Gallant Waif

Gallant Waif Kidnapped by an elderly member of the peerage Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill s offer of charity resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage

  • Title: Gallant Waif
  • Author: Anne Gracie
  • ISBN: 9780373291571
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kidnapped by an elderly member of the peerage Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill s offer of charity resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage But the real reason behind the older woman s antics became stunningly clear upon meeting Lady Cahill s enigmatic grandson, Jack Carstairs Wounded in the Peninsular War, diKidnapped by an elderly member of the peerage Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill s offer of charity resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage But the real reason behind the older woman s antics became stunningly clear upon meeting Lady Cahill s enigmatic grandson, Jack Carstairs Wounded in the Peninsular War, disowned by his father and dumped by his fiancee, Jack had shut himself up in his country estate, but Kate had no patience with such behavior Suddenly, Jack found himself with a purpose, trying to steer clear of Miss Farleigh s attempts to interfere with his chosen lifestyle Why, if he wasn t careful, Kate just might succeed in her attempts to make him want to rejoin the human race

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    1. Un libro sumamente simple. Tanto en su narrativa como en su historia.No encontré nada digno de mencionar pues este libro es las bien pasable. Entretiene, hay algunas cosas chistosas y divertidas pero también hay otras muy poco creíbles.En mi opinión es bueno para pasar el rato pero no más.

    2. Call me a sap, but I loved it from the first read, years ago. I love it each time I re-read it. SUCH a tearjerker scene, at the ball. SUCH a tender moment, in the old cabin. Such a happy ending. The letter! Satisfied sigh.I know it's not really a 5-star lovestory, butwhat can I say? I loved it. The writing isn't glorious, but it's fine, with good dialogue, some witty banter, camaraderie among the guys, some stormy kitchen fights that raised a chuckle, and a real sense of chemistry and sexual ten [...]

    3. When Kate Farleigh is kidnapped by Lady Cahill, her deceased mother’s supposed “godmother”, and brought to a ramshackle, dirty house owned by the crazy woman’s grandson she doesn’t quite know what to make of the turn of events. Making the best of an odd situation, she cleans the filthy kitchen and cooks the first real meal she’s had in ages only to find it being eaten by the man of the house! She’s been slowly starving after losing her father and both of her brothers in the war and [...]

    4. Reviewed for THC ReviewsGallant Waif ended up being one of those books that I had a somewhat difficult time rating. The writing itself is excellent and well-deserving of having been a finalist for the Rita Award, but the push-and-pull relationship wasn't entirely to my liking. The hero and heroine of Gallant Waif have a love/hate romancethat is about as tempestuous as I've read to date. This is something that I usually don't care for, but somehow it didn't annoy me in quite the way that most sto [...]

    5. My first book of this year and it was good. A wounded soldier, Jack, and a destitute Kate. The word destitute might not the only one I wanted to use here because she was a lot more other things too. I absolutely loved Kate and I admire her. Jack was a jerk and jackass, but he was good also. Both of these have their own share of darkness, but how they fight their darkness is what mattered most here. Definitely a good read. The debut of this yearbook was good so I hope more goodness is yet to come [...]

    6. Two likable mcs and an entertaining romance.This was a sweet fun read despite the terrible things both the h/H have endured in the past, especially the h. For a change, the past did not make for tortured complicated personas!I liked the h for being strong and pragmatic despite her sufferings. But it’s the H who steals the heart – a scarred embittered man whose innate goodness and honor shine through quite easily. No prolonged asshattery and cruelty from him. His caring protective personality [...]

    7. I thought this was a beautiful story. I'm not sure how or when I came across this book, but I'm glad I added it to my TBR pile. After skimming over other reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. Some people loved it and others were underwhelmed. As for me, I really enjoyed it. Kate and Jack have a lot in common. They've both been jilted, both endured horrors of the war and both are penniless. They're thrown together by Jack's meddling and endearing Grandmama Lady Cahill. I really think Jack was lo [...]

