The Grounding of Modern Feminism

The Grounding of Modern Feminism The time has come to define feminism it is no longer possible to ignore it The Century Magazine In this landmark addition to scholarship Nancy F Cott author of The Bonds of Womanhood offers a

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  • Title: The Grounding of Modern Feminism
  • Author: Nancy F. Cott
  • ISBN: 9780300042283
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • The time has come to define feminism it is no longer possible to ignore it The Century Magazine, 1914In this landmark addition to scholarship, Nancy F Cott, author of The Bonds of Womanhood, offers a new interpretation of American feminism during the early decades of this century a period traditionally viewed as on in which women won the right to vote and then lost in The time has come to define feminism it is no longer possible to ignore it The Century Magazine, 1914In this landmark addition to scholarship, Nancy F Cott, author of The Bonds of Womanhood, offers a new interpretation of American feminism during the early decades of this century a period traditionally viewed as on in which women won the right to vote and then lost interest in feminist issues Cott argues instead that his period was a time of crisis and transition from the nineteenth century woman movement to the beginning of modern feminism Many of the issues that are central to women today, says Cott, were firmly articulated in the early decades of this century For example, the problem of defining sexual equality so as to recognize sexual difference between men and women, the ambiguous potential of a movement seeking individual freedoms for women by mobilizing sex solidarity, and the tensions involved in attaining full expression in work and love are all enduring elements of feminism seized upon by women of the 1910s and 1920s First discussing how feminism was indebted to its predecessors, Cott shows that increasing heterogeneity and diverse loyalties among women in the early twentieth century contradicted the premise of the nineteenth century cause of woman the singular noun symbolizing the unity of the female sex From this crisis emerged feminism, championing individual variability and refuting the premise that a singular woman existed.Cott focuses on the suffrage campaign milieu in which feminism arose, giving particular attention to the character and role of the National Woman s Party from its militant suffrage days to its advocacy of the equal right amendment in the 1920s Against prevailing interpretations of the decline of women s political activities after 1920, Cott counterposes the swelling numbers in women s voluntary associations and their political efforts She also analyzes the pitfalls that awaited women who tried for effectiveness in the male dominated political parties She sets the controversy over the equal rights amendment in new context, discussing the full dimensions of the conflict as not merely over personalities, tactics, or class loyalties, but as a signal example of the modern problem of capturing sexual equality and sexual difference in law.The book explores the irony strewn path of women who as aspiring professionals and political actors attempted to put into practice the feminist intent to replace the abstraction woman with, instead, the human sex This history the story of women who first claimed the name feminists builds an essential bridge between the presuffrage period and today.

    One thought on “The Grounding of Modern Feminism”

    1. A well written and well documented look at the changing nature of the early 20th century women's movement. An interesting discussion on the evolution of progressive groups, beginning with a more unified front and ultimately fracturing apart, in part due to some of the success they met. A far more complicated topic than most text-books imply, but when isn't that true?

    2. Favorite quote: "Feminists constantly had to shadowbox with two opposing yet coexistent caricatures: the one, that feminism tried to make women over into men, the other, that feminism set women against men in deadly sex antagonism."

    3. Long, complicated sentences with grammatical oddities that I sometimes had to read twice just to figure out what she was talking about. Author often used so many large words in one sentence that it was frustrating. Felt like she was trying to talk over my head rather than use a few large words to educate me or increase my vocabulary.Very informative in the first half. After that, lost in the statistics.Glad I read it, though there were so many other books in my stack on feminism that were easier [...]

    4. Given the title, The Grounding of Modern Feminism chronicles the introduction of feminism in the United States. Nancy Cott’s work is centered on the “study of feminist intentions and the ways they do or do not materialize.” Framing this history is the paradox of feminism in that it “asks for sexual equality that includes sexual difference.” This problematic “ism” posits that women should fight for sex equality on the basis of sex difference, whilst equality asks for the disintegrat [...]

    5. This book cronicles feminism from its origins (the word came into use around 1910) through the 1920s. It is pretty narrow in its scope, so if yer lookin for a complete history of feminism, search elsewhere. However, to understand from where the feminist movement of the 1960s (i.e. modern feminism) sprang, which I see as being important to analyze in fair detail (283 pages of it): plow ahead!Cott brilliantly details the paradox of feminism: its simultaneous goals of conceptualizing women as a cla [...]

    6. Densely written (almost too much so) history of women's activism during the 1920s. Cott argues that this was a period of transition between older forms of (suffrage) female activism and the "modern" feminism that came after.

    7. This is the book you should read first, if you want to study women's history in the US. No other general book I have encountered is as well written.Plus, Dr Cott is simply a joy to read. I do not say that lightly about academic prose.

    8. idk 20s feminism is more suffragist, and it is muy blanco so it's not my favorite topic to get all academic over :/

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