The Creator's Map

The Creator s Map In a group of Spaniards are thrown together forced to wait out the Spanish Civil War in Rome Unlike the rest of his compatriots Jos Mar a has no strong feelings either way about the ideologies

  • Title: The Creator's Map
  • Author: Emilio Calderón Tony Chiroldes
  • ISBN: 9781598876505
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Audio CD
  • In 1937 a group of Spaniards are thrown together, forced to wait out the Spanish Civil War in Rome Unlike the rest of his compatriots, Jos Mar a has no strong feelings either way about the ideologies causing such bloodshed in his home country it is only the beautiful and bookish Montse who ignites his passion Unwittingly, they become embroiled in an underground Nazi plIn 1937 a group of Spaniards are thrown together, forced to wait out the Spanish Civil War in Rome Unlike the rest of his compatriots, Jos Mar a has no strong feelings either way about the ideologies causing such bloodshed in his home country it is only the beautiful and bookish Montse who ignites his passion Unwittingly, they become embroiled in an underground Nazi plot to collect mystic artifacts The most powerful artifact sought is the Creator s Map, a legendary document depicting the power centers of the universe, said to be penned by God himself The idealistic Montse is recruited as a spy and becomes and deeply involved in espionage, as does Jos Mar a, for his own reasons The Creator s Map brilliantly re creates the dark intrigue, romantic entanglements, and divided loyalties of war torn Europe Long after the war is over, the destinies of these characters continue to be shaped by the devastating repercussions of this tumultuous time.

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    1. This book is billed as a sort of Da Vinci code in the time of Fascism and the Spanish Civil War. In fact, that part of the plot occupies very little real estate. The book is more about the historical aspects of the time period -- fine for me since I am interested in that period of history, but not so good for someone interested in a literary thriller a la Dan Brown or Perez-Reverte (who in my opinion does it so much better!). I kept feeling like the translation was leaving something out -- I don [...]

    2. Книга меня разочаровала: ожидала одно, получила другое. Вместо интересного и захватывающего шпионского романа вышел долгий и скучный урок истории. Против истории я ничего не имею и даже люблю, но не в этом случае. Совершенно не поняла, причем тут Карта творца, о ней речь шла [...]

    3. I didn't think this book was that great. The story, while interesting, never fully developed and the characters all seemed not well developed either.

    4. Like Da Vinci Code; better constructed sentences and deft use of words, but not as exciting. Basic story of spies & counterspies, Nazi obsession with the occult, and how many fascists and Nazis "got away" after the war with the help of the Vatican. That part is interesting but neither new nor particularly well-told. Narrator is a self-absorbed, a-moral architect for whom WWII in Europe serves as a backdrop for 1) a story about whether he can "get" the girl and 2) a detailed description of th [...]

    5. This book is set in the emigre Spanish community in 1930s Italy. Although Spain is riven with sectarian strife, the snooty expatriates are all Nationalists, and would like nothing better to ally themselves both with Mussolini's Fascists, and the nascent Nazis who are going from strength to strength. This is a somewhat laboured spy novel with all the simplifications and generalisations attendant upon a conspiracy to take over the world. Calderon, however, seems to be pitching it as a sort of Indi [...]

    6. Que melhor objecto para esconder um mapa elaborado por uma entidade criadora se não um livro? Enaltecendo a importância destes artifícios culturais, abrilhantadas por fenomenais frases de escritores já idos, constrói-se pois um livro sobre livros.E, por ser verdade que “onde esta o perigo, esta também a salvação”, num romance tiritando entre o amor e o ódio, assiste se a uma heféstica dicotomia entre paixão e ciumes, prosperidade e guerra - uma guerra a ser travada entre os regime [...]

    7. The Creator's Map by Emilio Calderon (Hardback, July 2008)The writing in Caleron's historical novel captivates and enchants. The Creator's Map is filled with images and names evocative of another time, Rome in the Fascist Era of Hitler, Franco and Mussolini, rich in intellectual and philopsophical ideas, and rife with the exigencies and vagaries of world politics. Calderon wraps these timeless details around a complex romantic web.Through the eyes of a Spanish architect in Rome, the dark period [...]

    8. Terminei de ler este livro no início da semana, mas só hoje escrevo sobre ele, devido à falta de tempo que caracterizou os meus últimos cinco dias de trabalho.Este livro é uma história de amor, de espionagem, de ideais e de coragem. Tudo tem início e gira em torno de um livro que José Maria e Montse vendem, inserido num lote maior. Mas quando os dois jovens se decidem a vender alguns livros para garantir a sobrevivência de todos os que se encontram na Academia Espanhola de Belas-Artes, [...]

    9. Un arhitect, o bibliotecară şi un prinţ fac echilibristică între intrigi politice şi amoroase, pe fundalul războiului civil spaniol şi al Celui de-al Doilea Război Mondial. În Roma anului 1937, Academia Spaniolă reprezintă punctul de refugiu al intelectualilor spanioli care fug de războiul civil din propria ţară. Aici se întâlnesc arhitectul José Maria Hurtado şi bibliotecara Montserrat Fábregas, într-o iarnă în care singura lor modalitate de supravieţuire devine furtul [...]

