Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang

Crouching Vampire Hidden Fang For a woman married to the vampire of her nightmares the honeymoon s over and reality bites Pia s dream of being married has come true But her husband is straight out of her nightmares Pia Thomason i

  • Title: Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9780451226723
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • For a woman married to the vampire of her nightmares, the honeymoon s over and reality bites Pia s dream of being married has come true.But her husband is straight out of her nightmares.Pia Thomason is torn between two Dark Ones and feeling like a fool, considering she doesn t know where either of them are Alec was no doubt broken hearted over finding out that Pia was matFor a woman married to the vampire of her nightmares, the honeymoon s over and reality bites Pia s dream of being married has come true.But her husband is straight out of her nightmares.Pia Thomason is torn between two Dark Ones and feeling like a fool, considering she doesn t know where either of them are Alec was no doubt broken hearted over finding out that Pia was mated to his best friend, Kristoff And hubby Kristoff believes she has ties to the group trying to destroy his people.So Pia goes back to her humdrum Seattle life determined to forget about Kristoff but fate has other plans With Alec missing, something truly evil threatening her ghostly charges, and the vampire community hunting both Kristoff and her for crimes they didn t commit, Pia realizes that if they re going to be shackled together for better or worse, she may as well start to enjoy it

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    1. I've really not enjoyed the last few Dark Ones novels, especially the ones with this main character. The first ones in the series are first and foremost romance novels. They have vampire characters in them (I have to point out that this breed of "dark ones" are borrowed from Christine Feehan's series which has problems all its own), but the story is not overtaken by the supernatural concepts and is just good old story telling. These last two novels feature a main character who is forever whining [...]

    2. This is the conclusion to Pia and Kristoff's story which started in Zen and the Art of Vampires. This keeps the same lighthearted and humorous feel as the first book. I loved the banter between Pia and Kristoff. The secondary characters also added a lot of humor. Mattias was the main source of comic relief in this book. I happy with how things developed between Pia and Kristoff as a couple. They are both likable characters and it was easy to want their relationship to succeed. The plot was a bit [...]

    3. This is basically the second (!&*$&^#&) half of one big story, starting with Zen and the Art of Vampires. I was really really irritated with that book because the previous 5 books in the series were pretty much stand-alone stories told in the same world (same vamp mythology, etc). Seems like her publishers decided to try to squeeze some extra $$ out of her fans by breaking up the last book into two books - so totally unnecessary. I digress. This was a fine ending to the story that be [...]

    4. Dieser 7. Teil der Reihe war wieder ein totales Highlight für mich. Diese Reihe gehört zur Zeit wirklich zu meinen absoluten Lieblingen. Hier geht es ja nun mit Pia und Kristoff weiter und ich finde es echt klasse, dass Band 6 und 7 der Reihe von ein und dem selben Pärchen handeln, da es ja im 6. Band sehr lange gedauert hat bis man wirklich kapierte mit wem sie nun zusammen kommt.Ich finde die Reihe einfach mega unterhaltsam und witzig und trotzdem überzeugen mich auch die Liebesgeschichten [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThis was cute. Light like the last in the series when we first meet Pia. It ended in a very anticlimactic way but pleasantly and lightly enough that it wasn't outside of the established style of the previous novel. I know that I've kinda jumped into the middle of this series and I'm jumping back out again as well. It is cute and light and not really what I feel like reading right now. Entertaining and enjoyable if that's what you're up for though.

    6. As good as I expected. I thought that this story would just be a straight forward romance because the first book, Zen and the Art of Vampires, involved mostly mystery. However, this book revealed a lot about Kristoff's and Alec's past,the history of the Brotherhood of the Light, and also showed how Kristoff's and Pia's relationship was cemented.In the last book, Pia turned out to be Kristoff's Beloved and not Alec's as everyone expected. However, Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang explained that Kri [...]

    7. This book is to be read after the Zen and the Art of Vampires. The book picks up two months later after Pia was in Iceland. Pia has become married not only to one but two men. Her legal husband who she thinks the marriage is illegal because she was forced into the marriage is to Kristoff. Kristoff is a Dark One who she becomes his beloved. The second marriage is to the Sacristan Mattias, who Pia just gets irritated with and believes it's just a marriage in ceromony only. You see Pia manages to b [...]

