Le Portrait de Petite Cossette 2

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette As Eiri drifts along the surface of sleep he watches Cossette s murder through the eyes of her killer He awakens to a stark warning Saving Cossette will lead to his death Caught between fear and love

  • Title: Le Portrait de Petite Cossette 2
  • Author: Asuka Katsura Asuka Katsura
  • ISBN: 9781598165319
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Eiri drifts along the surface of sleep, he watches Cossette s murder through the eyes of her killer He awakens to a stark warning Saving Cossette will lead to his death Caught between fear and love and life and death Eiri must decide just how much Cossette means to him Will he fall into Cossette s worldor let her go forever

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    1. I have to say that this manga, even though created after the anime was done, actually has much more depth to it. The story starts out with the main character drawing a image of a girl he saw in a painting in the antic store and it feels much more realistic then him seeing the girl in a piece of glass. Not only that, but it’s a painting that was painted with her own blood after Marcello killed her. The painting actually has a background that whoever owned the painting died so it gives a bit mor [...]

    2. Bintang 2Petite Cossette #2/2.250 tahun yg lalu di Eropa ada seorang gadis cantik bernama Cossette. Cossette dibunuh oleh seorang pelukis aneh bernama Marcello yg ingin mengabadikan kecantikan Cossette. Perkakas dan perabot milik Cossette bersedih dan mendendam pada si pelukis sehingga memancarkan hawa jahat yg kuat yg membuat jiwa Cossette terbelenggu dalam neraka keabadian.Cossette berusaha mengumpulkan perabotnya dengan memanipulasi laki laki yg memiliki jiwa yg sama dengan sang pembunuh. Lak [...]

    3. I would highly suggest watching the OVAs. They are very good. Kajiura Yuki did an AMAZING job with the soundtrack, and the OVA was what the guy who made "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" was watching when he was looking for inspiration for "Madoka Magica". Which is why Kajiura did the music for "Madoka Magica", and why a number of thematic and artistic elements are similar.I enjoyed the second book in this more than the first one. I felt like more happened when it stopped focusing on "we need to expla [...]

    4. Although this was the 2nd in the manga series and I hadn't read the first, I had no problem understanding the story or plot. It was pretty much straightforward: a young man develops an interest in a portrait of a young woman whose spirit comes to both haunt and love him. The artwork was very consistent thoroughout, something which some manga artists don't do, and the non-manga style art which portrayed scenes of the pasts, and abstracts regarding mankind, death and the world of the living were r [...]

    5. Review for the whole manga series This manga only has 2 volumes so it's a very short manga. I gotta admit after reading Volume 1 I was confused because the things are not that explained and I don't know exactly where the story is going. However, when I've read Volume 2 everything finally makes sense. It was the type of manga that is very creepy and there's like this horror and gothic feeling. I really like the ending because I didn't really expect that it would end that way. Because it ended in [...]

    6. This is the second and final volume of the manga. It continues with their search for Cossette's objects although we finally know the truth, which I had already suspected from the first volume, of why Cossette chose Eiri. The revelation was suitable to the dark theme and I find the ending good. I don't know why, (view spoiler)[perhaps it's too cliché for me to have it as a happy ending? Having Eiri chicken out at the last second, die, and leave Cossette to wait for him to be reincarnated was str [...]

    7. Even though the story was quite simple, I really enjoyed it. In the second volume I finally noticed, what I liked the most about the art - the backgrounds, especially the room with the dolls, which was gorgeously creepy and awesome at the same time. And the buildings, those were also very nicely drawn. The ending was I can't say totally unexpected, but also can't say totally expected. I was expecting something not good to happen and that did, so yeah :)Anyway, if you're a fan of somehow psycholo [...]

    8. eiri menyetujui keinginan cossette agar jiwanya tenang dalam kematian dan dikarenakan eiri juga menyukai cossettearat berat berupa fatamorgana menakutkan akan dialaminyaaders pasti melongo&kecewa saat mengetahui ending cerita ini.jangan lupakan petikan epilog cerita yang kental dengan nuansa gothic ini yang diucapkan karakter cossette:"SIAPA YANG SANGGUP MENCINTAI DIRIKU HINGGA RELA MENYERAHKAN JIWANYA UNTUKKU?"

    9. This is the second andapparantly the last book ofthe manga.I liked the intensity of the plot, thecreepiness (as always), the mystery,and also the romance.The artwork was very consistent. Itwas gothic. I was somehowconfused with the first volume butthis one helped me to understandthe story better. I was reallyshocked the way how the story wasended. It was depressing.

    10. Read in 2011-The tragedy in these books were so beautifully woven. The words and the poetry was mesmerizing. These books introduced me to tragedy and gothic culture. Needless to say, it's been almost 4 years but I still fangirl over corsets and portraits, and dolls still scare me to death. All because of these books.

    11. I seriously don't know if I should give this one star, four stars, two - I just wow. That was depressing. And odd. And just overall confusing and yet interesting but alsoWow. Too surreal. Just too surreal. Unnerving, really.

    12. Cossete hanya memanfaatkan kurahasi, ia ingin menarik kurahasi menuju keabadian semu. Sementara itu keberadaan kurahasi semakin samar, dari lembar lembar foto, jejaknya lenyap seketika. Unsur gothic nya mantap, pokoknya saya suka sekali.

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