Ratha's Creature

Ratha s Creature Ratha is a young herder of the Named a clan of intelligent prehistoric wild cats who keep deer and horses The Named fight for survival against Un Named cats enemies who raid clan herds Meoran leade

  • Title: Ratha's Creature
  • Author: Clare Bell
  • ISBN: 9780575037960
  • Page: 381
  • Format: None
  • Ratha is a young herder of the Named, a clan of intelligent prehistoric wild cats who keep deer and horses The Named fight for survival against Un Named cats, enemies who raid clan herds Meoran, leader of the Named, claims that the Un Named are no intelligent than herd animals, and Ratha believes him, until a clash with an Un Named raider who taunts her in Named speRatha is a young herder of the Named, a clan of intelligent prehistoric wild cats who keep deer and horses The Named fight for survival against Un Named cats, enemies who raid clan herds Meoran, leader of the Named, claims that the Un Named are no intelligent than herd animals, and Ratha believes him, until a clash with an Un Named raider who taunts her in Named speech forces her to question everything Then Ratha tames a power that could upset everything Threatened by her discovery, the tyrannical clan leader banishes her from the clan Can a young clan herder who doesn t know hunting, use her new creature to survive in exile

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    1. Ratha is a young female in a tribe of intelligent, talking big cats who call themselves The Named. The book follows her growing up & negotiating the tumultuous power struggles of her world.For some reason, from the brief description I'd read of this series, I expected the characters to feel like 'aliens' - but overall, I thought this felt more like an animal story. I'd recommend it more for fans of animal stories than pure sci-fi fans (think Tad Williams' 'Tailchaser's Song', for example). T [...]

    2. I originally read this about 15 years ago, and it's always stuck with me as one of my favorite series ever. I'm working on re-reading them all, especially with a brand-new book in the series having just been released.So far, they're as good as I remembered them being. The story is set sometime in pre-history (it's hard to tell at times), where a Clan of sentient big cats survive by herding their own deer for food. Ratha begins the story as a cub just learning the ways of the herder, when a light [...]

    3. I came back and gave this a three star rating, because my previous one was only 2 stars. After I finished it, I couldn't get it out of my head, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Though gruesome and depressing, it's almost poetic in a dark, haunting way. It actually makes me want to get the second one and possibly read the whole series. UPDATE 10-16-11: Ah, to heck with it, I'll give it a four star! *audience cheers*

    4. I am so sorry this book just bore me to death. Ratha drove me BONKERS!!!! I rarely give 1 Star, but I wasn’t even able to finish this.

    5. Ratha's Creature is an intense, emotional roller coaster of a book. It's the coming of age story of a remarkable adolescent, but it's also a story of the eternal battle between social status quo and social change. Ratha is a remarkable character that you can't help but like in spite of her shortcomings, and teens will identify with her struggle to make sense of the world around her and find her place in it. Recommended for mature teens due to violence and adult situations.Read my entire review.

    6. (This is another book for which I wish GoodReads allowed fractions of stars, but anyway)I picked this up as a Read-a-like for the Warriors Series, which I love to pieces. This book had a similar feel, while still holding a very separate identity. I would indeed recommend it to someone looking to for new "animal-related fantasy." In many ways, this story reminded me of the Lion King. And, since this is copyrighted in 1983, it came first! The main character, Ratha, is far from perfect and I love i [...]

    7. Isn't the main character in a book supposed to be one of the most likable characters in the book? I really didn't connect with Ratha. I didn't feel sorry for her, I didn't agree with her motivation, and she doesn't seem like someone I would want to lead me. She had MAJOR anger management issues, she, frankly, doesn't make any sense, and she couldn't make up her mind on ANYTHING!!!!! I really hated the story line. It always changed drastically for the worst in the least probable places. The whole [...]

    8. I first read this years ago and remembered really enjoying the series. In re-reading it, I found I didn't remember any of it, but I still really enjoyed it! I also found it to be a little more "grown-up" than I had remembered it to be, especially for being classified as a young adult.

    9. This book is now one of my all time favorites - it is an amazing story written by Clare Bell, and a story I shan't forget anytime soon. I was brought into the thrilling world of Ratha and the Named, intelligent cats living millions of years ago. By the first page I was hooked; all the characters were well developed and the plot exciting and original. Clare obviously researched to write these novels, and for that I respect her for it. She's an amazing, talented author and now one of my all time f [...]

    10. Despite the cheesy tag line on the back of this book, I thoroughly enjoyed rereading it (I first read this book when I was 12). The description is amazing, the characters interesting, and the idea more or less original (despite all the cat books that have been written after this book came out in 1983). If you like "Watership Down", I would highly recommend this book-- and so far my students like it!

    11. Growing up this was one of my absolute favorite series.The creatures were a mix of feral and intelligent, and never ceased to give me goosebumps at certain points.Still one of my favorites 17 years later.

    12. It was one of the best books ive ever read. I love how she said the eyes of most of the Un-Named we different from those of the clan.

    13. My absolute favorite book! A coming of age story told through the eyes of a prehistoric clan of wild cats. Themes like learning, belonging, and loyalty are key.

    14. Ratha's Creature has an interesting premise. There are prehistoric cats divided up into two tribes so to speak - The Named and Un-Named. The Named are a tribe that has developed a system to herd animals and keep for food. The tribe trains cats to be herders and keep the tribe alive. Females are typically not allowed to be trained under the cruel leadership of their leader named Meoran. The main character/cat is Ratha who is a female that is an exception to the rule when her teacher Thakur promis [...]

