Suncatchers Perry Warren is sent by his agent to South Carolina to research small town Southerners He expects to write an expose on how backward these people are but then he meets the Rafferty family Eldeen the

  • Title: Suncatchers
  • Author: Jamie Langston Turner
  • ISBN: 9780764224157
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perry Warren is sent by his agent to South Carolina to research small town Southerners He expects to write an expose on how backward these people are, but then he meets the Rafferty family Eldeen, the family matriarch, is an expansive woman whose belief is as big as her heart and her family shows Perry what faith really is.

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    1. This book was a re-read for me, but I didn't realize it at first. As I got into it more I thought, hmmm, I think I've read this and checked my list. Sure enough. But as a re-read, I thoroughly enjoyed it!Jamie Langston Turner is such a talented author. She doesn't whitewash Christianity, but rather confronts the bias that all of us hold toward humanity, evangelistic or no. Turner writes with humor and inserts situations into the plot to expose how often we can mistake our own perceptions and ju [...]

    2. This story is more about the life in a small Southern town surrounding a 150 member Christian church group than it is a heavily plotted action novel. It's filled with sweet and/or quirky characters who reflect and respond to their strong faith and good intent. The protagonist character who moves there for one year and studies the congregation for his non-fiction project? He was hard to take for that many pages, as he over-thinks in general, and in his most ordinary cognition, is close to entirel [...]

    3. Really, really, really boring, tedious,tiresome, mind numbing. Too much fundamentalism for a book about an author who's supposed to write a book exposing fundamentalism. I'm happy for these people. They're so content in believing that Jesus is in charge of just about everything, including finding the right laundry detergent or dog. It's just too much like listening to the nuns in school who tied God into just about everything on earth; french, history, english, math. God didn't make Pythagoras f [...]

    4. 4.25 stars. This is the first book I've read by this author. I really liked it and definitely plan to read more of her books. If I enjoy them as much as I did this one, I'll be adding JLT to my list of favorite authors.

    5. I usually give a book to a hundred pages to get my interest and decide on it. I only made it to 70. It just kept going on and on and not going any further in the progress of events

    6. I agree with the other reviewers who found this book slow and tedious. My husband laughed as I groaned and said Let me keep reading this snail-paced book. But there was something about it. I enjoyed the characters and stayed with the book because I wanted to be sure that all ended well. Yes, I may have received a little religion in the process, but, frankly, is that such a bad thing? If it had moved along at a better pace, it would have been a 5.

    7. I really liked the story line - a man moves to Derby to research a church for a new book and discovers true love. The relationships he makes in his neighborhood and church restore his hope in humankind, his life and his marriage. The book was a bit boring, though, and plodded along. Otherwise, it's a heartwarming story that tells the gospel without preaching.

    8. I really get to know the characters in Ms. Turner's books, and this one is no exception. The people are so human, with quirks and foibles and failings, and yet they are likable and you can empathize with their struggles. They face real problems, unlike some Christian/inspirational "fluff" and they react like many people would, not with some over-spiritualized holiness. Her storytelling is not preachy or so message-laden that you lose sight of the story itself. If you enjoy well-written stories a [...]

    9. This book was was fantastic! It was not your average Christian fiction book. I loved the main character, Perry! I just loved the way his mind worked & found myself chuckling throughout the book at his observations. He is a writer - and I would tell you more, but truly you have to find out for yourself. A friend shared this book with me and I'm so glad that I decided to read it. Reading a second book by the same author. Highly recommend! Truly, I feel my faith & boldness for the Lord stre [...]

    10. it was,hard reading this one after Some Wildflower in my Heart (AMAZING BOOK!!!). It wasn't as good overall. but we did get a,glimpse of Birdie Freeman. this book was sweet, slow, with a happily ever after. sometimes we need more like that dolly reading challenge 2015-- a book with a one word title.

    11. I was surprised by this book. I needed a book to read while I was out to pick up my husband for work. I ran into a flea market and picked up this book for a buck. At first I was concerned, I had just finished a book about a rocky marriage and wasn't thrilled with the ending. But this book was amazing. If I could have another child I would name her Eldeen!

    12. Make sure you read this revised Bethany House edition, rather than the earlier Lion edition titled "The Suncatchers". She greatly improved the book, including the ending, when it was accepted by Bethany (after they published her second book, "Some Wildflower in My Heart." This book introduces the character Eldeen, who is a minor character in several later books. Unforgettable!

    13. When I first started reading this book, I was not really sure about it because the author's writing style is so unique. The author creates such strong characters. This is her 1st book, and I recommend reading it 1st. Love the character Eldeen. As I read other books written by this author, it was a pleasant surprise to find her previous characters pop up when you least expect it.

    14. You love this book or hate it. I had to get used to Turner's deliberate overload of trivia as characters Perry wrote and Eldeen spoke, but it's so rich in love and wisdom, I have to give it five stars.

    15. A wonderful story.I loved everything about this book. The characters, the way they were described. I felt like I knew them personally. I will recommend this book to everyone I know.

    16. I enjoyed the setting and supporting characters in this book, but I wanted a description about how Perry was feeling about his new choice instead of being left with the sense of "with knowledge comes responsibility". Jamie Langston Turner is a popular author, do her sequential books get better?

    17. This was good; I do like her writings. This one, as others have said about her writings, dragged occasionally, was perhaps a bit long, but overall was a solidly written book with a clear message of faith.

    18. I really enjoy Jamie Langston Turner's character-driven books. Her characters are well-developed and it's easy to empathize with their motivations and desires. Her rambling, stream of consciousness story telling hits home with me, since that's how I think.

    19. A man moves to a new place to study and write a book about a christian church and they end up teaching him a lot about how to treat people. The characters were nice people trying to do the right thing but they might drive you nuts in real life! Christian literature.

    20. This was the first Langston Turner book I read. It took me longer than usual to read but I really liked it.

    21. I loved the characterizations in this book. She does great small town stories with rich images and humor.

    22. This book ended up being delightful. It was slow to get into and slow going but the characters developed well. I laughed out loud, felt joy sorrow and pain. Worth the time of getting through it.

    23. different than the usual Christian novel--more artistic writing, different type of plot--try another one by her

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