In My Place

In My Place The award winning correspondent for the MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour gives a moment by moment account of her walk into history when as a year old she challenged Southern law and Southern violence to b

  • Title: In My Place
  • Author: Charlayne Hunter-Gault
  • ISBN: 9780679748182
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • The award winning correspondent for the MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour gives a moment by moment account of her walk into history when, as a 19 year old, she challenged Southern law and Southern violence to become the first black woman to attend the University of Georgia A powrful act of witness to the brutal realities of segregation.

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    1. As a fellow black University of Georgia alumnae I always found Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Hamilton Holmes' integration of The University of Georgia in January of 1961 amazing. During January of each year, during my 4.5 years at UGA, we as students would hear of lectures in their honor but it wasn't until my 4th year in my Modern African American and Civil Rights Movement courses that I got a deeper look into the struggle for so many other Black pioneers that led the way for others similar to the [...]

    2. How many times have we heard a name from an article or history book and moved on? I often wonder about that person's life but rarely get an opportunity for understanding how that person felt about their life. "In My Place" offered so much more than a superfical glance at desegragation in the South; it brought those names in the history book into my mind as living people. Charlayne Hunter-Gault did more than survive a dangerous experience; she brought her own experiences and contributions to her [...]

    3. In My Place by Charlayne Hunter-Gault is a very inspiring book. Charlayne Hunter-Gault tells you basically her whole life story and all the things she went through. She grabs your attention tellin her story and bravery along with her friend Hamilton Holmes.This book is about how Charlayne pushed her way the segregation to get in the University of Georgia.Dealing with hatred, mobs, family, friends, and bieng in life or death situations Charlayne made through with her mother and close friends by h [...]

    4. Someone gave me this book as a high school graduation gift (years ago). I finally read it-and it was insightful. I connected with the writer, probably more so now that I live in Atlanta and can relate to the places, people and experiences. Her childhood reminds me of my mother's. I suppose Black girls raised in the segregated south share a history. Now I want to read about Hamilton Holmes, who integrated UGA with Charlayne Hunter.

    5. I always loved Charlayne Hunter-Gault on PBS. In this brief history of the civil rights movement, she describes her place in it too as one of the first African-Americans to integrate the University of Georgia. The book seems to be written for a school audience in that it seems a rather simplistic listing of the facts.

    6. An important book to understand the history. At times the quoted passages are confusing when they refer to mother, grandmother, etc. It would have been better to paraphrase those passages. Would have been better to end with actual reflection rather than the transcript of a speech. That said, no one can tell the author's story like herself.

    7. I enjoyed it! It is amazing that there was so much animosity toward African Americans just 50 or so years ago. I couldn't believe that the entry of 2 blacks into UGA caused a riot and that she was not in a regular dorm room during her years at college.

    8. Interesting history from a unique figure. Often found it difficult to read - book seemed to lacked an editor.

    9. What a wonderful book! Charlayne Hunter-Gault takes you right back to the 1960s and her fight for admission to the University of Georgia. Well-written and excellent details.

    10. She is an amazing writer, this is a hard-to-put-down memoir rich in history and truth. Her graduation speech at the end is chock full of amazing quotable moments.

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