Salt in Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fisherman's Wife

Salt in Our Blood The Memoir of a Fisherman s Wife THE DEADLIEST CATCH CRABBINGONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS BUSINESSES IN THE WORLDNewport ORSalt In Our Blood The Memoir of a Fisherman s Wife written by Michele Longo Eder published by Dancing Moon Pre

  • Title: Salt in Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fisherman's Wife
  • Author: Michele Longo Eder
  • ISBN: 9781892076441
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE DEADLIEST CATCH CRABBINGONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS BUSINESSES IN THE WORLDNewport, ORSalt In Our Blood The Memoir of a Fisherman s Wife, written by Michele Longo Eder, published by Dancing Moon Press, is a personal account from a fisherman s wife from inside this dangerous yet alluring profession Crabbing, as an industry, has navigated through many political, econoTHE DEADLIEST CATCH CRABBINGONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS BUSINESSES IN THE WORLDNewport, OR Salt In Our Blood The Memoir of a Fisherman s Wife, written by Michele Longo Eder, published by Dancing Moon Press, is a personal account from a fisherman s wife from inside this dangerous yet alluring profession Crabbing, as an industry, has navigated through many political, economical, and cultural changes, in the last 40 years But the fishing industry remains a closed society Not many outsiders know what the workday looks like to a commercial fisherman and his family, nor what it takes to actually harvest the bounty of the ocean Michele, an attorney married for 20 years to a fisherman living in Newport, Oregon, gave herself the task of keeping a journal to record the day to day adventurous and dangerous life.Michele began writing on Monday, December 11, 2000 Four thirty a.m I m awake The F V Michele Ann is being loaded with the last of its crab pots, ready to leave Newport and head north to Astoria, a port on the Columbia River But in December 2001 personal tragedy struck the Eder family and their crew, sending them on a path of hopelessness and despair, and ultimately questioning their love of the sea This book gives the reader a unique insight of living and working on the edge of danger I really don t know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea All of us have, in our veins, the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears We are tied to the ocean And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it, we aregoing back from whence we came President John F KennedyNewport, Rhode IslandSeptember 14, 1962

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    1. I have lived in Oregon most of my life. Many decades ago I inspected fish processing plants all along the coast, watching catches of fish and crab being unloaded and processed. I have followed state and federal regulators as they have set seasons, quotas, licenses, and reserves in attempts to come up with equitable and sustainable ways to harvest our tasty ocean bounty. I have seen memorials to fisherman, members of the Coast Guard and others who have lost their lives to the treacherous Pacific. [...]

    2. First, Cathy and Christa, I don't know if you should read this book, especially at this time of year. That said, there are few differences between my life and Michelle Eder's. I am a fisherman's wife, and her thoughts and feelings are the exact mirror of mine. It's strange to me, but also comforting. When Ben was lost at sea, I was at a complete loss as to how to express how sorry I was. I realize that there was no way. My heart broke all over again for Michelle, Bob, and Dylan, and I cried from [...]

    3. I learned a lot about fishing from this book, which is good, and I was very sorry to read about the author's loss of her husband and son when their fishing boat capsized off the Oregon coast. However, I really wanted to read a narrative instead of a collection of journal entries. There were many extraneous entries about, like, weight watchers and what to eat for whatever holiday, and what I really wanted was information about the people involved. The author's way of drawing her family's characte [...]

    4. Having lost my own son, I wanted to read this book to see how Michele Longo Eder handled her grief process. I cried through a good portion of the book. Brought back many memories of what I went through and still am ten years after he died.This is a fascinating look into the lives of the fishermen who risk their lives. A very in depth look into the wives and families on shore waiting for their loved ones to return from the sea.

    5. Salt in Our Blood is bittersweet story of what life is like as fisherman's wife. I can't imagine grieving the loss of a child, especially knowing the tragedy her son and his mates experienced in their last moments. Michele Longo Eder shares the challenges, fears, hard work, and love that goes into supporting a fisherman in his trade. She writes with the expertise, knowledge, humour, and drive that is required to do the job right. Excellent read!~ Theresa Mathews, Author of Fishing With Hyenas

    6. The book was a good look at what had happened. I enjoyed the conclusion of the book. I feel as though a couple key points were missing. I know the book wasn't about the skipper of the boat, but it's important to be honest. My father was the skipper of the Nesika and I know how he felt about taking the job and the stress he was under to run the boat the way bob Eder had asked him to. He had signed a contract with bob Eder from December through February. The sole purpose was to show Ben Eder how t [...]

