Great Rivals In History: When Politics Gets Personal

Great Rivals In History When Politics Gets Personal This title brings to life the drama of history s most vicious political and military feuds ranging through centuries and across the globe

  • Title: Great Rivals In History: When Politics Gets Personal
  • Author: Joseph Cummins
  • ISBN: 9781741960426
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • This title brings to life the drama of history s most vicious political and military feuds, ranging through centuries and across the globe.

    One thought on “Great Rivals In History: When Politics Gets Personal”

    1. A good light history which entertains and informs. The chapter on the Hamilton/Burr duel was worth the book itself. Small errors were annoying (Pancho Villa invaded the United States to get money he deposited in two banks not because he was anti=American) as were some omissions (He has a photograph of the US Ninth Army in the chapter on Patton v. Montgomery but fail to mention that the assignment of that Unit to the British 8th Army Group was a source intense friction betwn the Allies). Still a [...]

    2. Historical bitch-fights23 July 2011 I like reading a good book on history, particularly one with an interesting theme. Okay, granted, I have become rather tired of the battlefield mistakes genre that tries to garner some laughs out of other's misfortunes, but that does not mean that all theme orientated history books are just as boring. While this one was not the most engaging, it was interesting nonetheless. As the title suggests, this book is about rivalry, though the case studies (if that is [...]

    3. I rather enjoyed Joseph Cummins “Great Rivals in History: When Politics Gets Personal” as it takes a bit of a different approach to history. Cummins takes on 24 pairs of individuals who were either at cross-purposes or competing for the same goal. Some of them were friends before becoming competitors, some were family, many were natural foes, but quite a few should have been allies but for their own personal ambitions.Each chapter of this book takes on one pair of historical figures that in [...]

    4. An excellent book for historian or casual fan. From Alexander the Great/Darisu through Nixon/Kennedy, this book explores the big moments and bigger personalities as they work through their historical struggles.My personal favorites were Richard I /King John, Villa /Zapata and Chiang Kai-Shek/Mao. Throw in Patton/Montgomery and Disraeli/Gladstone and you've got a full fledged history cocktail party going on!Very easy to read, and enough detail that just about everyone will find something new. For [...]

    5. Really good book, that shows that you may be the most intelligent person in your field, but if you meet up with someone who rubs you the wrong way, even you can get petty in your intent.It amazed me how many times, in some cases the rivals were so simular in final intent, that if only they could see past the rivals methods and way of thinking, by working together they could achieve so much more and changed the path of history.

    6. This book is filled with short, very gripping accounts of rivalries that changed history from Alexander the Great and Persia's Darius to JFK and Nixon. I used it to research some of the most fascinating competing pairs in European history. I like the great format of this book, so inviting with colorful illustrations and diagrams (of Waterloo, for instance) and with very informative sidebars. I just wish I had a hard cover edition, because I think my students will wear out this softcover.

    7. While I did throughly enjoy the content of this book, it was extremely eurocentric. The chapters could of been even more interesting if they included more insight about other cultures, religions, and viewpoints. I found this very disappointing as it was a missed opportunity.

    8. Okis book may not sound excitingbut the personalities and stories of the individuals highlighted in the book are intriguing. For me, they make history much more relevant and interesting.

    9. Great short but interesting overviews of conflicts between some very interesting people in world history.

    10. Very interesting read. Loved getting a fresh look at some rivalries I knew about and learning about ones I didn't. Would recommend for history lovers.

    11. There is so much I didn't know about a lot of these people. The only thing I didn't like is that the author sometimes takes sides a bit.

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