    8. Oh God oh God oh God, I absolutely loved this book, loved loved loved it. It was such a sweet, slow and angst-y romance, I can honestly say that I enjoyed every MINUTE of it. It's exactly the kind of story I like, with a grumbling, bad-tempered cynical hero and a persistent, sweet heroine who does everything in her power to make him better.I fell for Jack from the beginning, when we first come to know about the scar on his face and the bad leg. *sigh* Disabled/scarred heroes FTW!!I loved Jack's [...]

    9. One star Lost for the push-pull.I know a lot of people like angst, but this story had SO much potential that the push-pull was not necessary.And the 4 stars, because of the beautiful adaption of the beauty and the beast. And the hero isn't necessarily the beast here, neither is the heroine beauty. They both had their fair share of beast in them, and their fair share of beauty, and it was wonderfully brought together.Heroine had a tortured past, who was a war heroine with history of assault, whic [...]

    10. I took this book out from the library while on a read-Regencies kick that I was having. I read it in one day between housecleaning and running errands. I am a sucker for the hero who doesn't look perfect and Jack Carstairs was it. He returned from commanding troops under Wellington on the Peninsula to wed his betrothed. With a physically scarred face and leg, his fiancee no longer wants him. To add to this injustice, he went to war because of his future-wife and was disowned by his father. He is [...]

    11. DNFThe only romances I read these days are those by Georgette Heyer. I read them for the first time in my teens, and I’m re-reading them again now.This book was a GR recommendation, based on my reading and reviewing of Heyer’s books, so I decided to give it a go. I really wish I hadn't.The story is set in 1811, Regency England, but the only reason I know is because we are told.Whereas Heyer has the gift of bringing to life the people, the clothes, the jewels, the carriages, the balls, the op [...]

    12. It was a 3.5 until That One Scene, o mannnnnn my eyes just liquified and exploded! You just knew an epic humiliation was coming for our gallant Kate; she was just too good and nice and humble to escape a horrible public degradation. Yet when it actually happened, it was worse than I'd dreadedAnd ended up so incredibly beautiful! More amazing than I could have imagined! The most beautiful rescue ever, actually. And I've read plenty of romances! (view spoiler)[All those wounded soldiers the armles [...]

    13. This is what I'd call a sweet romance. A lighter fare but it does have some darker elements. Major Jack Carstairs is back from the war, wounded and scarred. His fiance dumped him and his father disowned him. And so Jack shuts himself off from the world at his country estate. Lady Cahill, Jack's grandmother, discovers her godchild had a daughter and is in dire straits. But Kate Farleigh wants no charity and refuses the woman's kind offer of presenting her to London society. So Lady Cahill kidnaps [...]

    14. The mark of a keeper book for me is when I am laugh out loud, cry and sigh for the troubles and triumphs of the main characters. This book has a valiant, fierce little heroine whom I could not help but love and root for. I felt her pain and understood her fears. Dubbed a hoyden by her father who blamed her for the fact that his beloved wife died giving birth to her, Kate survives by finding ways to be useful, not bitter at the role she is assigned. When tragedy and hardship and then a dreadful b [...]

    15. Gallant Waif was a charming and sweet romance. It kind of reminded me of the books I used to read back in the beginning of my fascination with romance. It was a very quick, emotionally satisfying, and "tame"(couple do not consummate relationship) least not that the reader can tell. Jack Carstairs has been scarred and lamed from war, has been jilted by his fiance, and disowned and disinherited by his father.s are not going well for him. Kate Farleigh is starving, broke, reeling from the loss of h [...]

    16. One of my favorite Anne Gracie books and I snapped it right up when I found it finally available digitally at earlier tonight. Immediately had to reread it. Reread May 15, 2014Reread May 8, 2016

    17. 3.5 stars rounded upDrama levels: Medium to High. (view spoiler)[Main drama source? Kate looses her father and both brothers one after the other, she suffers a head injury that causes her an amnesia. Kate tells Jack's grandmother (and later she tells Jack too) that a french soldier found her and told her she was his wife.She recovered her memory a month after that and realized she had been lied to but it was too late because she had already lost her innocence.She finds herself known as "the fren [...]

