Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within

Beauty Shop for Rent fully equipped inquire within Abbey Garner has a plan to earn a million dollars by the time she s thirty five Financial independence will allow her to break the cycle of unhappiness endured by the women in her family Determined to

  • Title: Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within
  • Author: Laura Bowers
  • ISBN: 9780152057640
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Abbey Garner has a plan to earn a million dollars by the time she s thirty five Financial independence will allow her to break the cycle of unhappiness endured by the women in her family Determined to fulfill her dream, Abbey works at Granny Po s struggling beauty shop, where the feisty Gray Widows go to primp, polish, perm and, of course, gossip There, among theAbbey Garner has a plan to earn a million dollars by the time she s thirty five Financial independence will allow her to break the cycle of unhappiness endured by the women in her family Determined to fulfill her dream, Abbey works at Granny Po s struggling beauty shop, where the feisty Gray Widows go to primp, polish, perm and, of course, gossip There, among the hair dryers and perm rods and with the help of a new friend Abbey finds the courage to open her heart and take risks required for her to live life to its fullest.Debut author Laura Bowers creates a funny and touching first novel about family both the one we are born to and the one we create ourselves.

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    1. I would really rate this book 3.5 stars, but it appealed to my sentimental side so I'm rounding up.Some girls like to read about glitz and glamour, high society, balls, gorgeous clothes, and the decidedly upstairs portion of Upstairs, Downstairs. Actually, lots of girls do, which is why franchises such as The Princess Diaries and Gossip Girl are so popular, and why society as a whole just can't stop obsessing about Hollywood starlets or young royals. And yes, I like that too, sometimes. But thos [...]

    2. I admit that because of the cover I wasn't expecting much from this book. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would.quick overview: Abbey lives with her great-grandmother and works at her beauty shop saving every penny for her MBTF (millionaire before thirty-five) plan to be finacially independent. She is determined not to end up like 3-generations of women before her. Getting pregnant young, what seems to be a tradition for her family. When the beauty shop is finally rented by Gena [...]

    3. Guess where I found this . . . on an awesome list of the books-to-review on Book Muncher! Book muncher, for those of you who don't is a blog where a girl (Rachel, is that her name?) reviews many books. I discovered this because I saw several of her reviews and got curious, so now I'm converting you. Here's a link to the site: thebookmuncher/Anyways, on to the book. I loooved everything about this book. The characters are well-developed, the plot is original, it held my interest all the way throu [...]

    4. Reviewed by Safia Abdul for TeensReadTooThere is nothing like Polly's Parlor, where a free dose of gossip comes with a manicure. For Abbey Garner, her great-grandmother's old-fashioned beauty shop and the familiar elderly customers are home and family to Abbey ever since her mother left her several years ago. Now fourteen-year-ld Abbey works alongside her great-grandmother, Granny Po, giving perms and haircuts and investing her earnings towards her goal of becoming a millionaire before the age o [...]

    5. A little different from the kind of books I usually read, but this one held something really beautiful. Just awhile ago, I was telling my friend about the difference between the family you’re born to and the family you make for yourself, unconscious that it was from this book where I got that same idea. I love how it has the right mixture of everything a book like so is supposed to have. Plus, the funny moments and dialogue the author tried to put in are genuinely laughable.

    6. This book is so sweet. I loved it because the main character was strong despite her unmeasurable vulnerability. I appreciated the honesty and underlying message of "what you do now may screw up your kids later."

    7. This book is different from what I thought it would be. The girl has real problems and I can understand why she is the way she is. Its has some depth in it, but not anything confusing or unbearable. It has its fun parts too.

    8. Ambitious Abbey Garner spends a lot of her time hard at work at her great-grandmother Granny Po’s quaint though struggling beauty shop. It’s all part of her MBTF plan; Abbey has vowed to make a million dollars before she is thirty-five so she can be financially independent and not follow in her family’s tradition of getting pregnant young with the wrong man. When Gena, a posh young woman, decides to rent the beauty shop and turn it into a modern spa, Abbey is both excited and little appreh [...]

    9. From Follett, "Raised by a great-grandmother and a bunch of beauty shop buddies, fourteen-year-old Abbey resolves to overcome her unhappy childhood and disillusionment with the mother who deserted her."This book is a Missouri Gateway Award nominee for 2009-2010. I really enjoyed reading it (and I didn't think I would). The cover makes it look like "fluff," but it has a good message for teens.Review from Publishers Weekly (May 21, 2007):Fourteen-year-old Abbey Garner, the star of Bowers's debut n [...]

