The Stranger Next Door

The Stranger Next Door Emile and Juliette Hazel have just purchased what will be their final home set in a little clearing an hour s drive from the nearest town Here they think is the place for an idyllic retirement iso

  • Title: The Stranger Next Door
  • Author: Amélie Nothomb Carol Volk
  • ISBN: 9780805048414
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emile and Juliette Hazel have just purchased what will be their final home, set in a little clearing an hour s drive from the nearest town Here, they think, is the place for an idyllic retirement, isolated from the rest of the world save for one neighbor, a doctor, on the far side of the clearing One day, after they have spent a week in the house, the Hazels new neighboEmile and Juliette Hazel have just purchased what will be their final home, set in a little clearing an hour s drive from the nearest town Here, they think, is the place for an idyllic retirement, isolated from the rest of the world save for one neighbor, a doctor, on the far side of the clearing One day, after they have spent a week in the house, the Hazels new neighbor comes knocking at their door Narrated by Emile, this simple story of social obligation yields with impending menace to a deeper exploration of the dangerous cost of restraint With the peculiar logic of a dream, the doctor continues, unbidden, to visit his neighbors daily And as he does so, the seed of disquiet in the Hazels parlor bursts into full horror as Emile is forced to come to grips not only with the stranger next door but also with his own inner darkness.

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    1. Im Rahmen meiner Autorinnenchallenge komme ich jetzt öfters in eine Enscheidungskrise und diesmal stellte sich beim Buchstaben N die Frage: Nothomb oder Niffenegger? Da mein Lesefreund Semion wahrscheinlich die Zwillinge von Highgate lesen wird, habe ich mich für die mir bisher noch nicht bekannte Autorin Nothomb entschieden, und ich bin positiv überrascht. Dies wird sicher nicht das letzte Buch bleiben, das ich von dieser Schriftstellerin lese.Die Geschichte ist relativ simpel mit sehr wenig [...]

    2. In The Stranger Next Door by Amélie Nothomb, childhood sweethearts, Emile and Juliette Hazel, married for 43 years, decide to abandon city life for an idyllic retirement in the country. They have a burning need for solitude, to become true free spirits liberated from "what men have made of life." And so, in true fairy tale fashion, they buy a cottage in the woods, a house covered in blue wisteria set near a river, and get ready to begin their golden years in peace and tranquility.But then comes [...]

    3. Émile y Juliette forman un matrimonio de jubilados que, tras largos años de vida en común, logran retirarse a la casa de sus sueños. El paisaje es idílico, las expectativas de paz infinitas. Cuando parece que todas las circunstancias son favorables para disfrutar de la jubilación en las mejores condiciones, aparece un vecino siniestro que, cada tarde, les visita a la hora de la merienda. El efecto que la invasión metódica de este intruso provoca en la apacible existencia del matrimonio s [...]

    4. This is the 8th novel of Nothomb's I've read. While I always enjoy her works, some are obviously more entertaining/impressive to me than others. That being said, I LOVED this one. I've typically enjoyed her semi-autobiographical works more than just her stories, but this was definitely an exception. The story was amazing. It was short (like everything I've read by her) with very little background, consisting mainly of dialogue between a husband and wife, but I couldn't wait to finish it. Her des [...]

    5. More than anything this book is about pleasure. What makes us happy and what gives us pleasure? Are the 2 the same? Or can we have one without the other?Emile and Juliette found the perfect home for their retirement. Everything seems to go perfect until their sanctum is bothered by their neighbour, Bernardin. Incredibly fat and rude, he tortures them 2 hours each day by coming to their house and sitting them without saying anything. Just looking uncomfortable and making the old couple feel the s [...]

    6. Un libro dall'incredibile capacità di analisi psicologica. Dapprima non ce ne si rende conto, i personaggi sembrano caricature - forse in fondo la coppia Bernardin lo rimane fino alla fine (Bernadette mi ricorda incredibilmente la versione finale della Strega delle lande nel Castello errante di Howl) - eppure possiamo parlare di una vera e propria epifania, c'è un momento in cui tutto, perfino lo straordinario, ritorna sotto il controllo dell'ordinario e si riesce ad aggiustare la prospettiva [...]

    7. Нотомб отново си играе с простотата на думите, оголва ги и ги поставя в такава редица, че от значение да останат само усещанията – погнусата, желанието да побегнеш, играта на нерви със случващото се.Лудa, шокиращa, междувременно невероятно забавна – прозата на Амели ще ви до [...]

    8. C'est plutôt 3.5/5Je dirais que c'est jusqu'à présent mon Nothomb préféré. L'histoire est très simple, un couple à la retraite déménageant dans un coin retiré pour finir leurs années dans une solitude à deux, sauf que cette thébaïde comportait un voisin imprévu et non moins étrange. Palamède Bernadin a pris l'habitude de venir s'imposer chez eux de 16h à 18h, et ce, tous les jours, et presque sans dire un mot. Les tentatives de le rebiffer ou de le dissuader étant toutes vou [...]

    9. Un romanzo che mette al centro l'uomo, in continuo mutamento con l'ambiente e con le persone di cui si circonda. Amèlie Nothomb con l'opera "Le Catilinarie" tenta di dare un'impronta mediana al lettore che viene sedotto dai dialoghi strutturalmente perfetti, lirici sotto certi aspetti. Una scrittura avvincente, che affascina e coinvolge il lettore, pronto a emergersi negli ambienti in cui vivono Emèlie e Juliette, personaggi alle prese con la metafora del nulla vivente; di questo nulla che app [...]

