One thought on “Write Murder Down”

  1. A 3 1/2 star read. I have forgotten how delightful Richard Lockridge's books are. He originally wrote the Mr. and Mrs. North series with his wife, Frances. They began several other series, which he continued to write after Frances died.This book stars Nathan Shapiro, a Jewish lieutenant in the NYPD. He always looks sad and he always feels ill-equipped to handle the murder cases he is assigned. This time the murder takes place in the world of publishing. One of the main characters is from the Dee [...]

  2. Really rated 2 1/2 stars.The blurb reads --From the beginning it is a strange case. The autopsy report reads, "Unidentified female. Age late twenties or early thirties. Dead approximately 36 hours at the time of the post mortem examination. Cause of death, loss of blood. Toxicological analysis a massive dose of barbiturate prior to death."The dead woman has been found in the bathtub of a Greenwich Village apartment with her wrists slashed. The apartment is almost empty and there are no personal [...]

  3. A writer is found dead, apparent suicide, that becomes apparently a murder as the investigation continues. Shapiro and Cook team up to find the murderer and their partners Rachel and Rose also help provide useful information. Wonderful descriptions of New York, and this time visitors from the deep South. A well written book and another one that makes Shapiro reach for any small clue in which to build a case and solve the mystery. This story shows how much work by many people in various places he [...]

  4. Detective Tony Cook and Lt. Nathan Shapiro are assigned to investigate the murder of a writer from the South who has brought her latest book to a publisher in New York City.Not many murders to solve but a lot of intrigue.

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