Testaments:Links Between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Bible

Testaments Links Between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Bible None

  • Title: Testaments:Links Between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Bible
  • Author: David E. Bokovoy John A. Tvedtnes
  • ISBN: 9780974342108
  • Page: 278
  • Format: None
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    One thought on “Testaments:Links Between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Bible”

    1. This book is a valuable contribution to any person interested in the internal Hebraic consistency of the text of the Book of Mormon. I was particularly pleased to find a chapter on "Wrestling before God" in relation to the writings of Enos, a book of scripture I committed to memory as a missionary. The word "wrestle" translated from the Hebrew "yeveaq" essentially notes an "embrace" which for endowed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, contains a great deal of symbolism. [...]

    2. Valuable and accessible piece of scholarship, these impressive and hardly coincidental relationships between Hebrew cultures, theology and symbolism, joined across time and geography and form of literature. Could Joseph Smith have invented the Book of Mormon out of whole cloth? Could he have truly written that book, given his education level, the world understanding of Semitic cultures? This book adds to my bedrock understanding that no, he could not have.

    3. Reading the Book of Mormon without understanding its Ancient Near Eastern background is like grandma watching TV without her bifocals. One misses out on the richness of this sacred text. Bokovoy and Tvetdnes powerfully illuminate the Book of Mormon by exploring its ANE and Hebraic background.What is the connection between the angel's warning and the rod L&L used to beat Nephi?Why does Jacob depict death and hell "swallowing"?Why did Nephi put that long thingy in front of 1 Ne. 1:1?Which Laws [...]

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