One thought on “Secrets Of The Titanic”

  1. I think the sure sign that you're enjoying a book is when nothing will distract you from reading and finishing it. When you're finding yourself constantly looking for a distraction while reading, that's when it's time to give up and move on.The first thing that should be off putting about this book is the front cover. A Mills & Boon-esque cover is always a turn off, and I seem to own a few similar ones to that style. I hated this cover upon sight, but I still thought that the author could no [...]

  2. I am interested in the Titanic and the Edwardian era so the premise really appealed. I thought the characters were well developed, the fact the Titanic doesn't hit the iceberg until two thirds into the book, is no detriment to it as it meant when the ship did sink I actually cared about the characters and wanted to know who survives, which of course made it more gripping!The privileged, tangled lives of New England's first class passengers was a big feature, I enjoyed that aspect the most, it wa [...]

  3. This book was ok and readable but it was a bit 'flowery' in the wording of the romance sections. Basic story was ok with some likable characters and some you didnt. Im glad i read it but its already been donated to the local charity shop so that someone else can have it.

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