Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend

Wyatt Earp The Life Behind the Legend Quite impressive I doubt if there has been or will be a deeply researched and convincing account Evan Connell author Son of the Morning Star Custer and the Little Bighorn The book to end all Earp boo

Wyatt Earp Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was born on March , , the fourth child of Nicholas Porter Earp and his second wife, Virginia Ann Cooksey He was named after his father s commanding officer in the Mexican American War, Captain Wyatt Berry Stapp, of the nd Company Illinois Mounted Volunteers Some evidence supports Wyatt Earp s birthplace as South rd Street in Monmouth, Illinois, Wyatt Earp History Page The Story of the Real Wyatt Earp Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp is best known for his participation in the controversial Gunfight at the O.K Corral, which took place at Tombstone, Arizona, on October , . Wyatt Earp film Wyatt Earp is a American biographical Western film directed, produced, and co written by Lawrence Kasdan, with Dan Gordon It stars Kevin Costner in the title role as the lawman of the same name, and features an ensemble cast that includes Gene Hackman, Mark Harmon, Michael Madsen, Bill Pullman, Dennis Quaid, Isabella Rossellini, Tom Size, JoBeth Williams, Mare Winningham and Wyatt Earp Rotten Tomatoes Wyatt Earp Critics Consensus Easy to admire yet difficult to love, Wyatt Earp buries eye catching direction and an impressive cast in an undisciplined and overlong story. Wyatt Earp Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp Monmouth, maart Los Angeles, januari was een Amerikaanse boer, bizonjager, gokker, sheriff, marshall, saloonhouder en mijnwerker De meeste bekendheid verwierf hij door zijn betrokkenheid bij het vuurgevecht bij de O.K Corral. Levensloop Earp werd geboren te Monmouth, Illinois.Hij trouwde in met Urilla Sutherland. Wyatt Earp Museum and Bookstore Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was born on March , , in Monmouth, Illinois and grew up on a farm in Iowa In he moved with his parents to California. Wyatt Earp HistoryNet Wyatt Earp summary Wyatt Earp was born in Monmouth, Illinois He had a half brother Newton and a half sister Mariah Ann from his father s first marriage In Wyatt Earp, by John H Flood Jr and Wyatt S Earp, Calling the Turn from Wyatt Earp, by John H Flood, Jr from the never published circa autobiographical attempt by Old West frontier pioneer lawman, Wyatt S Earp, and mining engineer John Flood, Jr family friend of both Josephene Earp and Wyatt This chapter is on the Wyatt Earp and Clay Allison shoot out in Dodge City, KS. Tombstone Times Wyatt Earp Tombstonian by Tim Fattig But for Wyatt Earp s arrival in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, in December, , the ultimate fate of the The Town Too Tough to Die made famous in so many books and motion pictures, may have been different while Tombstone exists because of prospector Ed Schieffelin, the town persists because of Wyatt Earp and his singular exploits on the Arizona frontier of the early s. Wyatt Earp Wikipdia Wyatt Earp mars janvier est un chasseur de bisons, officier amricain et marshal Dodge City puis Tombstone.Il est connu principalement pour sa participation la fusillade d O.K Corral avec Doc Holliday, Virgil Earp, et Morgan Earp en

  • Title: Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend
  • Author: Casey Tefertiller
  • ISBN: 0723812283620
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quite impressive I doubt if there has been or will be a deeply researched and convincing account Evan Connell, author Son of the Morning Star Custer and the Little Bighorn The book to end all Earp books the most complete, and most meticulously researched Jack Burrows, author John Ringo The Gunfighter Who Never Was The most thoughtful, well researched, a Quite impressive I doubt if there has been or will be a deeply researched and convincing account Evan Connell, author Son of the Morning Star Custer and the Little Bighorn The book to end all Earp books the most complete, and most meticulously researched Jack Burrows, author John Ringo The Gunfighter Who Never Was The most thoughtful, well researched, and comprehensive account that has been written about the development and career of an Old West lawman The Tombstone Tumbleweed A great adventure story, and solid history Kirkus Reviews A major contribution to the history of the American West It provides the first complete and accurate look at Wyatt Earp s colorful career, and places into context the important role that he and his brothers played in crime and politics in the Arizona territory This important book rises above the realm of Western biography and shows the development of the Earp story in history and myth, and its effect on American culture John Boessenecker, author Gold Dust and Gunsmoke The ultimate Wyatt Earp book Professor Richard Brown University of Oregon

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    1. After seeing Tombstone and Wyatt Earp, and liking/despising aspects of both films, I decided to give a qualified historian a chance to tell me the story. I know there are several “serious” non-fiction works about Wyatt Earp, but this is the one I happened on. I really enjoyed it. Tefertiller is generally frank and objective, clearly not carried away by the mythologized portrait of Mr. Earp. As best I can tell, in real life the Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral was a gang fight. It’s just that o [...]

