The Blood Spilt

The Blood Spilt It s midsummer in Sweden when the light lingers through dawn and a long isolating winter finally comes to an end In this magical time a brutal killer has chosen to strike A female priest who made en

  • Title: The Blood Spilt
  • Author: Åsa Larsson Marlaine Delargy
  • ISBN: 9780385339827
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s midsummer in Sweden when the light lingers through dawn and a long, isolating winter finally comes to an end In this magical time, a brutal killer has chosen to strike A female priest who made enemies and acolytes in equal number has been found hanging in her church And a big city lawyer quite acquainted with death enters the scene as police and parishioners try toIt s midsummer in Sweden when the light lingers through dawn and a long, isolating winter finally comes to an end In this magical time, a brutal killer has chosen to strike A female priest who made enemies and acolytes in equal number has been found hanging in her church And a big city lawyer quite acquainted with death enters the scene as police and parishioners try to pick up the pieces.Not long ago, attorney Rebecka Martinsson had to kill three men in order to stop an eerily similar murder spree one that also involved a priest Now she is back in Kiruna, the region of her birth, while a determined policewoman gnaws on the case and people who loved or loathed the victim mourn or revel in her demise The further Rebecka is drawn into the mystery a mystery that will soon take another victim the the dead woman s world clutches her a world of hurt and healing, sin and sexuality, and, above all, of sacrifice.In prose that is both lyrical and visceral, sa Larsson has crafted a novel of pure entertainment, a taut, atmospheric mystery that will hold you in thrall until the last, unforgettable page is turnedFrom the Hardcover edition.

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    1. 3.5 starsThe second in the series featuring the conflicted female tax lawyer in Stockholm, Rebecka Martinsson, sees Åsa Larsson convey the upheaval and emotional turmoil that her protagonist has undergone following her part in a traumatic investigation which left her with the blood of three men on her hands in her childhood home of Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden. Sleeping badly, not really connecting with people and more uncomfortable than ever with the enforced bonhomie of corporate e [...]

    2. I feel terribly guilty marking down someone's work as 'poor/did not like it' but the more I think about the book the more it makes me annoyed. The first in the series was infinitely better in most respects, it's hard to believe this is the same author.One positive - the plot is interesting and well woven. Not too many clumsy red herrings and it builds suspense gently. That was the only thing that kept me going to the end.The narrative style is not ow I recall the first book. It's very staccato a [...]

    3. The Blood Spilt by Åsa Larsson is the second in the series of books featuring Rebecka Martinsson, a tax lawyer working in Stockholm who has been traumatized by her involvement in a murder-three murders in fact. She has not been able to recover from the trauma that took place near her childhood home. Now she has returned to Kiruna and to the scene of another crime, one involving the murder of a priest (as had the first crime). The priest was a controversial, charismatic woman about whom people w [...]

    4. Κουτσά στραβά,βγήκε και το δεύτερο :ΡΕντάξει,εγώ και η Asa Larsson δε θα συναντηθούμε ποτέ και πουθενά σ' αυτήν τη ζωήΕίναι η προσωπική σκανδιναβική μου απογοήτευση,όπως φαίνεταιΠαρόλο που η "Λευκή νύχτα" είναι λιγάκι καλύτερο από το πρώτο της βιβλίο,το αναγνωρίζω αυτό,δεν κατάφ [...]

    5. I haven't been able to find Sun Storm, so I had to start with this, the second in the series. I liked it very much. I agree with Lisa that the author has painted Rebecka Martinsson as rather pitiful, but after what she has been through, I feel that it's probably pretty realistic. The wolf story didn't aggravate me as much as it did some of you, but I tend to be pretty literal, so if it was laden with lots of symbolism, it was lost on me. I did like the fact that the wolf made her own way, got he [...]

    6. I'd recommend reading this series in order, otherwise you'll get a painful start. Sun Storm is the book #1, which I didn't have the patience to wait to find before reading this one. When starting with this book, Rebecka is introduced as a depressed, barely functional (PTSD) woman who just casually is mentioned to have killed three men. Wait, what? An attorney who just happened to kill three men and is now on sick leave? They left it like that, so it's only 40 pages later when they go back to the [...]

