Onesimus: Flight to Paradise

Onesimus Flight to Paradise This tale of a runaway slave shows how God pursues a sinner using the testimonies of godly people to constantly smite the conscience of the slave while he pursues his hedonistic dreams After succeedi

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  • Title: Onesimus: Flight to Paradise
  • Author: Joseph Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781403301079
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • This tale of a runaway slave shows how God pursues a sinner, using the testimonies of godly people to constantly smite the conscience of the slave while he pursues his hedonistic dreams After succeeding, God radically changes the slave s life.

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    1. This novel tells the story of the runaway slave Onesimus, whom Paul returned to his master Philemon with an epistle that was later to become scripture. The author recounts Onesimus's adventures by land and by sea, but the slave's physical journey is merely a vehicle for his more important spiritual journey. Retellings of Bible stories are not uncommon, but Joseph Kennedy chooses a particularly good story to develop. Philemon is Paul's shortest epistle, and the untold "rest of the story" is likel [...]

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