The Survivors Club

The Survivors Club One of today s most electrifying suspense novelists New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner returns with a shattering thriller that dares to play on our deepest vulnerabilities In this masterf

  • Title: The Survivors Club
  • Author: Lisa Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780553802511
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One of today s most electrifying suspense novelists, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner returns with a shattering thriller that dares to play on our deepest vulnerabilities In this masterful new novel, the killer may very well be the one you sympathize with the most THE FIRST RULE IS NEVER BLAME THE VICTIM.They survived what no woman should ever have to eOne of today s most electrifying suspense novelists, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner returns with a shattering thriller that dares to play on our deepest vulnerabilities In this masterful new novel, the killer may very well be the one you sympathize with the most THE FIRST RULE IS NEVER BLAME THE VICTIM.They survived what no woman should ever have to endure Now these three women have the means, the opportunity, and the perfect motive Are they trying to get away with murder or is someone trying to make sure that this time they don t get away at all The Survivors Club that s what Jillian Hayes, Carol Rosen, and Meg Pesaturo call it They won t consider themselves victims They are survivors They faced the blazing headlines and helped lead the investigation that caught the man who changed their lives forever And now that Eddie Como, the College Hill rapist, has been murdered, shot down outside a packed courthouse moments before his trial was about to begin, all three women are openly ecstatic that he s dead They are also the prime suspects in his murder Detective Sergeant Roan Griffin knows all too well what can drive even the best people to cross the line But he has never seen a case quite like this one No one doubts that the murder of Eddie Como was a professional job, especially when the gunman is killed only blocks away from the shooting.But questions taunt Griffin Who ordered the deaths of Eddie Como and his killer Could three ordinary women have been driven to do the unthinkable Had someone in the Survivors Club become a killer Griffin seeks the truth and finds himself confronted with the leader of the Survivors Club Jillian Hayes is beautiful, successful, cool as ice, and she harbors a pain that mirrors Griffin s own Did the horror of what happened to her push her over the thin and desperate line that separates survival and revenge And if it did, could he blame her or anyone in the Survivors Club Then another woman is brutally attacked.Suddenly, with the city on the ragged edge of panic, gripped in a media and political firestorm of controversy, cover up, and conspiracy, the hunt is on for a ruthless and cunning killer For Griffin, this may well be the case that shatters his career For Jillian, the harrowing nightmare is beginning all over again Someone is out there Someone who wants to finish what was started Someone who wants to make sure that no one survives the Survivors Club.

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    1. This one troubled me for a bit, and I couldn't quite put my finger on why I thought it dragged. I enjoyed most, but it did seem to linger for a bit too long, I wasn’t entranced as much as I normally am. Though come the finale, I was very happy to rate this four stars.Lisa Gardner is an author I always enjoy, she’s a great thriller story teller, and honestly is a reliable go to source for an entertaining read. As always, my hesitance may simply be attributable to my reading environment and th [...]

    2. This one seemed to drag a bit in the beginning but I ended up sitting at the edge of my seat, dying to find out what was going to happen . . that’s what Jillian Hayes, Carol Rosen, and Meg Pesaturo call it. They won’t consider themselves victims. They are survivors. They helped lead the investigation that caught the man who changed their lives forever. Now they are the prime suspects in his murder.I liked Griffin. He had tragedy in his past and was trying to overcome it. Was hoping for a bit [...]

    3. Jillian Hayes, Carol Rosen, and Meg Pesaturo call themselves The Survivor's Club. Each woman survived an attack by the College Hill Rapist. With their help and a lot of DNA evidence, police arrested Eddie Como. But on the day of his trial, Eddie Como is shot down on the courthouse steps. Detective Sergeant Roan Griffin leads the investigation into the slaying. He is looking at the women of the Survivor's Club as the prime suspects in Como's murder. Did one of them take matters into her own hands [...]

    4. 4.5★sDetective Sergeant Roan Griffin was returning to the job after eighteen months’ absence – his beloved wife Cindy had died from cancer while he was in the middle of the Candy Man case – his rehabilitation and counselling sessions deemed him fit to return to work. But what would this day bring for Griffin? His introduction to The Survivors Club; three women who were brought together by terrible and tragic circumstances – plus the pressure from the case which he found himself heading [...]

