It's Not My Fault I Know Everything

It s Not My Fault I Know Everything New York Times Bestselling author Jamie Kelly is back with another hilarious candid and sometimes not so nice diary Dear Dumb Diary I went back and read some of my very oldest diaries The entries s

  • Title: It's Not My Fault I Know Everything
  • Author: Jim Benton
  • ISBN: 9780439825979
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times Bestselling author Jamie Kelly is back with another hilarious, candid, and sometimes not so nice diary Dear Dumb Diary, I went back and read some of my very oldest diaries The entries say things like I eated salad dressing and I got a Barbie shoe stuck in Stinker s nose again and The vet was mean to me about the Barbie shoe so I tried to bite him butNew York Times Bestselling author Jamie Kelly is back with another hilarious, candid, and sometimes not so nice diary Dear Dumb Diary, I went back and read some of my very oldest diaries The entries say things like I eated salad dressing and I got a Barbie shoe stuck in Stinker s nose again and The vet was mean to me about the Barbie shoe so I tried to bite him but vets are quick at not getting bit because dogs try all the time but dogs don t usually kick so I did that What amazed me was just how dumb I used to be, considering how smart I am now There must have been a day when I just woke up smart.

    One thought on “It's Not My Fault I Know Everything”

    1. Very Funny but doesn't really have a point. Jamie always has some point to make in the book. Bit of a page filler Huh? Jim ?

    2. its a good book i read a whole book in one day i dont do nothing when im foucesed on books i LOVe books that what i do all the time some of you were wondring do i have electronics well yes i have a few all there is on there are readingThank You

    3. Yet another book I read because my stepdaughter checked it out of the library and left it lying around the house. It's fine for what it is, but no better than that -- certainly not as good as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (though in fairness, I haven't read #8 in that series, and these things tend to deteriorate over time).

    4. I thought this book was ok but I don't think I want to read anymore. Some parts were interesting and I think it's a good series. I just think it's ok because I did not like some things about it but it is a little intersting so I might read another one.

    5. I love it, Its a great book, I love this series as well, The main character is really funny and I like her.10/10 c:

    6. I was a little disappointed with this book. I'm a big Dear Dumb Diary fan (and will often turn to them when I need a quick laugh), but this one fell flat of my expectations. I admit that I had high hopes, especially considering how much I loved the last one, but even without my high expectations it still wasn't very good. There wasn't much of a plot (not that these books have really involved plots anyway) and the whole book felt kind of forced, like it was killing Jim Benton to write another DDD [...]

    7. The Return of Jamie andwait foe itSTINKERRRRRRRR!!!!! Yes, Jamie and her friends (and frenemies) are back for an eighth go round. Jamie thinks deep down she's a geius, mostly because she solves quizzes in those teenybopper mags she gets on a daily basis. (Aren't we all like that at that age? No offense to thinker teens, of course cos NOW most teens are too smart for the indignity of ogling after Justin BeiberI hope.) But ooooo, challenges to her intelligentsia are on the horizon. The good news: [...]

    8. It was a great book to read if you like it then you can let me know and you can have me to post another Dear Dumb Diary book and I will post it. (READ IT,IT'S AWESOME)

    9. Jamie Kelly is writing on her dumb diary again. Writng all the drama and situations in school. Writing about her best friend Isabella, and her enemy Angeline and how much she hates about the teachers. Jealous about Angeline's smooth pretty hair, fancy home, pretty PJ and her puppies.Compare to herself and Angeline,there's too much different.This seems like to be a time in our life that we are jealous of others but think positive, and think about your best friends. Reading this book can remind yo [...]

    10. Man, this series does deconstruction of cliche middle school/high school archetypes and scenarios so well. It's a very straightforward form of storytelling, but underneath all of that, there are some very real and complex characters. They are so believably petty, funny, self-centred and awkward - with occasional forays into hesitant sweetness and sincerity. I remember being completely taken with these books when I was the age of their target audience, but even now, I'm glad that I decided to rev [...]

    11. I really enjoyed reading this. I caught my self laughing outloud many time throughout the story. Although a good book, I would make sure that this book is read by older children. It does not contain bad language, but the girl in the book has an attitude, which may not be what all parents wanting their child reading about. The main character in the book makes many comments that shouldn't be said. But, it is a very cute book and I think that it will teach children to not "judge a book by it's cove [...]

    12. Jamie Kelley is back with another installment of her hilarious diary. This time around she juggling the "Fake Diary" assignment (every is suppossed to keep a diary that will be turned in, marked, and then read by everyone), keepin Isabella away from the puppies until they're old enough to leave their mother, and trying to pin down Hudson and make him her boyfriend.As always the pictures are priceless, the dialogue is hilarious, and the whole package is guaranteed to please!!! Definately a winner [...]

    13. I think that this wasn't one of Jim Benton's best books, but that most certainly doesn't mean that it was horrible. In this one Jamie thinks she knows everything and it talks about how stupid she thinks that she used to be. Also, she has to do another diary assignment for school, which gets confusing, going between the two. The diary assignments are really funny though. It wasn't amazing, but I can't say that it was a disgrace to all English literature either.

    14. I read this book from our school library and I thought that this book was fun/funny. It was really exciting to read the next chapter that I was going to read the next day or even at that night. I really liked this book. At the first place, I was kind of mixed up with the characters but as I was reading further, I was really confident about noticing the characters.

    15. Jamie Kelly is back with her rude humor and beloved Isabella and Stinker. It's pretty obvious Jamie can't help but be a genius and her big brain barges into some deep trouble. But her brain manages to float in the sea of dumb people. And yeah middle school and evil bff problems

    16. I absolutely love these books. They are so funny that me and my daughter laugh out loud. The writer is amazing and gets the way a teenage middle schooler feels. Some of the most entertaining kids books ever!

    17. This book was a pretty good book, but it wasn't my favorite. I would recommend this book to girls that have trouble with their friendship. My favorite part of this book was when she decided to just be herself. My least favorite part was when she decides to act popular and changes her style. SS

    18. One of the weaker books but sweet at the end where dog love rules even for heroine. The bits on the magazine quiz are the most inspired parts of the book. My 10 year old niece and I will continue to plow through these because it's been something fun to share.

    19. Jamie Kelly has an odd twisted life for a kid she finds out a whole new side to everyone even Stinker! I like this book because it is funny, short, and just fun to read. I would recommend this book to girls who don't enjoy reading very much because this book will grab you and suck you in.

    20. It's the 1st book that I bought from this series . It was amazing, and for sure I will buy more of these books . I loved the idea of the assignment. Moreover, I love the way that the writer made me imagine the events there .

    21. Hilarious! A book by one of my favorite authors Jim Benton. And I really liked the drawings. The part I laughed at the most, was when Jamie said the teachers spend Pro D Days washing the coffee off of each other

    22. This one had me chuckling. Though I am sad that Benton skipped the whole wedding between Jamie's aunt and assistant principal Dan. There was so much build up in the previous books I thought for sure #8 would be the wedding. Nope, but it was still funny.

    23. i think its very funny and Isabella reminded my of Arly (no affiance)and the author did a humongous heck of a job

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