    2. Some of the men in my book group wanted to read a western, and some of them wanted to read a biography. They agreed to compromise, nominated this title, and it was voted in to our list. Downside = I have to read it, too. This a long book, thorough, dare I say tedious, comprising every document that touched on Wyatt Earp's career. I can't help but wonder why we pay so much attention to a white guy with a gun that died 100 years ago, but if this is your bag, it's well written and comprehensive. I [...]

    3. This was just too hard to read. It is full of interesting facts, but I think I could only read it as a reference book, not straight through. I really wanted to see how much of the book "Doc" was true to life, but this book barely touched on Dodge and moved right to Tombstone. Maybe someday I will try it again, but after I gave up, I skimmed through to find exciting parts and was disappointed. The life of Wyatt Earp was exciting, but the book didn't excite me.

    4. If you're interested in good Western history, Tombstone, Wyatt Ear, Bat Masterson, "cowboys" and Western crime then this is this superb bio of Wyatt Earp is for you.It is also a confusing book at places, but then Wyatt's life was "confusing." Much of it is undocumented (even the "well known" parts such as the "shootout at the OK Corral are subject to multiple reports and interpretations,) Author Tefertiller had a tremendous task untangling myth from realty, and I think he did as good a job as po [...]

    5. Easily the best documented biography of Wyatt Earp to date -- and credited as such in Ann Kirchner's recent Lady at the OK Corral. The problem with writing an Earp biography is that so little of his life is reliably documented. Earp was a controversial figure in his own lifetime and his champions and allies tell one (usually exaggerated) story; his enemies tell another (equally exaggerated), and researcher/writers like Tefertiller and others have to choose who to believe, who to pick "facts" fro [...]

    6. First, some criticisms:Tefertiller is not as good a writer as Gary L. Roberts; in particular, his paragraph structure and organization are dreadful. And I could do without the occasional sententiousness. He also does not seem to be as good a historian as Roberts. Particularly in discussing Wyatt Earp's life in Kansas (i.e pre-Tombstone), Tefertiller has a tendency to accept the truthfulness of stories for which there is sketchy evidence at best. It's not, to be clear, the inclusion of those stor [...]

    7. I loved this book. I've seen numerous movies re Wyatt Earp and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. This book sets the record straight with the real story and provided fascinating details regarding not only his life story, but the back story of the politics and the players in Tombstone.

    8. A comprehensive look at the truth and legend of Wyatt Earp. Thoroughly researched and footnoted. Continues after his death with a quick nod to Hollywood productions about Wyatt.

    9. Ενα ωραιο βιβλιο για την αληθινη ζωη του πρωτου εκπροσωπου του νομου που τα εβαλε με το οργανωμενο εγκλημα στην Αγρια Δυση

    10. There are a few problems with this book, not the least of which is the writing. Nonetheless, it might be the best book available about Wyatt Earp. Writing on a controversial topic which seems to bring out more than its share of contentious cranks, Tefertiller could pass for the voice of reason - he's clearly done his research, he shows both admirable and less admirable sides to Earp, and for the most part he's content to let the facts speak for themselves with a minimum of editorializing. And in [...]

    11. Casey Tefertiller’s Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend begins with Cowtown Justice and the young lawman’s early efforts to apply the law in the Kansas communities of Wichita and Dodge City. Wyatt Earp gained wide community approval with his quite way of dealing with explosive situations. Tefertiller chronicles the Dodge City era of the 1870’s and Wyatt Earp’s role as a lawman. Toward the end of the 1879 cattle season Wyatt joined his brothers and made the move to the silver mining c [...]

    12. If you thought you knew a little about Wyatt Earp that will all change after reading, "Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend". Author Casey Terfertiller's painstaking research in the life of the great lawman is impressive, leaves no stone unturned, and will give readers accurate information they might not have known about one of the West's great legends. The book spends less than 3 pages on the life of young Wyatt, instead picking up his story as he entered his twenties and began an on-and-off- [...]

    13. It's strange to start reading about someone and realize that you have all kinds of things you think you know but you don't know how you know them. But Wyatt Earp is one of those figures who has inspired so much mythology that he is part of American culture, despite that part being more myth than reality. I think many might be disappointed to learn that he didn't shoot very many people, and his years as a deputy US marshal make up a small minority of his life. But it is a life fascinating in all [...]

    14. Wyatt Earp usually settled matters with his brains or his fists, avoiding more fights than he took part in. Only on a few occasions did he resort to gunplay, but they are the ones that have become famous. Casey Tefertiller does an excellent job of putting the real life of Wyatt Earp into historical time and context. In particular, this book sheds light on the reasons behind Earp's vendetta from Tombstone that legend-mongers called the Arizona War. When choosing between the Earps and the Clantons [...]

    15. The life and legend of Wyatt Earp always fascinated me, probably because of the childhood crush I had on Hugh O'Brian, who portrayed Wyatt Earp in a television series. I've read a great deal about Earp and Tombstone but this is by far the most complete account I've come across. Well written and scrupulously , Mr. Tefertiller provides readers with an excellent explication of one of the West's most notorious legends and of one of most infamous incidents in 19th century U.S. history. The "Gunfight [...]