    10. I just finished listening to this entrancing novel in the car today. It is set in Rome beginning in 1937 and taking us through the Second World War. As it begins, a group of Spaniards have banded together to wait out the Spanish Civil War. The narrator, José María has remained neutral to the war. With no family remaining, he concentrates on his new career as an architect. It is only when the beautiful young Spaniard Montse involves him in her intrigues that he becomes involved in things. The t [...]

    11. A spy thriller set in World War II, of a slightly different cast, since our narrator-protagonist (a Spaniard living in Rome) is clueless, or, more precisely, cannot make sense of what clues he gets. His girlfriend/wife, Montse, and his rival, Junio, are in possession of rather more pieces of the puzzle, but neither Jose Maria nor we can be fully certain of who was working for whom until the last, revelatory letter after Junio's death. I won't make spoilers, but the Creator's Map of the title is [...]

    12. I was expecting "a feverish triangle of love and intrigue" and felt cheated when I finished this book. Characters seemed poorly developed- I never developed empathy for them throughout the entire novel. What I did enjoy with this read was learning some history about Italy and Spain during WWII. At times, it seemed like I was reading a history book though because Calderon never quite blended the story with the historical info in a seamless way. Reading this story was like reading two genres in on [...]

    13. I must say this story was intense and the book was short, great for a weekend read. A book of love and loyalty to one's country. HOWEVER, it is horribly written. The author would have been better off selling his idea than writing it himself. At times, it gets pretty hung up on architectural descriptions and you just want them to get on with it all ready! But in the end it really was a good story and made up for the poor writingBy the way! DO NOT BUY ONLINE!!! I actually bought this book in a har [...]

    14. I looked forward to reading this book because its reviews had compared it to mystery/thrillers that I had devoured, like The Shadow of the Wind and books by Arturo Perez Reverte. However, it took me a long time to read the whole book because I kept falling asleep! I just was not able to get into the characters, the plot was slow to pick up, and I found the story a little flat. Still, I liked the details about the feelings of the Spaniards who were living away from Spain during the Spanish Civil [...]

    15. This book has great reviews and when I started reading it seemed like a joke that I did not get. And it does not get better. I do not know if it's the translation or the original, but it's such a juvenile book with moron characters that I could not believe the reviews it got. Big waste of time. A lovestruck mentally challenged architect, an early 20's girl that acts 15, an Italian fascist prince that struts like a comic opera villain, secret spies out of comedy and a mystical map. So bad that ev [...]

    16. To be honest, I really don't know why this book is called THE CREATOR'S MAP ( DIE KARTE GOTTES ). The map is mentioned but only at the beginning and at the end. the book is about two young people who work as a spy in Rome during the Mussullini time. It is a nice book, interesting story and characters and one learns a lot about life during that time but it just isn't what the cover promised. Therefore only three stars

    17. Čitam ovu knjigu pa čak kao književni laik mogu vidjeti više nego očitu poveznicu s knjigom Da Vincijev Kod. Pisac očito voli povijest jer se umjesto akcije i razvijanja radnje, knjiga svodi na puko nabrajanje povijesnih događanja. Daleko od toga da je dosadna, ovo je vrhunska knjiga za čitanje na plaži, jednostavna, ne kompleksna radnja, površni likovi, vrlo dobra premisa ali ne toliko dobra izvedba.

    18. Finished this book last night. A very good look at Rome during WWII. I love reading books that take place in cities I am familiar with. Reading about the characters on the Giancolo or in St. Cecelia's brings back pleasant memories of my times in Rome. Ultimately a book about betrayal, a memorable story.

    19. I wish there were incremental ratings, because I would have given this a 3.5.I actually liked this book a lot, and learned a lot about history while I read it. It's very setting-focused and history-focused, but the plot is very compelling. There were parts that were a little gory, but hey, war is war. It isn't an easy read, but I thought it was worth it.

    20. A Spanish novel in the secrets of the Vatican wrapped up in the Spanish Civil War genreI suspect I just created that genre. If you like Rome, Mysteries of the Vatican and espionage, this book is worth a read.

    21. Calderon's style is enchanting and the twists are solid, but the overall pacing just seems off and the characters a little wooden. Not sure if it's remnants of less-than-ideal translation or if it's similar in the original.

    22. This book is not about Creator's map as an artifact it is about the world created by mankind. At least I as I was trying to find a deeper meaning in it. For me it gives an interesting insight in life in Italia during the second world war. Full stop.

    23. Set during World War II, this mystery/adventure novel follows a group of Spaniards in Rome who are seeking a map, said to have been drawn by God Himself, that shows the secrets of power in the universe. Unfortunately, the plot was plodding and the characters were relatively unappealing.

    24. I reaaaally liked this book. Though I have never been that much into WW2 themes, it was really interesting to read! Wonderful web of background stories going on the end I really was fascinated, but sad at the same time :/

    25. This book never managed to capture my whole interest. There were several references made to places or people that were never fully explained, for example the Tiber River. I do not believe I was able to follow the plot and appreciate it fully. I think that is due to la k of personal effort though

    26. The best part of the book was that it was set in Rome and gave some great descriptions. The plot was far-fetched and some of the characters did things that were out-of-character. My copy is in the 'garage sale' pile. (although if anyone wants to, they are welcome to it!)

    27. Not really my kind of book, but since it's being read to me when I'm in the car, I'm stickin' with it. Interested in Italian history during WWII? This may be a good read for you.

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