Happy Birthday Samantha!: A Springtime Story

Happy Birthday Samantha A Springtime Story The books in this collection tell the stories of six American girls who lived long ago

  • Title: Happy Birthday Samantha!: A Springtime Story
  • Author: Valerie Tripp Robert Grace Nancy Niles Jana Fothergill
  • ISBN: 9780937295892
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The books in this collection tell the stories of six American girls who lived long ago

    One thought on “Happy Birthday Samantha!: A Springtime Story”

    1. This was one of my least favorite American Girl books, mostly because the story is a discordant package of mini-stories that are rather boring. Samantha has a princess birthday party rather, almost, sort of, kind of ruined by sabotaged ice cream. Samantha the rich Victorian beauty gets to go to the rich and beautiful side of New York. Samantha's mischevious cousins lose her puppy, and in the end learn not to be so mischevious. Samantha finally gets non-sabotaged ice cream.The clashing of Aunt Co [...]

    2. All I wanted in life was to have Samantha's life. And all I wanted for my 10th birthday was to have the same birthday party as Samantha's pink lemonade and petit four party. The book single-handedly started my obsession with the following:pink stripespink lemonadepetit fourspinaforespeppermint ice creamThose are lots of "p" things. And I still love them today.

    3. my favorite part of this book was when samantha and her two twin cusens were chaseing thar dog and that was really funny to me so that is whymy favorit part of the book!i thought the book is really good!

    4. I really do miss Nellie in this current story. I must say it would be exciting to experience New York City during this era in history.

    5. With two main and very different settings I always felt like this was two different stories. My favorite was always the beginning with the elegant pictures to look at. But now as an adult i liked the end where we learned about suffragists.

    6. The book I am going to tell you about is called Happy Birthday Samantha by Valerie Tripp. This story took place in the 1904's where a girl named Samantha was having a elegant birthday party when her neighbor Eddie came, and ruined their ice cream just because he couldn't go! However, after she hears that she is going to New York with Agnes, and Agatha her new best friends she is really excited, and she forgets that the ice cream was ruined. But, after Samantha reaches their house Agatha's, and A [...]

    7. Happy Birthday Samantha is a 56 page Historical Fiction book written by Valerie Tripp. It is for children ages intermediate to 100. This book is not a must read but it is fun and introduces young readers to the women's suffrage movement. The book begins with Samantha's twin cousins Agatha and Agnes telling Samantha to make up her own mind about wearing long underwear. Today was Samantha's 10th birthday and she decided that she would not obey GrandMary's rule about long underwear from September t [...]

    8. Happy birthday Samantha! shouted two excited Voices. its was Agnes and Agatha . Samantha's newest friends and favorite relatives. Samantha having Birthday party . There are going to make Ice cream. The Boy near next door wanted to help them . His name is Eddie . But girls don't want his help so he spoiled Samantha birthday party. It's a nice story

    9. Introduction of the twins, whom I didn't particularly care for. It was nice seeing Samantha in NY with Cordelia and Gard though.

    10. Samantha Parkington is a wealthy orphan living with her Grandmary at the turn of the twentieth century. Agnes and Agatha, twin sisters of Cornelia, are visiting Samantha for her tenth birthday party. Energetic and full of ideas, the twins are not always circumspect. Eddie Ryland, the pesky next door neighbor, ruins the homemade ice cream and casts a shadow over Samantha's party. The twins invite Samantha for a New York visit; in the big city the girls have an adventure with Jip and learn about t [...]

    11. This book is a combination of smaller stories about Samantha's birthday. Samantha's cousins come for her birthday and they lose her new puppy in the part and go on a wild goose chase for it. Then Eddie Ryland Samantha's next door neighbor ruins her ice cream for her birthday by putting salt in it. So they have to go get new ice cream. Woven in between these events Samantha's new aunt Cornella and her grandma get into a debate on women's suffrage. This introduces this new topic to girls about how [...]

    12. Samantha Parkington is celebrating her birthday with a big party, Agnes and Agatha, Cornelia's younger sisters are in Mount Bedford to Celebrate with her along with many friends from her class, they even make peppermint ice cream and tiny petit four cakes for the elegant party, but when Eddie Ryland plays a mean trick, he spoils Samantha's party, but an invitation to New York to stay with Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gardner makes up for the disappointment at her party. While visiting in New York, Ag [...]

    13. Samantha turns 10! Uncle Gard and Cornelia are now married, and Cornelia's little twin sister come to visit. Agatha and Agnes are full of mischief! (and lots of new ideas just like their big sister)Teddy Bears are becoming popular and Samantha is given one for her birthday. After her birthday Samantha gets to go visit her aunt and uncle in the city! Trouble follows though. While Samantha and the twins chase her aunts runaway puppy through the city they come across a group of women fighting for w [...]