    16. Ordered this one on a whim and I'm still waiting for it to be delivered. I've long believed that bikers are today's everyday "cowboys". The Earps hail from a town just down the road from my home town (and still do, I always enjoyed the "Earp" written on the mailbox as we drove by). I figured I'd start out with Wyatt, but Buffalo Bill Cody, and Wild Bill Hickok also came from my area as well. It's interesting to me that that these larger than life people come from the same area I do. Reading abou [...]

    17. A great and exhaustive history of the life of the legendary lawman. After watching several movies about him and the O.K. Corral incident in Tombstone, it's amazing how far from the truth the story has become. Earp was a fascinating man, certainly no saint, but seemed to also be an honest man doing what he thought was right. This was a fascinating look at what the world of frontier justice was really like, and it certainly wasn't pretty and it definitely wasn't black and white. What was most inte [...]

    18. I found this book tedious at times, fascinating most of the time. The author is/was a journalist and has the journalist's love of detail. The tedious parts detailed some of Wyatt's early years, the stuff I was less interested in. But I found the details pertaining to life in Tombstone in the 1880s fascinating. It did not occur to me that it was sometimes hard to get a conviction for an accused if he/she had friends who would swear they were with them at the time of the crime. And there were the [...]

    19. This book is best read in conjunction with watching the 1993 movie "Tombstone". Doing so gives one the perfect contrast between the legend (Tombstone) and reality (book). The movie goes to great length to get small details right, but fudges the big picture. The movie gets all the names right, it gets Doc Hollidays purported last words right and is sound on the narrative. The book shows how murky the facts are, how much the political and economic currents of the day affected contemporary views on [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. It really does come across as a well researched and balanced approach to this very, often, warped life-story. I liked this book as it portrayed him as the human being he was - the good and the bad - nobody is perfect, so it was a great read and very refreshing.Also gave me a much greater understanding of law and order and what life is like when that balance goes out of wack. A real lesson for now and in the future! Society needs both, but it does require the mass majo [...]

    21. This book follows Wyatt Earp from Dodge City to Tombstone and the O.K corral Gunfight. It tells about his life and not the legend. It describes his early life and his late life. That's basically it.I did not like this book what so ever. It was honestly one of the worst books I have ever read. I thought not all the information was put in the right spaces and it was a bunch of information scrambled together. I feel like it was done where you didn't really know what was happening all the time, so t [...]

    22. This book was not as exciting as it's title. This was a dry and well-researched account of what the author could find out about the life of Wyatt Earp. The main thing I learned is that all of the movies and Hollywood stories about Wyatt Earp's life are not accurate. His real life and his real actions surrounding the "gunfight at the OK corral" are definitely not known at all. He was quite famous during his life and afterwards, but not for true reasons. OK, but not an engaging book.

    23. Details abound in this book. Sometimes the details, especially citing a multitude of contemporary newspaper account for each incident, can cause keeping track of the facts a little difficult.However, the author does not succumb to legend over reality. Thoroughly researched, meticulously explained. Definitely worth reading. I know eventually I will read this again.Highly recommended. Especially if you really want to learn something!

    24. Wyatt Earp was an interesting dude. But, this biography wasn't a smooth read. It was like listening to junior high lockerroom gossip, "and then he said, then she said" for 400 pages of the tiniest type-face you've ever seen. I thought that maybe it was just that it was a biography, non-fiction issue, but I'm currently reading a bio on ee cummings and it is actually a good read. I might try an Earp fiction one of these days

    25. This is easily the most thorough and well researched history of the Earps and of Tombstone, AZ written. It is exhaustive in its research and use of primary and secondary resources. I believe it's most important contribution to history is that it shows how important Tombstone was in the settling of the West. It was a city that was quickly becoming the size of San Francisco, CA and its economic influence was vast. And Wyatt Earp was at the center of it all.

    26. If you're curious about the real person behind the legend and the history of the times, this is the definitive book for you. As in most cases, truth is more interesting than fiction. A fascinating study of a courageous, very human person living in a time when following the letter of the law was extremely dangerous and sometimes a minute-by-minute ethical decision. So detailed it could be a bit tedious at times, but overall, well worth reading.

    27. The story is very interesting telling the background of Wyatt Earp. Most of his story is about the shootout at the OK Corral but it doesn't get into how things culminated at this point. His relationship with Doc Holliday is also very interesting and baffling to some extent. A very good book. Watching the movie with Kevin Costner (I know) is actually more interesting after reading the book.

    28. To date, this is the definitive and most accurate biography of Wyatt Earp. The others suffer from suspect history and/or bias. I especially enjoyed how the author examined the phenomenon of Earp's status as a legendary Western lawman--or icon. There were large differences in what he was and how he was portrayed and how he has been remembered.

    29. A decent enough history of the Earp Saga and the pandemonium that occurred in Tombstone, AZ in 1881-82. A bit dry, a times the author tends to fumble around for his voice. Overly detailed when he cites endless contemporary newspaper articles. An OK book containing an enormous amount of careful research. The post-Tombstone accounting of Wyatt's life is very good.

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