Murder in a Cold Climate

Murder in a Cold Climate None

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  • Title: Murder in a Cold Climate
  • Author: Scott Young
  • ISBN: 9780140123364
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    1. #1 in the Matteesie Kitologitok series. Matthew "Matteesie" Kitologitak is a Inuit officer in the RCMP. Now as a member of Northern Affairs, he is a globe trotting diplomat representing the views of Native Americans both Inuit (Eskimos) and Dene (Indians).He is scheduled to attend a conference in Leningrad when he gets a call from Ottowa headquarters asking him to keep his eyes and ears open for a missing small plane flown by the son of a government minister. He witnesses a murder of a prominant [...]

    2. I randomly picked up an uncorrected proof of this back in 1990, and honestly had no idea that he was an established writer just dipping his toe in the mystery genre (nor that he was Neil Young's father) until just now finishing and quite interested in whether there's more. I'm pleased to find there is indeed another, though saddened it's just the one, as this was both surprisingly good and uniquely featuring an Inuk Mountie in the upper reaches of the Northwest Territories.

    3. A good story taking place near the Artic Circle. A Mountie named Mathew Kitologitak a full blooded Inuk, better known as Matteesie. Matteesie witnesses to the murder of Morton Cavendish a leading spokesman for Native Rights. Matteesie is a friend of the murdered man. This is the story of a Mountie following all the trails left behind after the murder.

    4. W has a proof of this book, so there's no blurbs and no fancy cover by which to judge the book. It was actually pretty compelling, and a really good demonstration of how a setting can be a real asset to a story.

    5. First Line: The air terminal at Inuvik has comfortable chairs and some nice Arctic art on the walls and usually a lot more empty space than passengers, so it is not exactly O'Hare, but it's not Tuktoyaktuk either.Inspector Matthew "Matteesie" Kitologitak of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is one of the few Inuit officers to make it past the "token" level. For quite some time, he's been on loan to the deputy minister of Northern Affairs in the Canadian government, so it comes as a bit of a surp [...]

    6. #1 of a series set in the Northwest Territories of Canada, featuring Matthew "Matteesie" Kitologitak, an Inuk (singular of Inuit) Inspector for the RCMP. Actually, he's been primarily working for Northern Affairs, not doing much police work but attending conferences living mostly in Toronto. We know from the get-go that Matteesie is not your everyday hero--the opening pages see him with his long-time mistress in the northern town of Inuvik, waiting to fly out to Leningrad for a conference. (His [...]

    7. This is a well written and devised plot. I loved the remote northern setting on Inuit, Dene and First Nations lands. While the book was written by a southerner, I felt it gave a fair depiction of life and relationaships in the north. It felt both like a Canadian community as well as like a first Nations and Inuit community. I loved the character of Matteesie. Inspector Matthew "Matteesie" Kitologitak is the first Inuk inspector with the RMCP when he is asked to search for a missing plane and it [...]

    8. Interesting book to read while traveling through the Arctic. Detective who has been promoted - the first Native to be given this kind of responsibility - and is called back to look at a local murder of a prominent politician in Alaska. All sorts of details and complexities about relationships of Native people and whites and Metis - with the whites and Metis generally in power. A good read.

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