Tales From The Crib

Tales From The Crib Why is Lucy Klein cuddling her adorable son while her sort of husband cuddles his adorablerlfriend Well it may take two to make a baby but it only takes one to ask for a divorce and her husband Jack

  • Title: Tales From The Crib
  • Author: Jennifer Coburn
  • ISBN: 9780758209825
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Why is Lucy Klein cuddling her adorable son while her sort of husband cuddles his adorablerlfriend Well, it may take two to make a baby, but it only takes one to ask for a divorce and her husband Jack was the one who asked ten minutes before she announced her pregnancy So why did she agree to his proposal that they raise the baby together and stay married in namWhy is Lucy Klein cuddling her adorable son while her sort of husband cuddles his adorablerlfriend Well, it may take two to make a baby, but it only takes one to ask for a divorce and her husband Jack was the one who asked ten minutes before she announced her pregnancy So why did she agree to his proposal that they raise the baby together and stay married in name only, free to see other people while still providing a stable home for their child She could blame any number of things, including hormones, panic, and the prospect of moving back in with her complete diva of a mother In any case, despite the totally bizarre arrangement, it may not be the weirdest thing that happens in her life this year Between trying to maintain her city girl attitude while languishing in New Jersey, surviving children s parties featuring Barney and bloodshed, and trying to get at least one date just to prove that she can , Lucy s hands are pretty full But if there s one thing she s determined to learn from all of this, it s how to be a great mom without losing herself in the process

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    1. Please, what an unbelievable pile of crap. The whole family is selfish and incredibly self centered. There were a few places that were very funny, and new mothers especially would identify with the difficulties of child birth, breast feeding and the sleep deprivation of new motherhood. However, most of the main characters in this book could be poster children for "Bad-Choices-Are-Us." Lucy knows her marriage is going through a rough spot, but is unprepared when her husband asks for a divorce, on [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book more than I did. The characters were interesting, the plot was decent, but the execution left something to be desired. I felt like there was a great story in this book somewhere, but the author just hadn't gotten it all the way out yet. When the premise is that a woman finds out that she's pregnant on the same day that her husband asks her for a divorce, it should be a pretty meaty story. But it felt like the author just lightly skimmed the surface of the life of the m [...]

    3. I read out of order - I read Queen Gene first. So I was already familiar with the story and the characters. That said, it didn't take anything away from the story. Coburn had me in stitches again as I read, with more laugh out loud moments than I can count. All the characters are so wonderfully funny and unique. It is impossible not to fall in love with them, or Jennifer Coburn's writing style which is amazing!

    4. What would you do if your husband blurts out that he wants a divorce, right before you’re about to tell him that you’re pregnant? When Lucy tells her husband she’s expecting, Jack reconsider his offer – and wants to stay married, but only as friends, so that they can raise their child together. While Lucy isn’t in favor of this arrangement, she still loves her husband, so she decides to take him up on his offer for one year. A lot can happen in a year, especially while still living tog [...]

    5. Lucy Klein is a suburban wife, leaving in the, well, suburbs, with her lovely husband Jack. She is getting ready to make a big announcement at the dinner table- she is pregnant. Jack is getting ready to make his own big announcement- he wants a divorce. Jack goes first. Lucy is stunned. Though she knew her marriage wasn’t exactly rock solid, she still is surprised at the D-word, and the timing couldn’t be worse. But Jack devises a plan, a co-parenting plan. They would live under the same roo [...]

    6. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this book. I saw it was on the freebie list and I nabbed it since the description perplexed me and it wasn't erotica. Half the stuff I get from that's free I never read so at the worst, I have another free book in the cloud that I'll never read, at best I'd be entertained. It ended up leaning towards the best! While I wouldn't QUITE 4 stars (more like 3.5) but I'm giving it a 4 here since there's not a .5 option. While it was a fluffy chick lit novel, it h [...]

    7. This was a great palate cleanser from all the dystopias I've been into lately! It's well written and tackles a variety of issues moms face, with a lovely ending. I still have my own thoughts about Jack, but I'll keep those in my pocket.

    8. I really wanted to enjoy this book especially after reading the prologue and the opening chapter. I laughed at the envisioned dinner Lucy was going to share with her husband and tell him the exciting new of her pregnancy. Then the bubble burst and her reality dinner was much worse than she hoped. The first chapter even had me laughing out loud at her therapist who decides to go into hiding and not return the couples calls because he just doesn't want to deal with their problems. Seriously? Any t [...]

