Frozen Tracks

Frozen Tracks From the land of the midnight sun a compelling and dark thriller by Sweden s master of crime fiction The autumn gloom comes quickly on the Swedish city of Gothenburg and for Detective Chief Inspecto

  • Title: Frozen Tracks
  • Author: Åke Edwardson Laurie Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780143113584
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the land of the midnight sun, a compelling and dark thriller by Sweden s master of crime fiction The autumn gloom comes quickly on the Swedish city of Gothenburg, and for Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter the days seem even shorter, the nights bleaker, when he is faced with two apparently unrelated sets of perplexing crimes Mysterious assaults on college studentFrom the land of the midnight sun, a compelling and dark thriller by Sweden s master of crime fiction The autumn gloom comes quickly on the Swedish city of Gothenburg, and for Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter the days seem even shorter, the nights bleaker, when he is faced with two apparently unrelated sets of perplexing crimes Mysterious assaults on college students in Gothenburg s parks are carried out in the dark of the night, while during the day toddlers are abducted from their nursery schools and quickly returned, seemingly unharmed, before anyone even notices they are missing Investigating these bizarre cases, D.C.I Winter and his team follow their scant leads to the flats, the barren prairies of rural Sweden, whose wastelands conceal crimes as sinister as the land itself Winter must deduce the labyrinthine connections between the cases before the culprit or is it culprits closes in on his own family Haunting and psychologically astute, Frozen Tracks is another triumph from the award winning master of Swedish noir.

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    1. There's maybe something wrong about enjoying dark frozen murder stories in the middle of Wisconsin winter, but whatever.

    2. A number of students have been attacked in Gothenburg. Inspector Winter and his team are puzzled, not only by the strange mark the weapon leaves, but also the sometimes evasive nature of the students themselves. Are they trying to hide something? Meanwhile, young children are being abducted from playgrounds across the city. A man offering sweets is tempting them into his car, only to return them before anyone notices. The parents pick up on it from their child's stories, and report it. However, [...]

    3. Book3, in the Erik Winter seriesThis author is slowly growing on me or is it that I am now becoming more accustomed to his style, a style that is haunting and psychologically shrewd. “Frozen Tracks” is a superbly crafted crime novel, a compelling and dark thriller, definitely the best I have read from this author so far. A glimpse into the story: DCI Erik Winter and his team are baffled by a rash of beatings in Gothenburg that have nearly killed several young men, a distinctive mark left by [...]

    4. This story held me just captivated enough to keep reading, even though something about Edwardson's writing style really annoyed me. There were things I liked about this book: the personal lives of the detectives; the role of the cold, gray climate; the whole Christmas factorde it a cozy read. I held out for what I thought was sure to be a great suspenseful ending, and the payoff wasn't entirely satisfactory. The last 30 or so pages of this book are so ambiguous and convoluted that I had to keep [...]

    5. Review: Frozen Tracks by Ake Edwardson. 10/21/2017It takes some time to get used to Ake Edwardson’s writing style but once I got use to it the story moved along. His writing at times slows down the story but it’s haunting and psychologically clever. The author doesn’t create a lot of suspense but his plot is well developed and he isn’t cautious when describing how the violence effects or the emotions it leaves behind for the reader. Edwardson creates great characters and I enjoyed the po [...]

    6. Bit disappointed, I was struggling with the different characters and story lines. I got halfway through, it's very unusual for me not to finish a book.

    7. "They say in heaven love comes first, We'll make heaven a place on earth, Ooh heaven is a place on earth."Un autore ancora tutto da scoprire, qui in Italia. Questo è il primo suo libro pubblicato da noi, ma è del 2001 ed è il 5° della serie col commissario Winter. Nel frattempo in patria Edwardson è diventato uno degli scrittori di thriller più acclamati. E con ragione: dato che scrive già da tempo, non si colloca nella scia degli scrittori usciti alla ribalta sull'onda del successo di St [...]