    7. There are two sides to this book. One is the look into commercial fishing, and the other is a real and compelling look into a commercial fishing family. I learned a lot about the world of fishing, something that had been unfamiliar to me. It was fascinating to have an inside view into an unpredictable and dangerous lively hood. A few years ago, I had the honor of becoming friends with a woman from a small, family farm. I knew so little about fishing, and farming. It was wonderful to learn - from [...]

    8. I bought this book when it first came out, but the length and the diary format scared me away. When I came back to it again this week, I couldn’t get enough of it. I know the author and her husband from our local Nye Beach Writers Series. I knew their son had died in a fishing boat accident. But there was so much more to the story. In this memoir, Eder gives us two years: a typical year in which things went well and the following year when everything fell apart. This book is heartbreaking, enl [...]

    9. I wanted to read this book because I live in Newport and the capsizing of the Nesika occurred within the first year we lived here. We live within sight of the boats and the Yaquina Bay Bar--but I didn't really know anything about the fishing industry and their families. This book took me inside the experience of an important local fishing family, sharing their challenges and tragedies. I felt like I had shared in their lives--and understood more about the risks of fishing and crabbing on the Ore [...]

    10. Every so often, but just often enough to revive my faith in writers, I encounter a book that simply must be read cover-to-cover in one sitting. It's rare, but it's worth the wait. This was one of those books.This book will inevitably be made into a movie. It has all the elements of a novel, yet it's a true story. The way the book is laid out, and the astonishing core of the tale in the middle of the book, and the clarity of the writing, all combine to make a page-turner.

    11. Heart wrenchingI am the wife of a commercial fisherman, one of my friends suggested I read this book. It is the heart wrenching true story of a fishing family who lost their son, brother and crew in a tragic fishing accident. The book is wonderfully written with journal entries, article as and reports pulled together seamlessly, creating a book that I just couldn't put down. Thank you for sharing your story.

    12. The year 2001 was drenched in tragedy and I remember the day in December when I looked out at the ocean and saw the boat rolling the surf - and learned that the four young men aboard it had all been lost at sea. It took awhile for me to read Michele Longo Eder's well-written memoir of her life as a fishermen's wife and the devastating loss at sea of her son Ben and three others, but I'm glad I read it. I recommend it as a glimpse into life on the Oregon coast.

    13. I don't know what page I'm on but I surely am fascinated by this book. I know the author and am amazed at her willing revelation of self as she tells us what it's like to be part of a fishing family in the 21st century. I've lived on the coast of Oregon twice now for a total of nearly 20 years and never understood so well as I do now. I've interrupted my reading to finish overdue library books. I'm back in it now.

    14. This book just hit home on so many different levels. You send them out and hope like hell that they come home. I don't often cry, but I was crying on the treadmill as I was reading this. This book is my worst fear come to life. If you are a commercial fisherman's wife, DO NOT read this when your fisherman is out. Read it when he is home and safe.

    15. This book chronicles the time period surrounding the death of Michele's son, Ben, in a crabbing accident off the Oregon Coast. In journal style, the book gives an inside look at the life of a commercial fishing family. It also gives a look into its grief. A touching tribute to the son she lost, and to all the commercial fishermen lost each year.

    16. This was a wonderful book and memoir of what life is like to be married to a crab fisherman and the ins and outs of this extremely dangerous profession.I was also drawn to this book because I live an hour from the oregon coast and spend a lot of time there - so the people, places, and issues are local.

    17. Loved this book. Yes you may not get a first hand account of being a crabber but this book was written from a fisherman's wife and her perspective. I didn't want to put this book down but kept finding myself needing to because I was crying like a baby. If you want a quick read that makes you out your life into perspective this is the book for you.

    18. I read this from a different perspective. My son was a part of the Coast Guard SAR at the time. I had forgotten about the incident until he sent me the book about it. It broke my heart all over again.

    19. I loved the fact that the author was wise enough to keep a diary of her life. Her joys and pains were revealed as they came and not given after the fact. Much can look different in looking back than it may be seen as we live it each day.

    20. Having walked the beaches and lived in the town where this story takes place I found it particularly wrenching. I couldn't put it down and the ache my heart feels will stay with me as it always does when an account is real and from that powerful place that can only come with brokenness.

    21. Thank you, Michele, for courageously sharing your story. I found the book to be riveting, and gained a renewed sense of respect for the fishing industry and the town I have embraced as my new home.

    22. Amazing book. Opens a window into the life of a family making their living from the sea. We have no idea how hard these people work.

    23. Not the easiest book to read as a fisherman's wife, but it was quite interesting. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones at sea.

    24. Well written book about the year in the life of Michele Longo Eder, whose son drowns in a fishing accident.

    25. Having lived in the same community, this story is a great insight to the realities of life and tragedies that many in these communities suffer.

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