    8. Zen & the Art of Vampires ended leaving itself open for this book to follow and wrap things up. The only problem with that is that this one also seemed to end with an opening for a book to follow. Is there a Pia/Kristoff mini-trilogy planned? I have to say from the first installment they are one of my favorite Dark One/Beloved couples, and I was kept guessing about what was going on to the very end just like in the first book. Mostly with books in this series, I kinda have a pretty good idea [...]

    9. This was really boring. I mean, really boring. I thought it might be that I'm reading this series all at once, but I don't think that's it. I think the series is just getting worse. The repetition is a little more annoying now and the humor is less humorous. I just think there should be an instance where Pia looks at Kristoff and sex isn't mentioned or had.

    10. Sadly, I did not like this book as much as the previous one even though it involved the same set of characters. The same characters, who were enjoyable before, had become abrasive and difficult to tolerate. I did like the storyline and intent but it was a little rushed. The rushed feeling may have contributed to the characters' personality losses

    11. I only have one complaint - not enough sex scenes between Pia and Kristoff. *LOL* Loved the fact Katie brought back a few old character favorites from previous Dark Ones books. Allie and Christian, Sebastian, and Esme the ghost. Just wish they had a little more page time.

    12. I think this book has a decent story but honestly, it bored me. I think what it came down to is that I just wasn't curious about the characters. I wasn't particularly interested in what happened to them or what they are doing for that matter. I also got annoyed when Pia's insecurity went on for too long. It sounded like she was fishing for compliments. He already made it clear that he was interested but she kept going on about how she thinks he is still pining for his dead wife. I thought they s [...]

    13. Only reason I read this is because Zen and the Art of Vampires was my #Z for Litsy A to Z Challenge. I didn't realize it wasn't Stand Alone and ended with cliffhanger. Also it was a bitterly cold day and I was happy to hang out by the fire. I read first third of book where cliffhanger was resolved, skimmed middle (just couldn't get into it) and read last third for ending. A vampire child who is obsessed with Buffy and Van Helsing was hilarious. Otherwise it's a Romance novel with a lot of compli [...]

    14. I loathed this book. I hated everything about it. The characters, the romance , the storyline itself. It was all awful. I honestly haven't liked many from this series. I may be done with it completely. The heroines are all idiots. I understand that it's suppose to come off as humorous but to me they just come off as stupid. The men really aren't any better.

    15. Unlike most books of this series, this one can not be read as a stand-alone book, Zen and the Art of Vampires and Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang belong together. The story continues two months after the events of the last book. Pia is back at home and leading her normal happy live, just that it isn't happy anymore. Pia has a permanent headache, nightmares and a depression; Kristoff did not contact her at all and doesn't want to talk to her, the Moravian council summons her and the Brotherhood wa [...]

    16. Dieser Roman geht zwei Monate später weiter, wo der Vorgänger "Ein Vampir kommt selten allein" endete.Pia Thomason ist von ihrem Islandurlaub zurück und steigt wieder in ihren Alltag ein. Zumindest mehr oder weniger, denn ihre Gedanken sind bei Kristoff, einem Dunklen und zudem seit dem Islandaufenthalt ihr "Ehemann". Sie ist seine Auserwählte und trotz dieser wichtigen Tatsache will Kristoff anscheinend nichts mit ihr zu tun haben.Bis plötzlich ein Vampir vor ihrer Tür auftaucht und sie n [...]

    17. Setting: Iceland; Moravian Council house; Blue Lagoon hot springs; Seattle;Theme: who is out to set up Kristoff; how to control the Brotherhood and dissuade them from indiscriminately killing vampires; love, trust, feelings;Kristoff von Hannelore: Italian accent; Moravian Council; long time vampire; wants to find his Beloved; believed another was his Beloved, but I last book found Pia – his Beloved – but though the sex is great, he did not take her blood, to finish the bonding, thinking she [...]

    18. What happens when your groom leaves you right after the wedding and is several continents away from you? You speak to him directly with your mind but if he blocks you out, you cry yourself to sleep and eat lots of ice cream.Pia Thomason cries herself to sleep every night. Her husband wants nothing to do with her and even when she projects her thoughts to him, he shuts her down abruptly. Pia is a chubby, middle-aged woman who recently found herself the new Zorya and married to two men. One of tho [...]

