Land Without Evil: Stopping the Genocide of Burma's Karen People

Land Without Evil Stopping the Genocide of Burma s Karen People A heart wrenching portrayal of an ethnic people s plight and the worldwide apathy toward their suffering

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  • Title: Land Without Evil: Stopping the Genocide of Burma's Karen People
  • Author: Benedict Rogers Baroness Cox
  • ISBN: 9780825460593
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • A heart wrenching portrayal of an ethnic people s plight and the worldwide apathy toward their suffering.

    One thought on “Land Without Evil: Stopping the Genocide of Burma's Karen People”

    1. You will hate the junta of Burma after reading this book. But hatred doesn't do any good, so pray for the country of Burma. They are in the news again b/c of the democratic demonstrations. This young author gives an up close and personal account of his work in the country. It's sad, but we shouldn't be ignorant of the world around us.

    2. This book, while not very well written or organized, points out the sad plight of the Karen people in Myanmar (Burma) and efforts some are making to help them. Reading this book has made me feel guilty for not doing more to help the Karens, those still in Asia and those who have emigrated to the States and some of the latter living not far from where I live.

    3. Benedict Rogers has done an amazing job in clarifying what is a very complicated political situation which has resulted in the genocide of a beautiful people group: the Karen of Burma, and in particular the persecution of Christians.

    4. Not incredibly well written, but incredibly convicting. Describes the genocide that the majority Burmese are engaged in against the minority groups (particularly the Karen people) of what used to be called Burma (now it's Myanmar).

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