    8. Six-Word Review: Unrelated crimes come together - eventually solved.I have mixed feelings about Edwardson's style. Maybe I like more detailed descriptions of the criminal acts or of the violence that can erupt when the miscreant is discovered. On the other hand, his books are truly mysteries where the reader is sometimes ahead of the fictional police and sometimes behind.The story revolves around two criminal acts: the beatings of random college students who are left with a distinctive mark by t [...]

    9. This book was a typical crime thriller which forms part of the Inspector Winter series. I have never read any Inspecter Winter books before but I will certainly look out for them. He is a likeable chap (unlike his fellow cantakerous literary detectives comme Morse and Wallender) and he seems to be affected quite deeply by the circumstances of the case (which is often poorly done in crime writing). I thought it was an interesting and slightly different story and I had no idea what the twist/who t [...]

    10. This felt like the longest of the series so far. I don’t mean that as negative. The story has many angles which are cleverly resolved as the book goes along. The story is set against the backdrop of the Christmas season. The sting is the now familiar city of Gothenburg. This time around the author Åke Edwardson has explored the ongoing characters more. As with any workplace where people are working together there are entwined relationships which bring their own tensions.I am not sure how the [...]

    11. Set in Gothenburg in winter. Some of this series is not translated into English, and of those that are not all are readily available, so this one is somewhere in the middle of the sequence and I haven't read any others. Contains some nice dry humour (as well as some strange examples of repetition - whole sentences are repeated). There are two ongoing cases which turn out to be connected (although the perpetrator is not, as I began to think, the same person!) While the detective's plans for Chris [...]

    12. I am trying out different Scandinavian detective story authors. This story was "3-stars good." I liked Erik Winter and the other detectives on his team involved in the cases. There were 2 cases happening at the same time which ended up being related. That means there were many characters (with Swedish names) being introduced. There is a lot of dialogue in this book; so with all those people being interviewed, it did make for pages and pages of dialogue. But some of it I really enjoyed because of [...]

    13. My first exposure to this writer, who appears to have a stronger bias towards character development than plot. The inner thought processes of the characters are intimate and detailed; so much so that I felt a strong sense of disquiet with the contrasting viewpoints of young children and the developing "predator" who stalks them.In general, the plot is an investigative procedural affair with Inspector Winter et al operating in the midst of two apparently unrelated cases.I wasn't able to finish re [...]

    14. Read it in one day. Chief Inspector Erik Winter and his team are trying to solve a recent series of crimes where several male college students have been bludgeoned from behind. Who could be behind such a crime ? and why? At the same time there is also a series of other crimes occurring on young preschool children. The children tell their parents that a man gave them candy and talked to them in his car while they were at preschool. But the kids are back in class - and no one even noticed that the [...]

    15. a review, as requested by tedis novel was a good read, has some engaging dry humor, moves right along at a good pace, has nice human elements to the story, has good characters. on the downside, edwardson often takes us into the mind (and point of view) of the criminal, who is something of a cliche - and i'm not sure having this point of view added to the story. as a whole, it's not the most original story, but the interesting characters give it enough newness to keep the story alive. it gets a b [...]

    16. One of the Inspector Winter mysteries set in Gothenburg, Sweden. This series provides intriguing mysteries and interesting characters. There is the jazz loving Erik Winter, the older family man Bertil Ringmar, the hard-nosed Fredrik Halders, and the black Swedish detective Aneta Djanali. Two sets of crimes need to be solved. First, there are several young students who have been assaulted and almost killed. Second, there are several children who have been snatched by a stranger for short periods [...]

    17. Recommended by a librarian colleague prior to visiting Gottenburg, Sweden, so I read it while traveling that part of the world. It's not as good as the current fad trilogy "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series but is a good introduction to an off beat Swedish world with recognizable places for anyone visiting Gottenburg. No regrets taking time to read it, but it's not great literature.

    18. Edwardson excels here, much better than Death Angels in its pace, suspense, character development, humanity towards his protagonist, much abused in childhood. He has eliminated the excessive chatter that was in Death Angels, but left enough to convey the humor and personal lives of the several detectives. Brings together the 2 seemingly unconnected crimes against small kidnappings of the children and the brutal attacks on young men. Very compelling writing. Too bad more of his novels aren't tran [...]