    19. I was ensnared into reading this by the amusing title. The plot is about as complicated as the film whose title it parodies, except there are fewer entanglements. There are some attempts to be amusing, but mostly this is your alleged standard women's wish fulfillment romance with a plump, needy heroine who just happens to be able to summon deadly amounts of light.These supermythophagilisticexpialidocious stories are starting to get on my nerves. You have to absorb too much cant to follow the plo [...]

    20. Pia Thomason has got a little dilemma. She’s torn between two men - actually, two vampires. Excuse me, Dark ones - and is not exactly sure what to do. Her mate Kristoff thinks she has ties to the group who’s trying to destroy his people and Alec is heartbroken over finding out Pia’s Kristoff’s beloved, not his. So she’s in a bit of a pickle and has gone back to her boring life in Seattle, determined to forget about both of them. But of course, things just go that smoothly and Alec is n [...]

    21. You remember that I loathe cliffhangers, right? So you can probably imagine how furious I was when I bought one book in those never-ending series (which you can read in any order you like because each book focuses on a different couple) only to find out that I needed one more book to actually finish the story. But all bad aside, I came across the series a while ago and was more than curious about it because these books are about the Dark Ones who are from Moravia. Yeah, so finally someone puts v [...]

    22. I like the fact that this book is a continuation of the previous book, Zen and the Art of Vampires,and I also like that Christian and Allie show up in this book as well. Allie more as a cameo, but Christian is a secondary character here.Over all the book was good, and continued nicely from the previous book to this one. The ending of this one, once it was revealed, made me go, "What? Whoa, you mean to tell me this whole time this situation was happening that it was something so simple, and got t [...]

    23. Es handelt sich hier um Band 7 der Dark Ones Reihe. Es ist unbedingt zu empfehlen, erst die Vorgängerbände zu lesen, um ein Vorausgreifen der Handlung zu vermeiden.__________________In diesem Band der Reihe wird die Geschichte von Pia und Kristoff weitererzählt, die in „Ein Vampir kommt selten allein“ ihren Anfang gefunden hat. Das Buch knüpft dabei auch direkt an die Geschehnisse an den Vorgänger Band an. Pia ist immer noch unglücklich die Auserwählte zu sein und versucht, das Erbe l [...]

    24. I have read this Dark Ones Series out of order starting with #6 (Zen and the Art of Vampires), mostly because I needed a "Z" title for a challenge that I was doing. After reading that one, I had to go on to #7 to see what would happen with Pia and Kristoff. This books starts off where #6 left off. I would say that you have to read #6 to get a good idea of what's happening in this book.I don't have a lot of experience with Katie MacAlister, but this is the third book of hers that I have read, and [...]

    25. CROUCHING VAMPIRE HIDDEN FANG is the fantastic follow up to ZEN AND THE ART OF VAMPIRES! Mrs. MacAlister leaves us with the unknown fate with Pia and Kristoff, at the end of ZEN AND THE ART OF VAMPIRES and CROUCHING VAMPIRE HIDDEN FANG picks that fate up. Pia is my favorite heroine out of all of Mrs. MacAlister's stories. I find she is the most likable because she is not the kind of gal that just goes along with things because she is told to. She has an opinion and vocalizes it. She is also not [...]

    26. Usual Disclaimer: This is not the first in the series, however this is the first book in this series that I've read.From the start of the book you are well aware that the characters have some sort of history, the question is whether it is part of a series, or if the author explains the history occurring up to start of the book. The answer is both. The author does a good job of giving you an overview of what happened to the characters in a previous book, enough for you to follow the story without [...]

    27. I've read through several other reviews, but I can't seem to find any as dissatisfied as I am. Well, not for the same reasons, anyway. Surely I'm not the only one to be so ticked off at the ending. Don't get me wrong. I still love Pia and Kristoff and even Alec, occasionally. Although he still kind of weirds me out. The ending was a surprise, which was nice, but it also seemed really rushed. Almost like she'd hit her deadline and had to hurry and throw down an ending. I am positively miffed that [...]

    28. I liked this book, but I still feel like it's a little bit unfinished, somehow I don't think that the feud between the brotherhood and the dark ones is over just yet, and there's still a couple of loose ends in this whole Ilargi business. I hope the next book is the third part of this, even if this book almost feels like the end of this story. At least this time I feel like I can stop reading this story and move on to something elseEven if the mystery of who the Ilargi is, is still rubbing the p [...]

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