Confessions of Super Mom

Confessions of Super Mom According to my thirteen year old son every superhero has an origin My origin is a little embarrassing I wasn t put into a rocket and sent to Earth by my parents I wasn t bitten by a radioactive spid

  • Title: Confessions of Super Mom
  • Author: Melanie Lynne Hauser
  • ISBN: 9780451218568
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • According to my thirteen year old son, every superhero has an origin My origin is a little embarrassing I wasn t put into a rocket and sent to Earth by my parents I wasn t bitten by a radioactive spider No, I was merely the innocent victim of a Horrible Swiffer Accident Strange things are happening to divorced mother of two Birdie Lee since the Horrible Swiffer AccAccording to my thirteen year old son, every superhero has an origin My origin is a little embarrassing I wasn t put into a rocket and sent to Earth by my parents I wasn t bitten by a radioactive spider No, I was merely the innocent victim of a Horrible Swiffer Accident Strange things are happening to divorced mother of two Birdie Lee since the Horrible Swiffer Accident She can sense danger for example, a carload of speeding teenagers not wearing their seat belts and spring into action with superhuman speed She can find out what her daughter is up to on the Internet without even having to snoop And she s got cleaning powers ordinary women can only dream of Warm, witty, and full of heart, Confessions of Super Mom is the tale of a woman who dares to take a stand against everything from stubborn stains to smug exs to corporate CEOs and winds up defeating evil in some very unexpected ways.

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    1. I picked this book up on an impulse which rarely works out for me. This time it did! This is a unique, well-written story about a single mom with teenagers. Oh, and she happens to have superpowers. The superhero angle provides much fun and laughter, and totally complements the heart-warming story.If you are tired of the "same old, same old", pick up this book! A sequel just came out, it's at the top of my TBR pile.

    2. My wife kept me awake nights by laughing as she read this in bed so I had to read it even though I'm a guy. I have to say that is was funny and well writtenI recommend it for mom AND dads.

    3. This was a fun book to read, especially since I really like superheroes. It was a quick read and included a light love story. Anyone who feels like a Super-mom should read this book.

    4. Ever since her divorce, Birdie Lee has been trying to do it all. She is a grocery-store cashier who does her best to be a good mom to teenagers Martin, a lovable geek, and Kelly, who finds her mother terribly embarrassing. One morning, after the kids have gone to school, Birdie goes after a stubborn stain in the bathroom. An ill-advised mixture of all the cleaning products in the house knocks her out cold; on waking, Birdie possesses miraculous cleaning powers and an uncanny ability to anticipat [...]

    5. Who hasn't made the "moms are superheroes" analogy? Because absolutely, we are.And as much as I'd like to be able to clean up spills in a single bound, this book wasn't as clever as it should've been.Plus, the leaking/squirting references really skeeved me out.

    6. What an unexpected delight! This is the kind of book you recall cute parts from out of the blue months later. It is funny and warm and wittya great read when you want a book that makes you read with a grin on your face.

    7. The title caught my eye at the library and I picked it up without thinking too much. What a funny, quick read! I love all the little referances to Superheroes throughout the book

    8. I just couldn't get through this book. I wanted to like it so much, but it really felt forced and fell flat for me.

    9. Birdie Lee, Hausfrau und Mutter, fällt beim Putzen in Ohnmacht und hat nach dem Aufwachen neue Kräfte gewonnen: sie kann besser hören als ein Hund, spürt wenn ein Kind in Gefahr ist, hat einen "Gnadenlosblick" drauf, der jeden Frechdachs in die Knie zwingt und kann natürlich superschnell alles blitzblank putzen mittels eines Reinigungsfluid, der bei Bedarf aus ihren Fingerspitzen tropft.Mich hat das Cover irgendwie angesprochen, der Klappentext klang auch nett. Nett ist das Buch dann auch, [...]

    10. After an overdose of Austen derivatives and English country house mysteries, I was looking to read something that was closer to my lived experience as a suburban mom, and this looked promising. The premise was fresh--how can an ordinary divorced mother and mild-mannered supermarket clerk turn into a superhero with strange chemically enhanced powers? I enjoyed the way the author melded the conventions of the superhero biography with the realities of being a mom. There were many funny moments and [...]

    11. A fun story that is just a bit "out there". It's not fantasy or even science fiction but it is fun if you're willing to suspend reality for a bit. How many women have worried, when they go to clean, that mixing some of those cleaning chemicals could lead to a disaster - people have been know to die from certain combinations! Well that didn't happen to Birdie Lee but what did leads to an entertaining story that had bits of real life woven in between the parts that were fantastic. Light fun, great [...]

