An Indecent Obsession

An Indecent Obsession Librarian note alternate cover edition for ISBN IN CARING FOR THE WOUNDED SHE FOUND THE STRNGTH OF HER DUTY To the battle broken soldiers in Honour Langtry s care she was all they had T

  • Title: An Indecent Obsession
  • Author: Colleen McCullough
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Librarian note alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780380603763IN CARING FOR THE WOUNDED, SHE FOUND THE STRNGTH OF HER DUTY.To the battle broken soldiers in Honour Langtry s care, she was all they had The beautiful nurse whose selfless devotion calmed the seething hostilities among them Their one previous reminder of a world before war The woman each of them adoredLibrarian note alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780380603763IN CARING FOR THE WOUNDED, SHE FOUND THE STRNGTH OF HER DUTY.To the battle broken soldiers in Honour Langtry s care, she was all they had The beautiful nurse whose selfless devotion calmed the seething hostilities among them Their one previous reminder of a world before war The woman each of them adored LOVING ONE MAN, SHE FOUND THE WEAKNESS OF HER HEART.The arrival of decorated hero Michael Wilson changed everything His outward toughness of body and mind didn t match the official reports of something shameful and disturbing about him Yes despite Honour s fear about his true feelings, she was becoming possessed by Michael And after a night of passion so long denied, the tensions among Honor s men exploded into a violent tragedy of jealousy and deathd a heartbreaking choice that Honour Langtry would endure for the rest of her life INDECENT OBSESSION is intriguing, thought provoking than THE THORN BIRDS.

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    1. Did the weak demand, or did the strong offer themselves unsolicited? Did strength beget weakness, or reinforce it, or negate it? What was strength, what weakness, for that matter?World War II has been over for a matter of months and Ward X of Base Fifteen has gradually emptied until only five patients and one nurse remain. Some are there for legit reasons and others, including newcomer Michael Wilson, are there for reasons not-so-legit.Ward X is a tight-knit little group, administered by Honour [...]

    2. An "indecent obsession" is a strange book. Is quite different from anything else I've read by Colleen McCullough. This book didn't captivate me at the beginning but it became more catchy with time. The story is good and I felt the feelings that the characters felt. The confusion, the pain and the illusion became real in her words. I recommend this book if you like post-war stories or exploring the human mind and behavior. Plus since she's one of my favourite authors I can't help but to like it.

    3. PrescindibileSperavo di ritrovare in questo romanzo l'epico sentimentalismo di "Uccelli di rovo" o la struggente delicatezza di "Tim" o il fascino della grandiosa saga storica che ha affrancato Colleen McCullough dall'etichetta di scrittrice romantica.Inutilmente.McCullough è una narratrice consumata, padroneggia con sorprendente perizia la parola scritta, conosce e domina alla perfezione tutti i trucchi del mestiere; ma questo libro resta soltanto una gradevole parentesi di svago. Bella la sto [...]

    4. This book is about a Australian Army Nurse, Honour Langtry, and the mental patients she is caring for in a small facility in the tropics towards the end of the 2nd World War. A sixth patient, Michael Wilson has just arrived and has disturbed the dynamics of the small group. This is the story of these patients, their relationships with each other and with Nurse Langtry. There are confronting issues, choices to be made which at times appear to be flawed.It is interesting to read about the daily li [...]

    5. Not what I thought it would be, but intriguing enough I went back and started rereading it as soon as I turned the final page. Great portrait of a nurse and her patients, all of whom suffer with PTSD. Ironically, the nurse doesn't even realize she has it. She is a pretty annoying character with little self-awareness or knowledge. Thus when she falls for a new patient she convinces herself he's normal and never sees his PTSD nor his love of killing. She also misses the violence of another patient [...]

    6. Unless the author's point in writing the book was to show that human values and motives have changed so much since the 1940s that they are no longer recognizable as rational, I don't know what this book was about. I kept reading, thinking that something would unfold that would make the rest fit together, but no. No clue why Michael chose to devote his life to keeping Benedict from killing again, or why it's presented as a noble rather than disturbed plan. No clue why Honour would "allow" Michael [...]

    7. Not one of McCullough's best books but far from the worst either. An interestingly angled story about the impact of war on people that cannot be seen, which remains apposite given the number of wartime vets the world over who remain essentially uncared for by the societies that have half destroyed them. Any voice that speaks for them is welcome to me.

    8. Jau ne kartą esu sakiusi Colleen Mccullough yra viena mano mėgstamiausių autorių. Pradedant jos tobulu kūriniu "Erškėčių paukščiai" ir visais kitais kūriniais - stengiuosi perskaityti viską. Labiausiai įsiminusios knygos - be abejo - minėtoji, "Saldžiai kartu", "Misalongio moterys", "Angelėlis", "Timas". Na, o apie "Nepadorią aistrą" net girdėjusi nebuvau. Labai apsidžiaugiau šį romaną bibliotekoje aptikusi, nors viršelis akies visai nepatraukė. Na, bet jau vien Colleen [...]

    9. A book about war, from a different perspective. About PTSD when it was called Shell Shock and the way it was handled. About complex characters which interested me straight away. Stark and intriguing reading.

    10. I liked it very much, was unprepared for the ending (which I find much more enjoyable than anticipating correctly exactly what will happen). McCullough can draw you into the characters and place when she is writing at her best.

    11. another recent re-reading after many years absence! I do love Col's books they are so dense with detail and yet the plot moves along at a great pace. Another recent bargain from a book sale for an original edition hardback copy.

    12. Read this novel quite a few years agound it a compelling story of a nurse who is taking care of soldiers who have wounds. When a new man arrives, there is something that draws her particularly to him and this upsets the dynamic in untoward ways. Will anyone ever be the same?

