SSN: A Strategy Guide to Submarine Warfare

SSN A Strategy Guide to Submarine Warfare The forgotten Clancy novel SSN is a complete submarine warfare novel with maps photos and a special interview with Tom Clancy and former submarine commander Doug Littlejohns

  • Title: SSN: A Strategy Guide to Submarine Warfare
  • Author: Tom Clancy Martin Greenberg
  • ISBN: 9780425173534
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • The forgotten Clancy novel, SSN is a complete submarine warfare novel with maps, photos, and a special interview with Tom Clancy and former submarine commander Doug Littlejohns

    One thought on “SSN: A Strategy Guide to Submarine Warfare”

    1. This is literally the worst book I've ever read. It is not really a novel, it is (literally) a half-assed attempt at turning a strategy guide for a video game into a novel.Normally I would have given up about a quarter of the way through, but I was trapped on a flight with it.Very, very bad indeed.

    2. I am a big fan of Tom Clancy's writing ever since I first read The Hunt for Red October. However I was horrified when I read about classified information being released in the book and I confess to being confused that it was published by the Naval Institute Press.In fairness to this book, which covers a mythical war with China which involves mostly submarines, submariners are fond of quipping that there are only two kinds of ships: submarines and targets. They aren't far from being wrong either. [...]

    3. Not really a novel, instead its 15 scenarios for submarine combat in a war between the US and renegade elements of the chinese military. The submarine cheyenne ends the war with over 60 confirmed kills of chinese combat vessels and if the chinese military was actually that bad their sailors should save themselves the effort of putting to sea and shoot themselves. The captain Mack is 2 dimensional, which gives him at least 1 dimension more than anyone else in the book. The closest we get to a per [...]

    4. This book was based on a computer game. It follows a submarine commander as China and the USA fight a war. There was a photo section that when I looked at the pictures told me how the story played out. It was interesting and fun to read but also very predictable and repetitive. The following phrases appeared over a dozen times, Literally cut and pasted throughout the book:"Make tubes one and two ready to fire in all respects, including opening the outer doors.""Tubes one and two are fired electr [...]

    5. I believe the wife picked up the copy we have from a freebie table somewhere. I found myself reading it in the car while she was doing some shopping (sleeping kids in the back). Reading it was preferable to just sitting there, but that’s about the best I can say for it.The time is the mid-90s. Due to Chinese aggression, the U.S. has gone to war in the Pacific, although it appears that practically the entire war effort is carried by a single nuclear-powered submarine (and the supply ships that [...]

    6. youtube/watch?v=UV51q3If there was ever evidence that video games stories are not worth adapting, this is it.This was probably ghost written as it is thin and lacks purpose. The interview at the back is interesting, but not worth reading the rest to get to it.The fact that only 3 or so characters are named shows how little developement there is. Laughable feats are achieved such as the USA sustaining no damage in a navel battle (law or averages indicates that some losses would be sustained even [...]

    7. The only really interesting material here is in the interview material at the end of the book. The actual fictionalized action reads like what it is, a continuous action video game, with no depth. Several of the technical aspects of a nuclear boat and crew operations are presented in a kind of "yep: check that fact got included" manner.The concept of China invading the Spratley islands despite the Philippines' insistence of ownership is a fact that is currently playing out, so the contextual bas [...]

    8. That's it, this is like the worst novel i've ever read. it is stupid, one sided. what is the point of writing a novel where one SSN is taking the entire navy of another nation?!!!I couldn't finish the book, after half of it i felt that continuing the book is much harder than i could take and after all reading is supposed to be a fun thing not a challenge.

    9. Excuse my French, but sheer shit. Whilst the political plot had good legs, it was barely explored, and the obsession with 'boy's toys numbers' (Mk48, PL765, ABC 987 etc ad nauseam) left me breathless with despair and reminded me why I hadn't read a Clancy in years. Yawn

    10. Piss poor excuse for a book. How can a book be based on a game? It is perfectly set up where in between each paragraph you have a battle scene and something exciting happens. Absolutely terrible idea to make a game and then a book based off of each chapter. I would be ashamed if I were Tom Clancy.

    11. This book was thin. It would have been about two pages long if Clancy left out the command recongnitions. Yes, I get it is the Navy - but come on - give the reader a break. Establish the protocal and move on.

    12. If you liked the Hint For Red October's sub captain, Bart Mancuso, you'll love SSN's portayal of submarine daring.

    13. May be an accurate description of life in a US nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN), but it is truly boring.

    14. Based on a video game of the same name. It's a great action packed story. Feasibility is questionable in numerous regards, but I wasn't reading it for a history lesson. Technical details about submarines is more in depth than others I've read.

    15. I was curious about the tactics and weapons used by SSNs, and this book walks through several different scenarios. I knew ahead of time it wasn't meant to be gripping novel, so it didn't disappoint me from that perspective.

