Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey

Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey A controversial figure in the history of race relations around the world Marcus Garvey amazed his enemies as much as he dazzled his admirers This anthology contains some of the African American right

  • Title: Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey
  • Author: Marcus Garvey Bob Blaisdell
  • ISBN: 9780486437873
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • A controversial figure in the history of race relations around the world, Marcus Garvey amazed his enemies as much as he dazzled his admirers This anthology contains some of the African American rights advocate s most noted writings and speeches, including Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World and Africa for the Africans.

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    1. This isn't an interpretation of his speeches or articles, it is a collection of his writings. This guy is good, too bad a lot of politicians can't write as articulately as he did. A debate between Garvey and Booker T. Washington would be great, or maybe an arm wrestling match.

    2. An amazing collection of writings from an amazing man. Read some sections 2 or 3 times because the words are that powerful.While the speeches were written to engage and empower black communities, Marcus Garvey's words transcend race and appeal to anyone who desires to progress and achieve in life.

    3. Required reading when I was in High school,however I ended up loving Marcus Garvey work, in one of his speeches he wrote "If you have no confidence in self you are twice defeated in the race of life, but with confidence you have won even before you started. It's a philosophy I still live by today.

    4. Got this after reading Marple's autobiography of Malcolm X last year and that work's information on Garvey's influence on Malcolm X. It got repetitive at times, but early on Garvey does say that he will repeat his message often. I liked reading such a strong voice fight for African-American individuality. An interesting person to compare to Washington and Du Bois.

    5. This book let me in on the world view of a great pioneer of pan-africanism I never knew the power of the words he spoke over 100 years ago Belief that Africa is for Africans was ground breaking for me to read that one man had that much power

    6. Very interesting insight into the man through his words. I did not know him before but now I admire him for what he tried to achieve in his time

    7. The collection of speeches and writings in this book provide inspiration and motivation to me on a daily basis. I encourage all who haven't read this book already to do so!

    8. Good collection of the writing of Garvey, he was important to the period of civil rights workers between Frederick Douglass and the "modern" movement.

    9. This book is an interesting snapshot of American history. His references to dealing with DuBois shows that the history that I was taught in school is not 100% accurate (shocker, I know) and that I need to delve deeper. A good read with fascinating conversations with the Ku Klux Klan leaders of his day.

    10. Why I read this book:I have a burning passion for black history and my ancestors’ experiences. In order for me to understand where I am going, I need to understand where my people have been. I picked up this book to connect with the experiences, perceptions and events that Marcus Garvey encountered as he was an important piece of my history.Content: 1/1The book contained several of Marcus Garvey’s writings and speeches, all of which are crucial in one’s efforts to grasp who Garvey was and [...]

    11. This is an empowering collection of speeches that I've used to reinforce my own sense of worth and power as a racially mixed minority, and to understand the history of slavery, prejudice, and segregation better. Marcus has an incredible ability to deliver his black-empowerment messages, and does so in an eloquent way. He is not afraid to call out others, and he does not back down from duty despite the forces against him! His works should be introduced into all high schools across Canada & th [...]

    12. My greatest surprise was finding out that he was a staunch Christian. A lot of his views are sincerely beautiful in terms of the depths of his love for our people. The practicality of applying them was a bit more of a challenge. He reminds me of minister Farrakhan when it comes to somethings namely they way the both try and educate us about our economic power and responsibility. All in all as an author and an aspiring black intellect and voice of our age this book was a solid read.

    13. Another supplemental read for my African American history class. We read snippets of various speeches by Garvey. They were interesting reads and I did learn quite a bit from them so I'm glad that the class gave me a reason to do so. I have to admit though that though I can see what he wanted to rally the African Americans around, I enjoyed reading DuBois and Washington's speeches more.

    14. Read this years ago but currently reading along with several others to gain a better knowledge of the political climate during the Garvey movement era as well as the history of Pan Africanism as it developed in the Diaspora.

    15. It's a good collection of essays and speeches that provide insight on Garvey's ideas, of which highlight the reason for the noted rivalry between he and du Bois.

    16. Good overview of Garvey's philosophy and goals through a chronological presentation of some of his speeches and essays. His fervency and dedication to the mission of pan-Africanism come through.

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