    10. Very sweet YA fiction with likable characters. As a native Marylander, it was fun to really know the settings that were referenced in the story.

    11. I had one of my students choose a "Blind Date with a Book" book for me. When we opened it, we were both rather leery of it. The title coupled with people on the cover? It just didn't sound like our sort of book but I thanked her & promised to suffer through the date. I am so glad I did. I connected with this book when I didn't really expect to do so. The 'feels' were incredibly rich: feeling like the odd man out because you are so dedicated to a plan/idea that you forget that there is more t [...]

    12. Beauty Shop For Rent by Laura Bowers is a cute book that is a quick read ( I finished it in one day!). I enjoyed the characters, especially the main character, Abby and her Granny Po. The secondary characters of The Widows, Gena, Sara, and Mitch were also very interesting although Sara and Mitch weren't very well developed characters. The plot is quick moving and comes with enough surprises that the reader does not get bored.

    13. Abbey Garner comes from a family of women who made some poor decisions – marrying or getting pregnant while they were still teens. She vows that she’s going to break the cycle – she’s not going to fall in love or get knocked up, and she’s going to be able to support herself. Abbey’s goal is to become a millionaire by the time she’s thirty-five. She lives with her great grandma, Granny Po, who has a close-knit circle of friends, the Gray Widows, who come to her beauty shop to hang o [...]

    14. Three generations of women in Abbey Garner’s family have made the same mistake: teen pregnancy followed by an early marriage and dependency on an unreliable man. Abbey is determined to break that chain. She has a plan - to be a millionaire by the time she’s thirty-five. Only then, once she’s successful and independent, will Abbey consider marriage and children. It’s a solid plan and workable, too. As her fifteenth birthday approaches, Abbey already has more than seven thousand dollars in [...]

    15. This is a great book about a teenage girl named Abbey trying to be different from her mother and trying to be independent. Abbey's mom had her when she was still in high school. She was 16 years old. Abbey's father was not in Abbeys life and her mom suffered from serve depression. Abbey was dropped off at her great grandmother's house, Granny Po. Promised by her mom that the stay was only temporary, Abbey stood with Granny Po for some years. Granny Po owned a beauty shop on the other side of the [...]

    16. This was a very enjoyable read. Abbey has a plan. She wants to be a millionaire by the time she is 35. Her plan came about because all the women before her had kids while still being teenagers and their marriages failed, so she wants to succeed and not follow in their footsteps. The setting is a town where people still know all their neighbors and her great-grandmother owns the beauty shop that's been there for decades. But for a couple of years Abbey's great-grandma, Polly, has been trying to r [...]

    17. 14 year old Abbey is determined that she will be the one to break the chain: she will not be a fourth generation pregnant teenager. She will be MBTF (millionaire by thirty five). So she works in her great grandmother's beauty salon and invests her earnings, while waiting for her mother to come and reclaim her, hating her father, and assiduously avoiding dates and date-like activities with guys at school. She has her place, in Granny Po's Salon, with her Gray Widows cronies, until finally, Gena s [...]

    18. Abbey Garner may just work in Granny Po's (failing) beauty parlor, but she knows that if she works hard, she can achieve her goal: Millionaire by Thirty-Five. No man is going to get in her way. She knows the family curse: three generations of women pregnant by the age of 17. It isn't going to happen to her. Except that Camden, the most popular guy in school, is flirting with her go away, Camden! And her best friend Mitch is so cute and sweet no, it doesn't matter! Oh dear. Abbey's got trouble on [...]

    19. *BAYA HOT PICK Highly, and enthusiastically, recommended for all teen collections. Ever since her mother abandoned Abbey at her great-grandmothers, Abbey has been determined to avoid her mother's mistakes: she will be a millionaire by the age of 35 and she will not get pregnant at 16, even if this means she has little social life. She helps at Granny Po's beauty shop and carefully saves all her money. Life for her, Granny Po, and the regular customers, the Gray Widows, changes when the shop is f [...]