    16. I've read instruction manuals that have more depth, better developed characters and are more exciting than this book.

    17. Submarine warfare has always been the spearhead of navies around the world; the use of a submersible ship with surface-to-surface nuclear and conventional capabilities is always favored. Tom Clancy’s SSN is modeled after the journey of a new Los Angeles Class nuclear attack submarine, the USS Cheyenne. As stated in the forward of the book: "This book is based upon the CD-ROM game Tom Clancy SSN…The book however, is intended to serve as more than a faithful adaption…Both the game and the bo [...]

    18. SSN: An explosive novel"At Zhanjiang Naval Base in southern China, a massive force of over 60 ships and submarines was being readied. Their mission was simple: Destroy the American aircraft carrier and her entire battle group." This passage from Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg's SSN is truly incredible, and is the same type of action seen through the whole book, and most of Clancy's books. The purpose of this book is to entertain, and does it well. The action is continuous throughout the book, a [...]

    19. Penaklukan China ke atas Kepulauan Spratly dan merampas kapal awam Amerika Syarikat (AS) pada 26 Julai 1997 telah mencetuskan perang baru di sekitar perairan Laut China Selatan. AS,yang disokong oleh Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB),mengambil keputusan untuk bertindak balas terhadap tindakan agresif China ini. Oleh itu,sebuah kapal selam nuklear milik Tentera Laut Amerika Syarikat (TLAS) telah ditugaskan untuk beroperasi di kawasan konflik tersebut. Kapal selam ini diberi nama USS Cheyenne [...]

    20. I can understand why people love or hate this book - it's not like other Clancy books, and unlike most books in general. It's short, focused, devoid of plot, technical, and niche. But I love it. It's been my favourite book for over a decade and I try to never go more than a few years without rereading. Not everything in it is entirely realistic (the SSN suggested by the title, the USS Cheyenne, is indestructible) but that's because it's a video game played out in words. No one is surprised when [...]

    21. My rating: 3.5 starsAudiobook narrator (Full Cast) rating: 5 starsI have been wanting to listen to a Tom Clancy book for a while but just have not had the patience for some of these really long and detailed books. So I found this book, abridged, at a little over two hours. I was pleasantly surprised at the production of the book and enjoyed it.This was written (or took place) in the mid-90s and describes tensions between China and the US (some post-Cold War issues with Communism, etc). You could [...]

    22. just want to go on record here to say this is a poorly written "book". The writing is little more than a technical description of What Happens; on and on for endless pages, strung together by thin cliches. there isnt a plot so much as ideas pulled out from the author's hat on a whim. not even halfway through and I already got tired reading the same thing over and over again: sub sees Chinese boat; sub shoots Chinese boat: Chinese boat dies; hurray for 'murica, democracy and freedom. yes, taking [...]

    23. I served on a nuclear attack submarine that played "war games" with aircraft carrier battle groups, and did some sneaking around during the Cold War era. This book accurately depicts how a submarine can hide, seek, evade, destroy, and get destroyed. I've read some of the other reviews, and, yes, it is quite repetitive. Life in the Navy is very repetitive. During "Battle Stations", both actual and drills, all verbal orders and directions are always repeated back. The procedures for loading and fi [...]

    24. I have read many Tom Clancy novels and this is really different from his other novels in that most of his work has a lot of build up before the action. In SSN though, he goes straight for the action. The prologue is set up and the initial chapter is called "First Blood." The action never really lets up. It is my favorite of his books. I have read it three times. What others say is true about it being a scenarios book, but what a scenario book! If you are looking for the usual action crescendo th [...]

    25. This Clancy novel is all about submarine warfare and takes place entirely on a sub. The action is great because in many of his other books the action on the submarines were few and far between even though the subs themselves played a big role in the book. Here, it is almost all action, and the crew is at General Quarters for the majority of the book. The reason I gave it three stars is that the good sub always wins and the battles seem repetitive and identical, so much so that it is hard to tell [...]

    26. Just finished listening to Tom Clancy's audio book SSN. Short and exciting. It appears to have been adapted from a video game. Simply a submarine battle. What makes this unique is that rather than a single reader performing the book, there was a troop of about 10 voices and lots of sound effects. So it was like closing your eyes during a movie battle scene.Short in that it was only 2 CDs of audio (about 3 hours). A nice change from some of the 20 CD books I've been listening too recently.I recom [...]

    27. “SSN” by Tom Clancey, is a book that tells a real story about the war over the Spratly Islands between the American and Chinese navies. The book is very good at giving the detail of the ways these submarines really operates during war. The book sometimes doesn’t really go into detail on parts it really needs to. I would recomend this book to a classmate because it is quite an easy read and is very interesting. If this book was part of a series I would most likely read it. It is truelly a r [...]

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