    5. You'd think I would've learned my lesson. I decided to give this writer a shot because, hey, so many stars, both here and on ! That's got to mean something, right? No.This is a police procedural written by someone who has only the vaguest idea about many, many things related to forensics and police work. I am no expert but I read a lot and I like to kid myself I learn stuff. Very little of this novel seemed credible. Why would cops go to bars to interview patrons early in the morning, for exampl [...]

    6. 3.5/5 starsThe Survivor's Club is a standalone detective/mystery/thriller.Lisa Gardner is one of my favorite authors. I have read all of her books. I devour them immediately upon release. I absolutely love both her D.D Warren and FBI Profiler series. I realized that I had never read this standalone. And I was in the mood for a good detective/mystery book.I think one problem with reading this book now is that this was one of her first books. And she has gotten to be a better more experienced writ [...]

    7. Effective but gruesome suspense novel, a Silence of the Lambs meets Law Abiding Citizen. Not for the faint of heart. In fact, this is the book to read if you are taking a self-defense course or thinking of taking one. It will definitely spur you onOT:Suspect of several vicious rapes, one ending in death, is about to go to trial with irrefutable DNA evidence. He's gunned down at the courthouse steps, and his sniper is killed in a car bomb. The story spreads out and involves the "survivor's club" [...]

    8. I call Lisa Gardner the "QUEEN OF CREEP". All of the novels I read by her (including a few D.D. Warren books) seem to have a well developed sense of creepitude. Creepy, sleazy, smarmy and justI dunno: foul. Child in peril? We got it. Screwed up adults because as children they were in peril? We got it. The Survivors Club fits into this genre nicely; I mean the bad guy molested and murdered 10 children and buried them in his basement. See what I mean?And yet, here I am a lover of her CREEPINESS. H [...]

    9. I have read several books from this author and I have to say that this was disappointing. This book was slow to start and at times difficult to follow. The concept of the book is clever but was not well executed. Please, consider reading her other books, don't let this turn you off because you will be missing out.

    10. The funny thing is I can't figure out exactly why I didnt love this book. It had all the lements right. Characters that interested me, plot twists that were surprising at times. Well paced. yet it didnt work well for me. Maybe it is because it seemed implausable to me. But that shouldnt be it - I enjoy that many times. I will just chalk it up as - I can see why others really like it and I LIKED it but not as much as I thought I should have

    11. I really enjoyed this one. A good police thriller with lots of twists and turns. My 1st book from this author, definitely on the read list now.

    12. This was a thriller. Who could have guessed the outcome - but all finished quite satisfactorily. Pity about the many poor rape and murder victims along the way though. Is it my imagination or are the villains becoming more and more depraved as writers look for more involved plots and horrible crimes. I thought it was OK though as long as it is fiction and doesn't happen to any real person.

    13. The Survivors in the Survivors Club are three women who were the victims of rape by the same man. It points out how devastating rape really is. Rape doesn't get a lot of acknowledgment as the horrifying crime that it really is. There are prevalent attitudes in society that a woman "asked for it" or she put herself in a compromising position by the party she attended or the liquor she drank or the boy she want out with or the clothes she wore. I've heard the attitude that it is only the "feminist [...]

    14. I am reviewing the novel The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner which is an excellent thriller which I bought from a local supermarket. I think this book is either a standalone thriller or the first in a new series. It's also doing well in the British Paperback Bestsellers Chart currently. The plot is 3 college students have been raped by a serial rapist and he has been prosecuted but on the steps of the courtroom he was gunned down and died and it looks like a professional job. Initially suspicion [...]

    15. - Warning, if you haven't started reading this novel yet this might be a small spoiler -I just finished Lisa's "The Perfect Husband" as well and I'm starting to notice a theme in her novels. While I find her characters and story build wildly creative and interesting, these two novels are very alike. Strong female characters distrusting of the police. Serial killer escapes prison killing members of the police and recapturing said strong women. Women rise up and save the day in the nick of time. S [...]

    16. I’ve been reading a lot of slower paced epic historical fiction novels, so I was looking forward to a fast paced ‘thriller.’ I noticed that Lisa Gardner’s novels tend to be highly rated on this site so I decided to introduce myself to her writing, starting with one of her non-series novels.While I did appreciate the primary antagonist character she created (David Price), I found most of the other character development in this novel to be rather shallow and their interaction with each oth [...]