    13. Depois de ter lido A Bibliotecária de Auschwitz (opinião que será publicada a seu tempo), pareceu-me bem envergar pelo mundo dos livros da Colleen. Foi uma bufada de ar fresco. Sendo ela uma das escritoras que apimentou o meu gosto pela leitura tinha tudo para ser uma agradável leitura. Pássaros Feridos, um dos seus livros, foi o responsável pela minha primeira direta a ler tão bom. Este livro inicia-se com o fim da guerra, em que na base 15 é criada a Enfermaria X, com a finalidade de a [...]

    14. What a dreary, sad and dull place the world would be if everybody was as dutiful and obsessed with their (self imposed) obligations as our two protagonists here. I am not saying everybody should just do as they please without consideration for anyone else or the consequences, but how Nurse Langtry and Michael go out of their way to sabotage their chance of possible happiness is really extraordinary. Out of the seven people in ward X four end up dead in the end, what an outcome!I didn't think I w [...]

    15. Este livro, poderei classificar como estranho de acompanhar, é diferente, enervante mas para mim foi uma leitura boa.Uma enfermeira Australiana, que vai conviver com cinco soldados arrasados pela Segunda Guerra Mundial, num hospital prestes a ser desmantelado agora que a guerra terminou.Cada um com problemas diferentes, com lutas interiores graves e que vão fazer da vida destas seis pessoas que convivem diariamente,uma luta para sobreviverem aos seus demónios interiores.Não é só a guerra q [...]

    16. Another good read from one of my favorite authors. This is a story of an army nurse and her small group of psychiatric patients somewhere in the tropics at the end of WW2. The story follows the patients and nurse, their relationships with each other and what they each face as a new arrival to the group and the ending of the war and decommissioning of the base disturbs the dynamics they have been functioning under. They all face readjusting to the changes this causes, and the idea of going back t [...]

    17. 1981. Interesting because of the unusual setting - a camp somewhere on the Indonesian coast right after WW II where a few dozen seriously injured British soldiers and officers are cared for by British military nurses and doctors. The heroine is in charge of half a dozen mentally injured men. Sometimes McCullough seems to give good insight into certain characters. But too many blunders and missed opportunities. For instance, towards the end, she has one nurse saying to another that male patients [...]

    18. Tinha curiosidade sobre esta autora mas não considerei o livro genial nem lá perto.Uma intriga interessante passada numa ala de psiquiatria ou o mais próximo desta, em tempo de fim de guerra, num compasso de espera antes de ir para casa, onde alguns homens se tentam reencontrar com a ajuda da preciosa enfermeira da ala x. Um suicídio ou crime horrendo e uma mulher que, também ela, se vai perdendo ou encontrando nos limites da enfermagem e do auxílio aos outros. As mudanças que a guerra fa [...]

    19. I really am enjoying her booksbut this one didn't grab me as much. it was still good, the writing amazing and i read it to the end, but there was just something about it that didn't grab me as much as the others haveill recommend it though.but only if there's nothing bettern't hate on mei know this one is considered one of her better ones. i like 'tim' the bestough i've yet to read 'the thorn birds'

    20. I was completely fascinated by this story! McCullough does such a wonderful job of seeing true human emotions and engaging them; the various twists and turns she added along the way were shocking and thought provoking. For a book to be written about patients who are suffering from PTSD before that became a medical condition, and seeing the treatment of these patients was interesting to read. I would highly recommend this book!

    21. C1981: Not nearly as good as The Thornbirds but still resonates! This particular book was translated to film in 1985 starring Gary Sweet. FWFTB: battle-broken, shame, damaged, volatile, violence. FCN: Nurse Honour Langtry, Michael Wilson, “Her feeling for him was real. For how long she has wanted this, touch the life in him as if she had every right to do so. This is the man I love, I don't care who he is, what he is. I love him.”

    22. This is an older book that I had floating around the house and that I'd read a long time ago. I re-read it, hoping I'd like it better the second time around. I didn't. The characters are still one dimensional. McCullough seemed too focused on creating a psychological narrative rather than on creating flesh and blood characters with believable actions and characteristics. I ended up skimming the last third of the book

    23. I liked this book in that it kept my attention, but struggled with how believable it was. This is a "heavier" book when it comes to subject-matter, so if you are looking for a "feel good" book, this is not the one for you! Honour Langtry has quite a problem with professional ethics! That, however, seems to be the theme of Colleen McCullough's books.

    24. Maybe it was due to the fact that most of the characters are or were crazy, but I had a very difficult time relating to them. They also weren't memorable enough either. It took me until I was half way through the book before I remembered which character was which. Not my favorite Colleen McCullough.

    25. Another great piece of writing from this author. I always feel so easily drawn in to her stories. This one has some surprising darkness to it, which I think makes it feel more authentic an experience. The army base X that is the setting has little to offer in events but is brought to life by the drama between the inhabitants of the ward and the staff. A delightful read.

    26. As is the characteristic of a Colleen McCullough book, you feel what every character in the book feels. Honour's love for Michael and the pain she goes through to let him go, Neil's love for Honour and acceptance of the fact that her heart is not with himd lastly Michael's confusion and fearyou will experience all of them. Definitely a must read

    27. Arghh.What happened? Was this written by the same Colleen McCullough who wrote my all time favorite The Thorn Birds? I don't get it. :( I couldn't even finish it. It was way too wordy and yet, absolutely nothing was happening

    28. I was neither very captivated nor entertained by the book, although I was able to get to the end of it. I couldn't help feeling that it was written for a female audience. Characters were fairly predictable, and shallowly drawn.

    29. not bad, although not one of my favourite from this author. Some of the dialogue may have been lost on me in translation of Australian colloquialism, or just plain bad grammar. I have to be honest, I was hoping for a more classically uplifting ending.

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