One thought on “Ben-Hur”

  1. Who knew it wasn't just a 70s movie?! This amazing tale starts in the middle of a desert (of course) with three men who are clearly strangers meeting on purpose in the desert. Slowly, small discoveries lead the reader into life as it wasduring the time of a famous, and yet in this tale, quite mysterious, Nazarene. You go through chariot races and murder plots. Slave ships and the most horrific story of wrongful imprisonment I've ever heard. Read it! You'll be amazed!

  2. When my 90-year-old mother was recently clearing out a bookcase, she came across this book and returned it to me. It is a 1960 edition. I had forgotten most of the story, so was happy to have a refresher. One of the most interesting things is what was written (in my youthful handwriting) inside the front cover:"If found by person, return by mail.If found by male, return in person."

  3. Very good adaptation for children, by Willis Lindquist, of Lee Wallace’s famous novel. Perfect for giving your kids an ancient-world adventure story when they’re at an age still too tender for the violence of the William Wyler/Charlton Heston film.My copy has a 1959 date with 62 pages. Illustrations are somewhere between a standard illustration style of the time and a “flat comic book” style.

  4. Great story that happens back during the time of Christ and shows what others were doing and what then power struggles were like at this time and how one man's life is changed by fate.

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