    14. It is time for Samantha's birthday! She is all ready for gifts, friends, and goodies. The family is making a special treat just fo her, homemade ice cream. Of course Samantha wants Nellie to participate to, but she is envious of the attention her friend is getting.I remember being astounded that you could make ice cream at home, since it has always been a favorite dessert of mine, but since it took a lot of work, I never actually got to make any. This is a fun story, and one I always related to [...]

    15. I really liked this series about a girl who's growing up in a changing America. Of course I'm nuts about anything to do with the Victorian era so the facts that they included at the end of the books also fascinated me. If you want your child (though this is aimed mainly at girls) to learn about different time-lines in America, this would be a good start because they can relate to the main character and can have fun learning the facts about each time period with the story. Now I'm looking forward [...]

    16. This book was not my favorite, mostly because it lacked a lot of depth. I felt like the story line really lacked a lot of elements that make a childrens' book inspiring. I did enjoy the writing and how well it was written but the story itself lacked a lot of depth for me. This book also may have been very elementary for me, but it is not something I would encourage students to read. The motive for the young girl was unclear and the moral was also insufficiently stated. There was a lot that could [...]

    17. In this story it's Samantha's birthday and her Uncle Gard and his new wife Cornilia come to visit. She also meets two girls who are sisters to Cornelia and are Samantha's age.The boy next door spoils their ice cream, but Samantha is invited to New York City to visit her Uncle and new Aunt and have some ice cream later. She does that and ends up learning about the suffragettes who were pushing to get women the right to vote, so again there's one theme going about Samantha's daily life and another [...]

    18. As Samantha celebrates her birthday, we also get a peek at the plight of the suffragettes in the early 1900s. This tale is not as dramatic as some of the previous stories, but does tell some about life in New York City. Our girls have really enjoyed these books; they are quick reads (we normally read one over the course of two or three nights) and they offer a historical look at life in America a century ago. We are looking forward to the last book.

    19. Love the part at the beginning when we see Samantha the good girl gone bad when she has the rebellious streak & gives in to peer pressure. "Hey, I'm 10 today, I don't have to wear long underwear when I don't want to!"And even tho Eddie Ryland is usually depicted as "the jerk next door", I actually admired his mastermind idea of purposely putting salt in the ice cream. It was funny!After over 100 years, I guess kids haven't changed much!

    20. While I am glad to read about an American girl that did not have to struggle in life, reading about Samantha a 10 year old girl of privilege is just not as compelling. One of the great things about these American Girl Series is the history of events that is going on in our nation during that time. This book literally added the women's suffrage movement in during the last few pages as though it was an after thought.

    21. Samantha's Birthday party is nearly ruined when Eddie Ryland plays a wicked mean trick! But Cornelia's twin sisters Agnes and Agatha save the day with a birthday presant as a fabulous trip to New York! Samantha loves the twins and can hardly wait to go espcially since it will include a stop at a fancy ice cream parlor. will she have lots of fun or will the twins get upset and be mad at eachother? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!! :D

    22. Kali ini Samantha dapat hadiah jalan-jalan ke New York (setelah ultahnya dibikin kacau oleh Eddy). Nah, di New York ini Sam dan dua sepupu kembarnya yang bandel, sempat nyasar ke acara demonstrasi yang diadakan oleh perempuan-perempuan yang menuntut hak memilih dalam pemilu. Oh ya, kisah Samantha bersetting Amerika tahun 1904.

    23. I loved this book. I loved the silly "adventures" Samantha went on with her Aunt's sisters when she was staying in New York City. Both of the sisters had crazy ideas on what to do. Plus the history in the book was interesting to read. This book was to teach girls about the women who fought hard for the right to vote. And how New York looked/acted during this era.

    24. This is our favorite Samantha story so far (even though there was a never-ending dog chase through New York City--ugh) But Samantha finds herself in the middle of a suffragette rally at the end of the book, which was fun to talk about with Abby. It's really the only Samantha book that has some interesting American history going on.

    25. I like the historical aspect of these books. I look forward to discussing women's right to vote with Sam and helping her understand that all of the things we can do now are only because women in the past fought for it. As a computer program (with a husband who is a stay-at-home-dad) my whole life was made possible by people making changes within the past 100 years or so.

    26. It's Samantha's birthday and she wants everything to be perfect. When she is invited to New York she can hardly wait. But she worries a bit when grandmary complains about the suffragist. She worries it will cause conflict especially given the fact that Aunt Cornelia is one.

    27. My first grader really enjoyed the whole Samantha series. The content really kick started some good discussions about life during a different time. The historical aspects definitely help expose children to some additional perspectives on life in different generations.

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