    15. Ratha’s Creatures Review by Adonijah EmanuelRatha and her clan (the Named) are a clan of a strong, self-aware, cheetah like prehistoric big cats. They have laws, languages and traditions and live by herding the creatures, dapple backs (horses) and three horns (deer), they once hunted. Surrounding the Named are the more numerous non-sentient UnNamed, who prey on the clan’s herds. Mating between Named and UnNamed is forbidden, since the clan believes that the resulting young will be UnNamed an [...]

    16. I originally read this book, for the first time, when I was in the sixth grade (roughly 1994, I believe.) Back then, it had a different cover, though. I remember thinking "Didn't I see this as a cartoon once?" because of the CBS Special that aired about it. In any case, I'm a big cat person, so to have found a book about talking cats that was so well-written was something that excited me beyond belief. The way the story flows, the hardships that Ratha faces (as well as the other characters of th [...]

    17. The Bad: Alright, first off, this story had a TERRIBLE editor. I found many mistakes, and one in particular made me want to drop the book and never read it again. Apparently the author thought that commas/punctuation was not needed at the end of speech. I found that a really dumb mistake, and I noticed it right away. And commas in general are super sparse.Also, I didn't really relate with Ratha much at all. Sure, she could be bold and daring sometimes, but most of the time she was just annoying. [...]

    18. Ratha's Creature is a quick read, with intense page-turning action the entire way through. It does not bog down in descriptions, and every word seems to have intent for moving the story forward.This book is a coming of age story, where a young female cub must learn to survive on her own among what her clan believes to be unintelligent, mindless members of their own species. She is banished from her own clan by Meoran, the clan leader, and the one who teaches those he (cruelly) rules that the oth [...]

    19. The rest of this review can be found @ clockworkorigin/rathas-creRatha’s Creature was a great read, and truly different. I don’t find many books where the main character is full-blown animal (aka, no shape-shifting abilities), and it brought me back to the time when I used to roleplay as a wolf. Upon first getting this book, I wondered what the “creature” part of the title meant, and during the part it was revealed, I had to remind myself that we’re in the mind of an animal who has nev [...]

    20. I give this book one and a half. I started off liking this book a lot but in the end I thought it was okay. I didnt like Ratha as a main character. Thakur and Bonechewer were much better. Bell's writing is good but this book lacked story. I found it kind of found it that it dragged on and on. The book is called Ratha's Creature but the creature(Red Tounge) had nothing to do in this book. She caught the creature, got kicked out of the clan and then the creature drowned. This book also lacked agoo [...]

    21. I Think that this is a great book. I LOVED it! Not only has it taught me quit a bit about mountain lions it has also inspired me to want to read more books. Before I read Ratha's creature I didn't want to have anything to do with reading. I also love it is amazing i started to find many books that i would like to read. I loved the way ratha really learned to like the red tonge(fire) and used it to help her clan keep the "un-named" cats off her land.

    22. Interesting concept, but a little slow in reading. The Warriors books are much better and much more engaging.

    23. I don't believe in fate, but sometimes there are happy coincidence. When I was offered Ratha's Creature for review, I grinned like a madman. This was my favorite book of all time! The username that I've been using online for 20 or so years (Thistle-Chaser) comes from it. My oldest LJ icon is from it. I still have a VHS tape of the CBS Storybreak animated special from the 80s of this book.And then I waited. And waited. Usually when I accept a book for review, they send it in a day or two. This on [...]

    24. I missed this series when it first came out, but the author was kind enough to give me a copy of the first book when we met at a convention in San Jose, where we'd been discussing alien-building. Ratha is based on large terrestrial felines, being largely leopard-like, and the author has done a good job of portraying feline societies of two types. In this case, the divide is one intelligence, language capability, and social behavior among felines whose troops resemble the pack structures of wolve [...]

    25. I read this book as a child and reread it some 15 years later when I first started working in libraries. Now I've purchased the entire series for my school library and am eagerly preparing to read the rest of Ratha's story. This one holds up completely to my memory of it -- it's a lush, absorbing, thrilling, heartbreaking, and timeless story. (One great advantage of the well-crafted prehistoric setting: it will never feel dated.) Fully qualified to stand alongside animal classics like Watership [...]

    26. Ratha's creature is a fantasy novel written by Clare Bell. Ratha is a female herder who gets exiled because she brings the Red Tongue, or fire, to their clan. She meets an Un-Named, someone who is not from the clan of the Named and befriends him. She leaves him, due to an argument, and takes over the clan with the symbol of the Red Tongue. I would recommend this book, although it's not my favorite. Groups that would enjoy this book are people who enjoy fantasies and people that like books where [...]

    27. I read this book after reading online that it was like Warriors (the popular cat books), but much more mature. Ratha's Creature is a shocking book. Shockingly good, well-written, great characters, and a truly exciting and heartbreaking story. I'm surprised it's meant to be a children's book, as there are definitely scenes I would not feel good about a kid reading, but at least the book seems very realistic. This is the exact kind of animal-based story that I wish there were more of.

    28. It started out good however I see a lot of mistakes beginning writers make. Ratha personality changes too quickly and too often does something happen. I rarely don't finish books especially having only 30ish pages left but after the issue with Bonecrusher I couldn't read any more.

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