    7. After requiring weeks of psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs after reading Larsson's mega-bummer "The Black Path," I was very hesitant to pick up this novel, which precedes the aforementioned blackness. "Blood" has a similar setting and similar cast of characters as "Black," but it's not nearly as, well, black, or even bloody.I can see why "Blood" was voted Sweden's best mystery novel of 2007. Larsson's psychological perceptiveness as she sketches out a number of minor characters is impressive. [...]

    8. This is the second book in an interesting series by this author, a Swedish crime fiction writer. I enjoyed it in some ways better than the first, maybe due to the poetic inclusion of scenes from the point of view of a wolf who plays a small role in the story. Unfortunately, the primary character of the first book, Rebecka Martinsson, plays a smaller role in this book and seems such a pathetic character, I found myself wishing at times that the author could have been a little kinder to her. The p [...]

    9. Poor Rebecka Martinsson - how much more can this character take? At one point in the book I became almost angry with the author for taking an already damaged person and putting her in another horrifying situation. But it works - and unlike many characters, Rebecka is not "strong in spite of it all" or anything similarly girl-power-y. She's a total mess, which feels realistic (well, as realistic as a murder-mystery novel will ever feel). I also love the style of writing - going from one character [...]

    10. Second in the Rebecka Martinsson mystery series set in Sweden in and around Kiruna.My TakeLarsson has put a definite twist on the mystery, creating both a cozy story and an in-depth look at everyday Swedish culture with Blood Spilt similar to Sun Storm, 1, in that again, priests are dying around Kiruna. It did take a bit before I realized that the first chapter was the murder happening. There was a surreal quality to it and yet it played to the basics of the people in this area. Business is real [...]

    11. The writing was better than the first book in the series but was like reading the first book again with so many parts of the plot being a repeat. A priest in found brutally dead in a church, there are shenanigans in the church finances, there are power games in the church and with the local community, there is a second murder of a priest, Martinsson's boss still carries on like a love sick puppy, and the book ends with a brutal murder and Martinsson in trauma. That's enough for me.

    12. Ωραία πλοκή, ενδιαφέροντες χαρακτήρες και πολύ ιδιαίτερος τρόπος γραφής.

    13. Io adoro Asa Larsson, mi piace come scrive, mi piace quello che scrive, mi piacciono le storie che racconta e i suoi personaggi: ha quello stile secco ed essenziale che secondo me per i thriller è perfetto perché ti da l'idea tangibile della tensione che sale.Avevo letto “Tempesta solare” l'anno scorso e mi aveva aperto un mondo, lo avevo trovato davvero un thriller favoloso e scritto benissimo: cosa che si può dire anche di questo libro, ma questa seconda avventura di Rebecka Martinsson [...]

    14. Mais uma vez não fiquei desiludida com Åsa Larsson. Depois de Aurora Boreal, livro que já tinha lido anteriormente e que tinha adorado, parti com grandes expectativas para este Sangue Derramado e estas foram largamente superadas. Sequela de Aurora Boreal, aconselho os estreantes de Åsa Larsson a lerem o primeiro livro antes deste, até porque a personagem principal Rebecka Martinsson volta novamente a estar em destaque na resolução dos homicídios que vão surgir na pequena localidade de K [...]

    15. Well, I read book 3 first and just completed book 2, The Blood Spilt. I feel the weight of this story like a heaviness in the heart and an ache of sadness for certain characters. The story of Yellowlegs is told so beautifully, at least Yellowlegs has a happy ending. This story is told with such a haunting tone, Rebecka Martinsson is certainly haunted, but so are many of the characters in this story. The fourth book in this series, Until Thy Wrath be Past, is now available for me at the library s [...]

    16. Sure, it's not the best mystery I've ever read, and the portions "told by" the anthropomorphized shewolf were indulgent. But this book is outstanding for its ability to convey a sense of place. Larsson made me feel like I was in small-town northern Sweden right along with the characters. And it was conveyed with a pitch-perfect mix of affection and critical perspective.I also appreciated the way Larsson dealt with the aftermath of Rebecka Martinsson's trauma in the previous novel. Too many autho [...]

    17. I "read" this book as an unabridged audio on a recent trip. Her writing is good, and the plot had potential, but this never made it as a thriller. It is just waly too slow. It is really a book about feminism and psychology, which is alright, unless you are expecting a detective story. In this one, a lady minister is found murdered and hung up in her church. we then try to figure who done it via an ongoing multi-threaded narrative and lots of flash backs. The priest is polarizing, with strong bac [...]

