The Avram Davidson Treasury: A Tribute Collection

The Avram Davidson Treasury A Tribute Collection Avram Davidson was one of the great original American writers of this century He was erudite cranky Jewish wildly creative and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines They are wonderf

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  • Title: The Avram Davidson Treasury: A Tribute Collection
  • Author: Avram Davidson Robert Silverberg Grania Davis
  • ISBN: 9780312867317
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Avram Davidson was one of the great original American writers of this century He was erudite, cranky, Jewish, wildly creative, and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines They are wonderful.Now his estate and his friends have brought together a definitive collection of his finest work, each story introduced by an SF luminary writers like Ursula K Le Guin,Avram Davidson was one of the great original American writers of this century He was erudite, cranky, Jewish, wildly creative, and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines They are wonderful.Now his estate and his friends have brought together a definitive collection of his finest work, each story introduced by an SF luminary writers like Ursula K Le Guin, William Gibson, Poul Anderson, Gene Wolfe, Guy Davenport, Peter S Beagle, Gregory Benford, Thomas M Disch, and dozens of others This is a volume every lover of fantasy will need to own.

    One thought on “The Avram Davidson Treasury: A Tribute Collection”

    1. Suppose you are the insomniac son of the world's funniest, smartest rabbi, who tells you bed time stories to get you to go to sleep, except they are so good, you never do. (And if that's not your idea of the best possible collection of American science fiction and fantasy short stories, I don't know how to help you.)

    2. An excellent collection of short stories, of which even the ones which aren't very compelling are always well-written. Davidson has a great range, and can go from Wodehousian parodies to respectable sci-fi seemingly effortlessly. Each story is preceded by a brief note from a staggering range of influential authors (Silverberg, Gibson, LeGuin, Bradbury, Ellison); he was admired by what seems like half the world. While a bunch of the encomia don't offer much insight, a fair number help provide con [...]

    3. Davidson wrote some of the richest and most satisfying stories I’ve ever read. It’s shameful that he’s not given the renown he deserves, probably because of the science fiction elements that season his stories. It’s a short-sighted bias, as his stories are far more mature & witty & intelligent than most of the output by mainstream authors.

    4. Contains many of my favorites, including “The Golem,” “Dagon” (which I did not appreciate when I first read it in my early teens), “The Affair at Lahore Cantonment,” (a Kiplingesque story similar to, but easier to read than, “Wireless”; and a reworking of “Danny Deever”), “The Goobers,” and “Sacheverell”.

    5. Avram Davidson was one of at the distinct voices in science fiction and fantasy. He was also one of the best short story writers of the twentieth century -- not only in the fantasy field but overall. His prose is rich and because of it I find his stories to be slow reading -- I want to slow down to appreciate the flow of the words. Not all good or even great writers share this trait. Many writers I like quite a bit -- Robert Heinlein and Lois McMaster Bujold, jut to name two -- don't write prose [...]

    6. One of my all-time favourite collections. The stories fall into several different genres and are always surprising. Each story is preceded by an introduction written by an important writer in the field. As others have stated in their reviews, he was obviously held in high regard by many authors: truly, a writer's writer. The first time I read this book, I deliberately read each story before reading its introduction. I wanted to read each with a completely open mind, not with any preconceptions d [...]

    7. This is one of the finest short fiction collections I have ever read. Avram Davidson is another of the great writers who are criminally overlooked. He was at one time the editor for "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction". His absolute genius is apparent in almost every story contained within. If you have never read or even heard of Avram Davidson, now is the time to repair that deficiency. If you like Gene Wolfe, Algis Budrys, Philip K. Dick, etc you will love AD. You can thank me later.

    8. As far as I know, very few people ever really knew about Avram Davidson. Which is a shame, because his stories are so amazing, and so varied, it's hard to believe they all came from the same person. You read one story, wondering where in the world he's going with it, and you end up astonished by its artistry. A master of language, of character, of plot, just wonderful stuff. I'm so bummed that he never really got traction, I'm convinced that some of his stories would have been absolutely amazing [...]

    9. Story One: My Boyfriend's Name is JelloI later read that this is not a good starting story. Difficult to understand, I turned to the commentary of others online to see what it was really about. Apparently it is a stream-of-consciousness story about someone (man? boy?) who has a health condition but finds power in the jump rope songs of three girls outside playing. I will read it again with this in mind to see if I see things more clearly.

    10. Science Fiction (and fantasy, and horror, and .) can encompass several kinds of work, and that becomes evident if one takes a long look at the oeuvre of an author spanning decades. This book takes such a long look, and shows a great writer who started with lots of brightness, but eventually succumbed to darkness & pain. Not all of these stories were to my liking, but that must not stop you from reading these lost & forgotten works.

    11. I have to admit, I don't understand the few stories in this book that I chose to read, at random. It's disappointing. I bought this book because Davidson wrote one of my favorite stories ever: "Or All the Seas With Oysters." For example I don't understand these stories: "Sacheverell," or "The Tail-Tied Kings." Someone, please explain them to me!

    12. More clever and witty than profound or speculative. Prefer my science fiction and fantasy a bit more serious. Very stylish writer, which I suppose is why so many fellow writers shower him with praise.

    13. I didn't finish it, but I'd like to go back and pick out a few more stories. Some of them were delightful in their creepy whimsy, but some I just couldn't get rolling with. I'm sure there's more to this author, but it's back to the library for him for now.

    14. I think life from now on will be basically be divided into two epochs: "Before Avram Davidson" and "After Avram Davidson."

    15. One of the best short story writers, in or out of the genre. Totally weird, original, sometimes creepy, and always surprising stories.

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