    9. Lost me almost half way through. When I first started this book I didn't pat attention & for some reason thought it was based on a true story. Once I realized it wasn't, I let up a little on the character but lost interest in a fake person being so stupid. When I thought it was true, it was like a train wreck I just couldn't quite look away from. Then when that was gone I just couldn't keep going with the book or the whole idea of it. I looked away & have no interest in looking back.

    10. This book started off strong, but then, I lost interest in the middle. Afterwards, I fastforwarded to the end.Overall, this was a fairly decent book, but it just didn't work for me.Giving this one: 2 stars

    11. Maybe my sense of humor dried up, then again maybe not. The reviews promised a laugh out loud book, but I didn't chuckle more then two times. And although the premise sounded promising, this book seemed to drag on forever leaving me in a struggle to even want to finish it

    12. Very disappointed. I was looking for a fun, light readwhich was this, but it got very nasty at times. So much so that I should have and wish I would have just put it down. I will not be reading any more of Jennifer Coburn.

    13. I really wanted to like this book, so many unbelievable things happened I really couldn't see all of it happening. Also the title makes it sound like it'll be about raising a child, when really it's a story about a marriage more than raising a kid. Not a good book at all.

    14. I thought Tales From The Crib would actually be 'tales from the crib', tales about a baby and raising a baby, whereas this story was more about a marriage relationship gone wrong and about a very strange, weird, unique and mixed up family, along with their wide circle of strange friends. I enjoyed the parts of the story which were actually about pregnancy, motherhood and the life of the parents of Baby Adam, but I found that I became bored with all the other characters and especially Anjoli, Kim [...]

    15. Thoroughly enjoyed it!If you liked Bridget Jones, you'll probably love Lucy! After several years of marriage and multiple miscarriages, Lucy finds herself pregnant again. Before she can share the news with her husband Jack, he asks for a divorce. When he learns about the baby, and during a discussion regarding shared custody, Jack realizes he doesn't want to be a part time parent. He proposes they remain married, continue to share expenses, and raise the baby together in an "open arrangement" wh [...]

    16. Tales from the Crib had a great premise and engaging plotline and should have been a better book. Unfortunately, the author got bogged down with irrelevant subplots and single dimensional supporting characters and the heart of the novel- the protagonist and her troubled marriageand nee baby-- gets sidelined way too often, and the writing becomes scattered and lost my interest for full chapters at a time. The beginning is good, the end is decent, but the middle is very convoluted whenever the sce [...]

    17. I nearly wet my pants laughing at this one!Normally, that only happens when I read Janet E.! This book was delightful! Set in New Jersey, where I hail from, really made it seem like a friend was telling the story. Our narrator did seem like a friend, and after reading about her going thru some major life events, you’ll get no spoilers from me, I felt like we were kin! I could not put this book down!

    18. More than I expected Wow us all that I can say. This book was offered free for kindle download. I didn't expect much, but to my surprise I loved it. I will be reading more from this author.

    19. GoodThis is an interesting book. I went through several emotions. Despising Jack. Feeling sorry for Lucy. Wishing Jack the worst life has to offer. Being proud of Lucy. Laughing at Lucy and finally happy for Jack and Lucy.

    20. Entertaining!A charming witty story that shows us an incredibly strong woman coping with every day life and the hilarious things that can happen to us. Even when something sad happens she faces it and humor emerges. If you need to laugh you have to read this book.

    21. Fast easy read. I liked the suspense. I recommend this book to anyone wants a pleasant read Love this book Twists and turns on every page. Recommend this to everyone. Thanks for writing such a great book

    22. Good start but couldn't finish.This book had a good start but I couldn't finish it. The author got to a stage where she kept waffling on, going off on a tangent and not staying on topic. So I did what I have only ever done once before and 'Remove item from device'.

    23. This is so funnyG !!!!!! I absolutely loved this book. The writing was superb. I laughed through the whole thing. What a woman !!!. The characters were so amazing. I loved the Jersey vs. NYC are spot on. Thanks for the smile on my face.😊

    24. Entertaining!This book made me laugh out loud quite a few times! Good story line. Interesting story more about relationships than the baby.

    25. Fun read with a message You go on a journey in this book. Its funny insightful and relatable. Great characters that means something to you.

    26. New YearMuch needed humor to end a difficult year. Wonderful laughs along the way. Enjoyed characters of many cultural outlooks and ages.

    27. This is not awful but it is far from great literature. It is all too twee and full of bad Jewish humour for my taste

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