    18. 3.5/5 ya si puedo admitir que esta autora me atrapado ya que quiero seguir leyendo sus demás libros de esta saga. La riqueza del libro está en el arte con en el que la autora mezcla los personajes modernos y como expresa sus sentimientos. Odio desesperante, amor y sufrimiento incondicional arden en este libro. Como novela negra esta bien construida de manera inteligente, pero lo que aparece en primer plano, la caza del asesino, no es lo mas importante, esta se deleita en mostrar la Suecia rura [...]

    19. I love the characters - a really great story. Although it was a bit dark and depressing (about dogs)The story is about life in the northern part of Sweden - and about a murder that happens there. Rebekah is from the area, and was traumatized in the previous book "Sun Storm". She has been unable to return to normal life following the events in Sun Storm. She returns to the area and has to face her trauma. The story involves murder of another religious figure (like the murder in Sun Storm. It also [...]

    20. Rebecka Martinsson has to be the unluckiest person ever. I laughed at the end of this book which I can't think was the response the author was after (the penultimate scenes were extremely sad however). Although I can't imagine Larsson expected people to laugh at the end she clearly realised it was a bit much as there was a postscript from her at the end of my edition. The only other time I have read something similar was the online letter Karin Slaughter wrote at the end of one of her novels, re [...]

    21. This is the second book I picked from the free exchange shelf in my office and by now I start to understand why books end up there.Among the things I did not like:-This is the second installment of a thriller series featuring a lawyer called Rebecka. I much prefer self-standing novels. Reading this I felt like I jumped in mid way in a show I did not particularly care to watch.-Main character Rebecka is suffering from a serious case of PTSD after having killed three people in the previous book. T [...]

    22. η δεύτερη περιπέτεια της Ρεμπέκας Μαρτινσον καθόλου δεν είχε ό,τι υποσχόταν γι'αυτήν, η συγγραφέας, στο πρώτο της βιβλίοπαρόλο που η Larsson έχει ωραία νουαρ πένα,το όλο στήσιμο της ιστορίας ήταν ασύνδετο και ενίοτε φλύαροτο δε τέλος και η λύση του αινίγματος ήρθε τόσο βεβιασμ [...]

    23. El mejor libro de novela sueca leído hasta la fecha con diferencia. Da un salto tan cuantitativo respecto a la calidad de la historia y la forma de narrarla con respecto a la anterior entrega (Aurora Boreal), que supera con creces cualquier novela que haya leído de Viveca Sten y de la mismísima Camilla Lackberg.Impresionante. 460 páginas de magia, sueños, descripciones fabulosas, acción fluida y no sabes quién es el asesino hasta la 445 (cuando la escritora lo desea)Un diez.

    24. Really good intertwined story. Liked the wolf adjoined story which vey Jack LondonStraight into the third

    25. Bohaterką książki o tym jakże wydumanym tytule jest Rebeka Martinsson, z zawodu prawniczka. Poznajemy ją w chwili, gdy przeżywa trudne chwile; otóż okazuje się, że ma na sumieniu życie ludzkie. Tamte wydarzenia opisuje debiutancka powieść pisarki, o jeszcze bardziej nieciekawym tytule: “Burza z krańców ziemi”, jednak na chwilę obecną książka ta nie jest w naszym kraju dostępna pod postacią ebooka, zatem trzeba zacząć od tomu drugiego.Rebeka jest, nie ma sensu owijać w [...]

    26. I must apologise for my lack of posting lately; my personal life has been fairly hectic and I have also been in the unfortunate situation of reading a book that didn’t really grab me. This rarely happens to me, and I find it quite uncomfortable when it does happen, because who am I to judge someone’s writing? Yes we are all entitled to our opinions, but this author is a well regarded Scandinavian author, and that is far more than I can say for myself. So I persevered, as I will always do, be [...]

    27. Review: The Blood Spilt By Åsa LarssonÅsa Larsson is one of the Swedish crime-writers whose name is now very well-known; thanks both to her style and also the recent appeal of Scandinavian crime. Although born in Uppsala, she was raised in Kiruna (North of Sweden). Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Larsson was a tax lawyer, a profession she shares with the heroine of her novels, Rebecka Martinsson. Her first novel published in the UK (under the title The Savage Altar), was shortlisted for [...]

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