You Can Die Trying

You Can Die Trying The apparent suicide of an unpopular bigoted former LAPD cop Jack McGovern has the most unlikely protagonist fighting racism violence and hostility to bring to light the truth about the ex cop s

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  • Title: You Can Die Trying
  • Author: Gar Anthony Haywood
  • ISBN: 9780140239461
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • The apparent suicide of an unpopular, bigoted, former LAPD cop, Jack McGovern, has the most unlikely protagonist fighting racism, violence, and hostility to bring to light the truth about the ex cop s death in the latest Aaron Gunner novel Reprint.

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    1. As a fan of his mysteries involving the retired Loudermilk's and their Airstream trailer, I avoided the Aaron Gunner novels because they seemed the opposite extreme: edgy, violent, lurid compared to the genial atmosphere of the cozy-style. Tracy found this one at a book store on the coast and the description seemed just like the kind of mystery I enjoy: politically aware with characters engaged with the major social and personal issues of the day. In this case--with a 1993 publishing date--Los A [...]

    2. What an expressive writer!! I've spent time roaming these streets in LA of which he writes, and it embellishes the realism and authenticity of his stories. All those excursions of the 80's come flooding back as I delve further and further into Haywood's stories. He has become one of my favorite writers.

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