going to change. Then Rio comes to town. He is part Indian and nobody has ever really accepted him. He tells Hope that if there is water on her land, he will find it for her. The neighbor, John Turner, doesn't like the fact that Rio has come to town. Everyone ha [...]

    20. Overall I enjoyed this story of a woman fighting to keep her Nevada ranch and the drifter who pledges to help her find water. Hope and Rio are likeable characters and I also enjoy their relationship with Mason. I found the descriptions of the characters to be repetitive. Once I am told what color someone's eyes are I don't need to be reminded every other chapter. What really saved this book for me was the information about geology, hydrology and how the Nevada mountain ranges were formed. I foun [...]

    21. Hope Gardener is doing all she can to save the Nevada ranch she loves and grew up on, but her wells have all run dry, and there seems to be no end in sight to the drought that's been plaguing the area for months. Her only hope is a drifter named Rio, who has the ability to find water where no one else can. Hope and Rio are both very likable characters. They are hardworking, honest and courageous people with integrity, who are willing to put it all on the line in order to achieve their goals and [...]

    22. 3.5 stars.Cheesy. Cheeseball. Chock-full-o-cheese. This book (as are the other Lowell books I've read) is ridiculous. The dialogue is too sappy for a soap opera. The premise is the same as all the other Lowell books I've read. Everything's just so predictable.Yet I couldn't stop reading. I enjoy her books so much and I'm ashamed. Sorry, brain. Sometimes I must turn you off and just read on auto-pilot.

    23. This book is very hard to rate. I would give the first half a 1, too much description and geology lesson. In fact I almost put It aside, but I've read some of her other books and loved them. Once the romance started I would rate it a 3. The last few chapters bumped it up to a 5 and I did not want it to end. So I guess it will get a 4 but I sure would have liked to hear some tragic news about the bad guy next door!!!

    24. This romance, set on a Nevada ranch called Valley of the Sun where a hard-working woman is struggling to keep the dream of a new well alive during the worst drought in years. Enter Rio, a half-Indian hydrologist whose true name is Brother-to-the-wind. (Which means he's kind of a wanderer). Hope and Rio try to keep from loving each other, but because this is a romance novel, we all know they're not going to succeed. With all the talk of water, though, this book will definitely make you thirsty.

    25. I very much enjoyed this book. it tells the story of a woman desperate to save her dream of a cattle ranch with just about no water and the man who travels the west helping people find water. I thought Hope and Rio were well written characters and that the romance went at a very believable pace. I have it on my list of books to reread. enjoyed it that much.

    26. Love, love, LOVE this book! This is probably my favourite Elizabeth Lowell novel. It is beautifully written, the characters are well-rounded and realistic and the romance is sensual and well-developed. I've read this many times and I'm always sucked into the emotions of the characters - by the time I get to the HEA, I'm misty-eyed.

    27. This is an author that I have read a lot of and have added her books to my 'keeper' book shelf. Most I have read at least twice and some even more than that. Always in depth characters that anyone can identify with on some level.

    28. What a fantastic book!! This story deserved SIX stars! Absolutely loved it. An old fashioned love story that brings tears to your eyes at the end and leaves you thinking of the hero and heroine for days after. Will read this one more than once.

    29. 3.5, actually. The story was really good but the writing of it was too wordy. This was one of my favorite authors but in this book, she said the same thing (in a different way, of course) so many times, and the things she wrote were often too flowery.

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