    19. There is always an element of suspended disbelief in reading detective fiction. How can all those stories end up connected? But Ake Edwardson (or his translator) writes with a delicacy of tone and breadth of character than keeps one enthralled to the last minute.And although it's a story of violence and torment, the writing isn't gratuitious. He connects us all to the "what might of been" and how our stories are not that far removed from the vioment and the tragic.A good read.

    20. I found it hard to engage with this book as it had a theme of child abjection and abuse running through it with which I'm never comfortable. There were also too many players for me to keep track of. Despite this I do think Edwardson's sense of narrative is more secure and flows more easily.

    21. Always looking for interesting new detective writers and here's another good Swedish author with an interesting detective, Eric Winter and his family and fellow detectives. Author was a journalist and lecturer at Gotheberg Univ. where the novel is set. He has won Swedish crime awards. Different from Wallander. In this one you get to know the childlike/adult perpetrator from the beginning and have some sympathy for him and what made him the way he is. I liked the characterisation of the other det [...]

    22. This is part of a series of books about a Swedish police detective. It was a real page turner and the lives of the officers on the two cases they are following are really filled out. The attacks and abductions take place during Advent and leading up to Christmas Day. You see the impact on the victims of these crimes, their families but also the police officers involved. From reading many Swedish novels it make is seem like a really dangerous place with lots of weird crimes. It must be the very l [...]

    23. Slow, slow, slow fast with obscure stories of the detectives thrown in. Really the book is well written but I am not a fan of books that take you along for a long time and then end all at once with a fast and confusing conclusion. I did find glimpses of Winter's life interesting and think he is an excellent example of how many hours police put in on the job to the detriment of their relationship with their own families. Also interesting were the references to how the Christmas holiday season is [...]

    24. "Edwardson is an acquired taste. As we say in the computer world he 'streams'. You may go two sentences into a paragraph or even into the next paragraph before realizing another character is in a dialogue externally with another character or internally with himself. I like his style, but you have to stay alert and not assume what's what. I am not going to review his Eric Winter Series. You can try one and make up your own mind"

    25. I'd never read anything by Edwardson, and thought it was worth a try. I'm very glad I did so, a really interesting story of child abduction and abuse, very nicely put together story and well written characters. The translation was very well done too although there were a couple of points where what seemed like stock phrases were used, I don't know if this is down to the translation or the original writing. I will look out for more by this author.

    26. Way too much dialogue & about 30% of it totally trivial or unnecessarily repetitive. Two different story plots evolving at the same time & unrelated to each other. The motive for some of the crimes in one plot line is extremely lame, when it's finally revealed. And the other plot line, when solved, leaves more questions than answers about the motivation behind the perpetrator. I won't be reading this author again

    27. I found this in the sale bin at my campus book store. I was not familiar with the series, but that didn't seem to matter. The book is set in Gothenburg (Goteborg). I read it quite a while ago and recall having a hard time picturing locations and distances. perhaps I should have looked up a map. A good read and the translation retained the Swedish spellings for names and most places, which I prefer.

    28. Edwardson follows in the tradition of great Swedish mystery writers like Sjowall and Wahloo, Henning Mankell (the master), and Stieg Larsson. Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter is faced with two bizarre crimes in his Gothenburg jurisdiction at Christmas time. I wasn't completely convinced by the series of accidents and coincidences that lead to the solution of the crimes, but I do like Winter and plan to read more.

    29. This is the first book in Edwardson's series that I have read. It was interesting and educated me about Sweden and surrounding areas. It took me a while to get into the story and it became better the further I read. It is was building up to a great ending, but to my disappointment the ending was not what I expected. Still a good book all around and if I came across more of his books I would probably read them.

    30. This was good, and I liked that there was no murder in this book, but I found it difficult to believe that the Swedish police would shrug their shoulders and say 'well, there's been no crime, can't do anything' in response to a parent calling in to say that their child sat in a strange man's car at daycare that day. I think real police would get a description of the man and the car and alert the public.

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