    12. Birdie Lee is a single mom of two teenagers until one day she happens to put all of the cleaners into her Swiffer and then gets knocked out due to all the chemicals! And when she wakes up - she has special powers! I started out really liking this book, because of the sci-fi-ness to it, and I'm not a Sci-Fi Reader. I like the idea of a mom as a superhero because I do think mom's are superheroes everyday. But then I felt like Birdie, aka Supermom, was really too much of a pushover and really passi [...]

    13. This book is the perfect antidote to a bad mood. It's funny and charming, a little cheesy, a little cliche, but it does so with such a good heart, it's impossible not to smile while reading it. It still manages to produce a pretty clear critical message about big corporations and small town America, which I totally agree with, giving the book substance beneath the cotton candy fluff. I thouroughly enjoyed it and its' little jokes(see JLA references and a little Superman cameo haha). It's a good [...]

    14. I've never read anything by this author before and was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was drawn into the story and the character's personalities and lives. I thought the arrival of a membership packet from the Justice League of America was entertaining and I'll be curious if Wonder Woman makes her presence known as Super Mom's assigned mentor / trainer in the next book. For some reason, I had a hard time picturing Birdie in my mind's eye as I read the book. She is described as being [...]

    15. Birdie Lee is a normal mom until a Swiffer accident gives her superpowers and transforms her into Super Mom. Now she must keep her secret identity, take down the supervillian, and get the guy.This is a fun book with a refreshing take on the superhero genre. However, Birdie herself is an emotional mess that has no self-esteem and continually gets walked on. She inspires pity--not a good trait for a protagonist.

    16. this book was super funny no pun intended! i love how the author captured the relationship between parents and teens and how people can be cruel. but the best relationships dont let the bumps destroy them. i was laughing at points so hard i was crying and that is a difficult thing for me to do when im reading i would totally recommend this book to people and im going to recommend it to my mother when she gets home. its a perfect pick me up

    17. I picked this book up from my library on a whim, and at first I was sure it wasn't going to be much more than a laugh. As I read, I found myself enthralled with the story, intrigued by the plot, and falling in love with the characters, especially Birdie - though it certainly was very humorous.This book is a quick, fun read not only about becoming a superhero via chemical fumes, but also about learning that there is a little superhero in all of us, especially if you're a mother.

    18. After an incident involving a vast amount of cleaning chemicals, the heroine of this story finds herself with super cleaning powers, and then some. The ensuing tale is incredibly funny. This would make a great beach-read. :)

    19. Wasn't sure about this book when I bought it on the 70% off rack at a department store in FL, but it is very entertaining. Off the beaten path of the usual psychological murder mysteries I usually read.

    20. Corny completely unrelatable main character As a fan of comic books, and a mom, I wanted it to be good! The plot has potential, but I found it irritating and shallow. I wish the author had done more research on the matter. It was hard to finish.

    21. Loved, Loved, Loved this book. From the funny parts, " Stop in the name of the PTA", to the real world parts. This book resonated with me as a newly middle aged mom of two teens who is working retail for the first time in her life.

    22. I first picked up this book about a year ago because of the title. It had a hard time keeping my interest, though. I found it again at the library last week, and checked it out and was able to finish it, but I felt it lagged in certain places. Still, cute idea, and good for a first novel.

    23. Actually, I didn't even finish reading this book, it was that much a waste of my time. The idea is just silly, and really, it's a story that someone in JR High would write. I don't know why I thought this would be good, I liked the idea more than the reality I guess.

    24. This book was hilarious and heartwarming. A great quick read. For the naysayers grow a sense of humor and imagination, of course there's unbelievable parts, its a story about a mom who gains superpowers.

    25. This one caught my eye in a bargain book sale rack with the title Confessions of Super Mom, because who hasn't wanted to be a Super Mom. It also jumped out at me as the author's first name is the same as my first born daughter. It was a delightful and quick read. I found it entertaining and funny.

    26. Reads like a Disney movie but has a few funny moments. Divorced mom of two overuses cleaning products in an unventilated space and develops superhero powers. Just as believable as vampire and mystical realism stories.

    27. I really enjoyed the author's writing style, and some parts made me laugh, but the story was just not one of my favorites. I know it was never intended to be a realistic story but I think I'd like to read a more believable story by this author.

    28. Just finished and I loved it! It was easy to love this book being the mom of 5 who have frequently called me "super mom" as they were growing up. A quick and humorous read. I hope to read about more adventures of "Super Mom"!

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