    17. The Survivors ClubGiven that Lisa Gardner is a very popular name in this business and in this genre, I had already known I was in for a surprise before I even decided on reading this book. I just wasn’t that much prepared, to say the least. The Survivors Club is an ideal start if you’re just beginning to read Gardner’s books. This is one of her few stand-alone novels, I believe, and one an avid reader should not miss from this author.Okay, the synopsis goes like this:THE FIRST RULE IS NEVE [...]

    18. Another great Gardner read. Every time I thought I knew where the plot was headed there was another twist. One thing is for sure Gardner can always come up with even more evil and twisted individuals again. I was pleased to see the woman of The Survivor's Club found happiness in the end. If you like crime books you'll enjoy this one.

    19. Another great mystery/thriller/detective/whodunit that is every bit the page turner you would expect from this author of serious page turners / "2 hours of sleep is more than enough for work, as long as I can finish my book", type of serious mystery writer that Lisa Gardner is.

    20. It seems I forgot to review that one, wellExcellent book, kept me on the edge of my seat - and by the way, it's much, much better than the tv movie they made out of it !

    21. Excellent, creepy, and chilling -- Lisa Gardner's usual standard. Couldn't put it down. Highly recommended. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

    22. 5- Stars for the reading. I listened to this on audio with Anna Fields as the narrator, whose voice I adore and who can perform the hell out of a story. She was, as usual, superb. Gruff Fitch was as different from Dreamy Meg who was as different from no-nonsense Jillian etc. So much so that I always knew 'who' was speaking.4- Stars for the suspense and characters. Loved Griffin the state cop with anger issues (with good reason) especially. And I liked how incredibly twisted the story was.3- Star [...]

    23. This was my first Lisa Gardner book (I am reading a second one as I am writing this). I had heard of her and was keen to read what she wrote. I wasn't disappointed. The first thing that struck me as I started reading is that Gardner knows how to write. By that I means that, unlike a lot of crime readers I like for their plots and stories more than for their mastery of writing, Gardner uses a variety of techniques to tell her stories. She shifts viewpoints, she uses metaphors, she alternates betw [...]

    24. THE SURVIVORS CLUB – VGGardner, Lisa – 5th book, Stand AloneA sensitive but tough Rhode Island state police detective just returned from a bereavement leave (his beloved wife has died of cancer), Griffin encounters a hell of a case: a serial rapist, Eddie Como, is professionally hit in the courthouse parking lot, but whoever set up the kill doesn't want any loose ends: a car bomb results in an extra-crispy assassin. The prime suspects for this crime are Eddie's surviving victims: Jillian Hay [...]

    25. I thought that this was a fabulous crime thriller. It had many twists and turns and certainly offered some surprises and kept you guessing until the end. I thought the characters were well developed and the writing was very descriptive. Three woman have survived the rape/assault of the College Hill Rapist. One of the group organizes them and they are known as the "Survivors Club". As a group they learn about rape survivors and statistics. They take self defense classes and meet often. They truly [...]

    26. I have waited 2 days to write a review so that i would not disrespect a writer and her artistic effort which by itself is something to be appreciated. Allow me to put it this way: after around page 150, i started to skim and scan, literally glancing at only first and last sentences of each paragraph, up until the chapter before last, where "all is revealed" and did not miss a beat, but saved myself from quite a frustration arising from the writing. I had picked two books from Ms. Gardner, lookin [...]

    27. So, I admit I read this. Gardner is a competent writer. It's too bad that she doesn't turn her mind and her talent to real issues. She doesn't seem to have any interest in overarching themes other than headlines and a bit of romance and basic CSI stuff that everyone already knows. Her cops tend to have the dead spouse trope going on. All the standard cop demons, blah blah. There's no deep psychology or sociology or political economy (Flynn has an abiding interest in the way the recession is twis [...]

    28. Fast paced, exciting read. I would definately try some other of this author's books. The only thing I didn't like was it was almost too neat at the end. Too convenient. I know I am pretty harsh with my ratings and not a whole lot gets over 3 stars from me. I may be turning into a book snob! Someone stop me!

    29. Survivors as activists and not as vigilantes, is a healthy turn-around. The plot was engaging but the tension did not build, although the curiosity did. The transitions were not smooth. The type of masculine hero rescuing females did not work for me. However, Gardner gives us a unique twist on the SVU (Special Victims Unit) genre and for this I give her a well-rounded 3.

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