    20. Abbey is a girl who has plans - she wants to be a millionaire by the time she's 35. Right now she lives and works with her Granny Po at this little old-fashioned salon. But Granny gets an offer to rent the salon out, modernize it and fix it up. Looks like Abbey could use a little fixing up to, with her relationships with her Gray Widows, her friendship (or is it something more?) with an old friend, the new hot guy at school, and oh yes, her emotionally unstable mom. I really enjoyed this one. If [...]

    21. The delight of this book was the affectionate portrayal of the intergenerational relationships between Abbey and the older women in her life. Intelligent "chick lit" for teens.Abbey Garner has learned hard lessons from the women in her life. Her mother and grandmother were teenage mothers with failed marriages. Abbey is determined not to let that happen to her and she scrupulously saves her earnings so she can be a millionaire by age 35. She has been living with Granny Po ever since her mother t [...]

    22. I have to admit, I think I enjoyed this book more than I was expecting to. Honestly, I couldn't put it down, which I was not expecting. It definitely wasn't the action that kept me turning pages. While the book wasn't action packed, that was not a bad thing. There was always something going on, at no point was the writing aimless, but it was a very laid back book. The laid back feel of the book is what personally kept me turning the page. I felt as if I was a part of that small, little, old, Sou [...]

    23. Beauty shop for rent is written by Laura Bowers.I really liked this book. They way the author kept you in suspense through out the book was a good way to keep the reader entertained. This book isn't boring. Everyone should be able to read this book. Some people probably think it is for girls but it isn't. Boys could read this book because there is a story behind it. The story behind it is don't let things in the past keep you from living your life. The main character was left with her great gran [...]

    24. The reason I picked the book, was the cover - such an infectious smile on Abbey's face. Although at the time, I did not know that her name is Abbey.This impish looking teenager, Abbey, is being reared by her great-grandmother. Yes, you read that right, not her grandmother or mother, but her great-grandmother, who happens to run a beauty shop. Not only is Granny Po responsible for Abbey, but she has help from the spirited Gray Widows, who seemingly have not a lot to do besides getting their hair [...]

    25. I thought this book was going to be almost awful, if not totally terrible, all because of the cover. (I know, I know, don't judge a book by its cover, but look at this one and try not to judge it.) But it completely surpassed my expectations. High school and dating are background problems. Abbey lives with her great-grandmother, whose three senior citizen friends (dubbed the Gray Widows) practically live at Granny Po's beauty shop during the day. Abbey works religiously, determined to be a milli [...]

    26. I picked this book up at random off the shelf in the library specifically because it looked like the type of book I always avoid. To my pleasant surprise, I LOVED it! I wanted to HUG the book when I finished it. I even e-mail the author, Laura Bowers to tell her how much I enjoyed it. I told her the characters in her story reminded me a lot of the ladies in Steel Magnolias and that was about the best compliment I could think of. (She wrote me back to thank me, by the way. Neat-o!)The story was f [...]

    27. My, oh my, did I ever love this book! It was sweet. It felt good. It has a powerful message. It was wonderfully well written. It had a quirky cast of wonderful characters. It wasn't so sweet you couldn't believe it. It just felt good - like the best romantic comedy. Sleepless in Seattle as opposed to Because I Said So. I loved it. Read it! Today. Please!6-15-13As much as I loved this one the first time, I have no idea why it took me so long to read it again. But, boy am I glad I just did. I was [...]

    28. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I went in expecting it to be a typical teen romance (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but it was so much better. It was really a story about a girl finding herself after the lies she’s been told her whole life. Her closest friends are some hilarious 60-year-old women who just melt your heart. I also got some practical advice from the book, such as if something won’t matter in 5 years, it’s not worth worrying over. Bowers’s style is do [...]

    29. This is a fun, easy read. Based on the cover and title, I thought this was going to be the last award book I would ever want to pick up. It turns out I was completely wrong, and I really enjoyed the characters and story. If you have ever felt abandoned by someone who is supposed to love and take care of you, or if you have ever had to make your own way in this world, then you will be able to relate to Abbey. Of course, she gets a lot of love and support from her great-grandmother and all the lad [...]

    30. This is a great take on a coming of age story. I understand this girl in wanting to save up and do things right and always have a plan. She starts out young and thinks she has it all figured out in life. She then starts realizing that things are never quite how they seem or how you plan them. She also realizes who is important in her life even when she has taken them for granted. It was a good book and an easy read. I would read it again, but I would probably only rate it maybe 3.5 stars.

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