    10. Това вече е една от най-любимите ми книги на Амели Нотомб!!! Просто грандиозна.

    11. "Wenn man bedachte, dass die Sinne die Pforten der Intelligenz, der Seele und des Herzens sind, was blieb ihm dann noch? [] Und der Mangel ist ein ebenso guter, wenn nicht besserer Lehrmeister als die Fülle. Palamède aber litt unter keinem Mangel, denn es mangelt einem an nichts, wenn man nichts liebt."Bei Amélie Nothomb habe ich immer das Gefühl, dass die Geschichte der Protagonisten eigentlich nur dazu dient, ihr den Raum für ihre wunderbar brillianten philosophischen Gedanken zu geben. D [...]

    12. Finished this short novella in a week and I couldn't help laughing at Nothomb's brilliant descriptions of repulsive characters. The story revolves around two retired couple who move to the country side after finding the house of their dreams. Mr. Hazel, a retired high school teacher, and his wife moved away from the city to enjoy some peace and quiet in the winter. Everything was going swell until their dear neighbor comes in for a visit, then another visit, and then one every day. When push com [...]

    13. This story was very captivating and flowed well. I read this in a few days, but could have read it in one day.So Emile and Juliette buy a home about an hour out of town. They have a neighbour, a doctor, who comes to their house,without invitation, everyday from 4pm to 6pm without fail. Everyday Emile keeps letting him in, even though Juliette asks why? Emile cannot not answer the door.e story continuesThis is a great book when you want to read something easy, nothing greatly deep and very entert [...]

    14. If Beckett copulated with Camus and gave birth to an easy moment, this might be the lovechild in their arms. The initial structure of the novel - similar to her first novel, Hygiene and the Assassin - is noticed immediately and one cannot fathom how the author will pull it off, but unlike that earlier novel she renders the whole story with aplomb. And while the writer's hand hovers over her usual finishing technique of the unexpected small noise maker, in the end she slides into her ending more [...]

    15. Sin querer el azar ha puesto en mis manos uno de los mejores libros que pudiese esperar y desear.Me encantan los problemas morales hechos novela, pero esta novela corta en particualar lleva al lector desde su visión externa, hasta hacerle cómplice de las cavilaciones pasionales de Emile.Recomendado si se busca delimitar lo correcto e incorrecto de las acciones personales en un marco social.

    16. quand on lit plusieurs livres de suit d'Amélie, les histoires perdent un peu de leur charme et on commence à trouver les points de similarités et des répétitions dans ses écrits: la laideur et la beauté, le froid, le changement psychologique du protagoniste allant du neutre, bon, vilain et enfin confus. ceci est applicable à tous les romans non autobiographiques de l'écrivaine.

    17. The central character is a retired philosophy teacher and the book jumps right into the human psyche. I loved every word of this book and want to read everything by Northomb, although I don't know how many of her books have been translated into English from French. Her writing makes me contemplate learning French that's how much I liked this book.

    18. Nothomb writes with so much insight and this story isn't any different. It deals with a couple who retire to the countryside to be on their own. There is only one house anywhere nearby. But when the doctor who lives there starts coming to visit between 4 and 6pm every day, it changes everything. The story is uncomfortable, psychological and excellent. I just didn't like it myself.

    19. Amélie Nothomb è un'autrice fantastica e decisamente particolare. I suoi romanzi migliori per quel che mi riguarda sono quelli autobiografici, ma tutti sono meritevoli: solo uno dei tanti che ho letto mi ha proprio lasciato perplessa (Igiene dell'assassino)bertabookshelf/2

    20. Uno de los primeros libros de Nothomb, con los temas típicos de sus obras de esa época: criaturas grotescas, obesidades monstruosas, misantropía Personalmente, en su línea de ficción pura, me gustaban mucho más este tipo de novelas que las de los últimos cinco-seis años.

    21. What a good book!just picked this one off the shelf without the usual research i put into picking books.Surprise!Great suspense,and 149 pages only, busy readers who are fans of creepy,funny and suspenseful novels will enjoy this one!

    22. I knew this book was translated from French to English. I don't know much about the author, the book was a gift. It's really interesting and the musings of the main character, was interesting but the plot made me keep going. The plot. It was the plot. Interesting abstract read.

    23. Май очаквах нещо много голямо и важно да се случи след всичкото чакане до средата ама тц

    24. Kind of desturbing, a little aggrivating, bone chilling - for sure - but on the whole I enjoyed it. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes the 'mental suffering' genre.

    25. L'ho letto tutto di un fiato. E' un libro che sembrerebbe raccontare una storia di quotidianità, ma poi Mi ha lasciato perplessa.Mi sa che non l'ho capito.

    26. 3.5A dark, absurdist comedy about the nature of pleasure, Les Catilinaires explores the existential doubts and mental breakdown of Emile Hazel, a retired Greek and Latin professor. Commencing his retirement by moving into a picturesque cottage with his wonderful wife Juliette, Emile expects to inhabit a state of peaceful idyll for the rest of his life. This plan is quickly disrupted by the couple's neighbor, the obese and boorish M. Palamède Bernardin, who pays them an obligatory and punctual t [...]

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