The Search for Joseph Tully

The Search for Joseph Tully This superb and atmospheric novel first published in to widespread critical acclaim is a harrowing story of revenge alienation genealogy history and the occult Set in an isolated apartment

  • Title: The Search for Joseph Tully
  • Author: William H. Hallahan
  • ISBN: 9780380016969
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • This superb and atmospheric novel, first published in 1974 to widespread critical acclaim, is a harrowing story of revenge, alienation, genealogy, history, and the occult Set in an isolated apartment complex targeted for destruction in a gloomy section of Brooklyn, it is one of the finest horror novels ever written, drenched with superbly drawn characters, symbolism and fThis superb and atmospheric novel, first published in 1974 to widespread critical acclaim, is a harrowing story of revenge, alienation, genealogy, history, and the occult Set in an isolated apartment complex targeted for destruction in a gloomy section of Brooklyn, it is one of the finest horror novels ever written, drenched with superbly drawn characters, symbolism and fear right up to its shocking finale.With a new introduction by T.M Wright and a new afterword by the author Each of the 300 copies is signed by William H Hallahan and T.M Wright.

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    1. Colonial American history meets a super-bleak depiction of NYC in the Seventies in a book teaching that age old lesson, you can't escape the decapitation that's waiting for you. So cold you'll get frostbitten fingers turning the pages.

    2. Another bestselling title unknown and forgotten to the general public today, but which gets spoken of with much awe and respect by genre fans, is 'The Search for Joseph Tully.' Creating an inescapable mood of wintry dread hanging over a soon-to-be-demolished historical apartment building in a disused part of Brooklyn, author William H. Hallahan skillfully brings together two disparate stories in a frigid climax of suggestive '70s horror. Its use of seances, hypnosis, medieval occult thought, and [...]

    3. "Page by page, Hallahan rams implosive power into his book which finally explodes in a climax that has no peer in modern literature for absolute terror."- The Cleveland Press"Super-shocker."- Robert Bloch "As horrifying as anything you'll read for a long time."- The Detroit PressReading these hyperbolic quotes that adorn the front and back of The Search for Joseph Tully, one would think they had gotten their hands on the most frightening horror novel of all time. Alas, I have learned yet again n [...]

    4. A supernatural horror tale. Pretty good read. Started a bit slow, after the opening scene, but it became a page turner about halfway through. Little bit of a genealogy detective as Willow tried to find "Tully". A bit of mysticism thrown in with seances and tarot card readings. And horror of a guy that is haunted with "whoosh" sound. Is he insane? A conspiracy? Have to wait until the end to find out. I liked it!

    5. This is without a doubt the most fun read I've had all year. This is a fairly short novel, coming in around 60,000 words, written in a clipped, almost pulp noir style and yet it has a thicker atmosphere than novels twice its length.The story follows two different, converging pathsThe first is a gritty urban plot about an old apartment building in Brooklyn that is slated for the wrecking ball. In the midst of a cold winter the tenants watch the surrounding neighborhood being slowly demolished and [...]

    6. Έχει πολλά στοιχεία τρόμου, όπως και αρκετά μεταφυσικά, σατανικά, μαγικά πράγματα (δεν πρέπει να πω περισσότερα πάνω σ'αυτά), αλλά δεν είναι βιβλίο που θα το χαρακτήριζε κανείς "ο ορισμός του τρόμου", αλλά περισσότερο θρίλερ με μπόλικο σασπένς από την αρχή έως το εκπληκτικό τ [...]

    7. Gripping, well-written old-school chiller-diller from the 70s, notable for its exceptionally bleak, wintry atmosphere and overwhelming sense of encroaching doom. Builds to a scary climax, and the author knows just when turn off all the lights, metaphorically speaking.

    8. This is the kind of book that begs the question; is the payoff worth what time and effort it takes to get there? In this instance, the answer in a firm "nuh-uh." The lion's share of "The Search for Joseph Tully" is, in the driest and mostly airless prose possible, literally just that. Huge portions of this slim story are given over to a man doing genealogical research. Meanwhile, a few paper-thin characters make blunt proclamations ande cold because it is winter. There is really no easy way to i [...]

    9. Peter Richardson is living in a building slated for demolition. As the tenants of the building move away, Peter's anxiety increases as he keeps hearing a whooshing sound in his apartment, that wakes him up. His anxiety results in recurring dreams and attempts to find an explanation, whether through medical test, tarot cards, etc. Matthew Willow is an English solictior searching church records, graveyards, wills and property deeds, searching for the descendantsof Joseph Tully, an English wine mer [...]

    10. A supernatural mystery and a genealogical mystery highlight this great book. One man is plagued with unusual nightmares and sounds his only help coming from a defrocked heretical priest. Another man searches the Tully family line with great purpose. By the end, all the threads pull together to weave a taut tale of revenge, mysticism and genealogy! Highly recommended. My one small gripe is the in the opening scene, where a rapier and stiletto are used in fashion they, as stabbing weapons, would n [...]

    11. This ‘70s horror novel mixes genealogy (?) with that era’s fixation on the occult (i.e séances, Tarot cards, hypnotism). Although character development is nil, the atmosphere is excellent (I really liked the setting of an apartment building slated for demolition in which the tenants are moving out… amid the bitter winter). The ending was also good enough to warrant an additional star. It was a thrill to see how the two seemingly disparate plotlines finally intersected, and that the author [...]

    12. This book was not what I was expecting. I don't normally read horror novels but I wanted something spooky to read in the spirit of Halloween and my husband recommended this one and I was entranced by it. Its s short read with two different story lines that come together in the end. Each story will keep you interested and guessing and then you won't expect what actually happens to happen. The writing isn't perfect. There are some grammatical errors but the story is so intriguing it doesn't matter [...]

    13. This was an above-average book, as far as '70s supernatural horror goes. The setting was nice and unsettling - an abandoned section of rundown Brooklyn apartments slated for demolition in the middle of a freezing winter. Some of the genealogical research sections made the pacing feel uneven. It was also laden with standard '70s horror tropes like ESP, Catholic symbolism and hypnosis.

    14. This started a little slow for me,but when the suspense, mystery of looking for Tully from the archives in the 18th century, the story got real interesting. A terrifying,wonderful climax, for a hidden gem I found from the 70's.

    15. This is a good story, well crafted and generally fast paced, but, I was disappointed by the ending, as it just peters out and not the, quote , " super shocker". All-in-all, it is a good read, but, my guess is it will leave you disappointed and wondering what all the hype was about?

    16. Stephen King recommended book. Noted as "important to the genre we have been discussing" from Danse Macabre, published in 1981.

    17. It was a really slow start, but once you read the first 100 pages, it gets very interesting. I recommend it for everyone

    18. Not bad at all. Like THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD, but with a much more Gothic or Victorian feel to it. Quite chilling in spots.

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