    18. Just finished re-reading Anne Gracie's first two published books.  When I first read them, I gave "Tallie's Knight" 5 stars and "Gallant Waif" 4.  This time around, I would reverse the ratings - I definitely enjoyed "Gallant Waif" more, with its spirited, sassy heroine, than "Tallie's Knight", which left a few loose ends, such as the nasty Laetitia not getting the comeuppance she deserved.  But both books are great reads if you love Regency romance, and both have excellent historical detail [...]

    19. I can't seem to warm up to either Jack or Kate. Kate is a bit too "lively" for me. Maybe Jack loved her spunk. I find it tiring. Not poorly written but I am just not in the mood for a heroine who throws "how dare you" around as if it was "hello".

    20. 2.5. This was just okay for me. I'm not crazy about Regency books to begin with. The language used in this time period irritates me. The character were fine, although I didn't think there was a lot character development.

    21. I enjoyed this book. I had a vague feeling that I had read it before. This author does a pretty good job with the time period. There was one silly misunderstanding at the end that was a bit trite but pretty well done overall.

    22. Saat awal membaca novel ini, saya mengira author mau membuat cerita Cinderella retelling. Soalnya Kate, tokoh utama di novel ini demen banget jadi babu. Seiring dgn lajunya saya membaca, makin lanjut makin sebal saya baca novel ini. Kenapa?Pertama, karakter Kate terlalu diagung-agungkan, digambarkan sbg wanita unik, beda drpd wanita umumnya. Selain hobi bersih-bersih rumahnya, saya tidak melihat kualitas unik lainnya. Hanya krn dia berpengalaman sbg perawat di medan perang, bukan berarti dia wan [...]

    23. It seems a recent affliction of mine to shower Anne Gracie with compliments without any ounce of restrains, well she deserves every word; because she done me proud again with yet another wonderful book.To point something, this is my first time counting how many times I cried whole reading a book, in this one I cried 3 time!! They might not be the heat wrenching sobs that some book made experience, but they left their print.I felt bad for bad for both the hero and heroine, but the girl more so an [...]

    24. Loved this. I'm tickled that ebooks are allowing us to catch up with more of an author's backlist than the catch as can way it once was. The heroine is a poor proud young woman whose mother's godmother (I know, the relationships are tricksy) wants to help, but can't get by the young woman's refusals until she just carries her off in her carriage. They go to visit the old lady's grandson, who is back from fighting Napoleon with a scarred face and bad leg, living without servants and refusing comp [...]

    25. Mira que no suelen gustarme las novelas románticas blancas, pero esta me ha encantado. Será por la personalidad de la protagonista, deslenguada y muy fuerte; o porque me van los protagonistas «tullidos» (¿quién puede resistirse a una cojera, o a una cicatriz en el rostro? Y Jack tiene las dos cosas). La cuestión es que, a pesar que Anne Gracie no es una de mis autoras favoritas, esta novela la he disfrutado muchísimo, y leído de un tirón.

    26. A thoroughly entertaining read! I liked the characters, the set up, the pacing, really just everything about this book made me happy. Kate's TragicBackstoryTM was interesting and not something I've read before. I'm a bit sad that Gracie didn't play around a bit more with how Kate dealt with it, but this story is more about good fluff than a deep angst fest.I only dock 1 star for two reasons. First, there were a few problems with editing. I'm assuming most of them are just in the EBook version of [...]

    27. Questo romanzo mi è piaciuto. Punto. Nel senso che avrebbe potuto essere meglio. In una sezione della “Guida definitiva della Confraternita del Pugnale Nero”, J.R.Ward chiama “category” i romanzi come questo. Sono cioè quelli che aderiscono a specifiche linee editoriali. Linee che prevedono (per la Harmony, anche se questo è stato edito dalla casa editrice Quadratum) un numero di pagine a pubblicazione pari a poco più di 150 pagine. Ciò significa che fino a pagina 156 ha avuto un to [...]

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