Commodore Hornblower

Commodore Hornblower In this ninth volume in the Hornblower series the incomparable Horatio Hornblower recently knighted and settled in as squire of the village of Smallbridge has been designated commodore of his own s

  • Title: Commodore Hornblower
  • Author: C.S. Forester
  • ISBN: 9780523421087
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this ninth volume in the Hornblower series, the incomparable Horatio Hornblower, recently knighted and settled in as squire of the village of Smallbridge, has been designated commodore of his own squadron of ships, led by the two decker Nonsuch and bound for the Baltic It is 1812, and Hornblower has been ordered to do anything and everything possible, diplomaticallyIn this ninth volume in the Hornblower series, the incomparable Horatio Hornblower, recently knighted and settled in as squire of the village of Smallbridge, has been designated commodore of his own squadron of ships, led by the two decker Nonsuch and bound for the Baltic It is 1812, and Hornblower has been ordered to do anything and everything possible, diplomatically and militarily, to protect the Baltic trade and to stop the spread of Napoleon s empire into Sweden and Russia Though he has set sail a hero, one misstep may ruin his chances of ever becoming an admiral Hostile armies, seductive Russian royalty, nautical perils such as ice bound bays, assassins in the imperial palace Hornblower must conquer all before he can return home to his beloved new wife and son, as his instructions are to sacrifice every man and ship under his command rather than surrender ground to Napoleon.

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    1. Horatio Hornblower is recouping in the pastoral English countryside, enjoying - or trying to enjoy - his forced time on shore with his wife and child. He finds life away from the sea dull and grinding. He has to answer to his wife, convention and his neighbors. A poor comparison with life as lord and master on an English ship of the line. How fortunate it is then that Hornblower receives an urgent summons by the Admiralty. He is requested and commanded to sail for the Baltic to harass the French [...]

    2. This story marks a major turning point for Captain Sir Horatio Hornblower, in more ways than one can count. He is no longer young, no longer poor, no longer trapped in a bad marriage. For the first time, he is based in the chill waters of the Baltic Sea. And for the first time, he is truly calling all the shots, in charge of his own flotilla and given a free hand by the Admiralty.But there is a price to all this advancement. While the complex politics of a Baltic teetering on the brink are quite [...]

    3. Another excellent addition to the series. As Commodore, Hornblower has more ships under his command & bigger problems to deal with. Napoleon is marching on Moscow & Hornblower has to disrupt the French armies around the Baltic & protect England's allies - if he can figure out who they are. The politics are complicated since many of Napoleon's allies aren't really. They're just unable to oppose him while others are in uneasy states of neutrality. It was very interesting from a politic [...]

    4. Having finally advanced beyond the finical problems that have dogged him from his days as a midshipman. Now he's married Lady Barbra and moved on now as a well known hero of the British nation.I like these books and recommend you start this journey from it's beginning with Hornblower as a young midshipman.

    5. Arguably the best of the series, presenting the mature Hornblower in what becomes his most far-reaching adventure, culminating in his key role in the defense of Riga against Napoleon's armies, stalling their attempt to march on St. Petersburg. This book has all the attributes that make Hornblower such an intriguing figure -- resourcefulness, determination, ability to act decisively in a crisis. Above all, he's depicted as the complete man, beset by self-doubts about his own character, especially [...]

    6. Compared to the earlier novels, The Commodore is a much easier read, possibly because Hornblower himself unbends much more as a character, so he's more reminiscent of the youthful Midshipman and a lot more likable. He even gets smashed at a party and makes away with a Countess!Also there's a touch of Sharpe about this one (well obviously the other way around) because this feels much more like HH changing history, rather than the action being confined to whatever ship he's in, and whatever one he [...]

    7. I think this is my favorite Hornblower book. I don’t know if that’s just because it’s been a while since I’ve read the others (they do all kind of run together in my memory), or because this one seemed much tighter and more cohesive than many of them. I also loved the setting: we don’t generally read too much about the British Navy in the Baltic or in Russia during the Napoleonic wars, so it was a pleasure to learn about that.My delight in this volume might also have resulted from shee [...]

    8. Hornblower seems to do his best work when he's left to his own devices at sea. This is one of the better Hornblower books, might be the best one. Hornblower is getting a bit older, and his sudden attacks of self doubt have all but passed. He commands a small squadron and is given free reign to do all he can in the Baltic Sea.It's an interesting read with lots of insight into the politics of the eastern front of the war. That was very interesting for me, as the only other book I've read which dis [...]

    9. One more in the Hornblower series . This one take us to the Baltic at the time Napoleon is invading Russia with a two prong attack, one to Moscow and one to St. Petersburg. Hornblower is the decisive element in confronting German troops on their march to St. Petersburg. Quite a bit of history here that i was unaware of though I knoew something of the French campaign against Moscow. Very enjoyable getting more to know about the Baltic and how the Scandinavians dealt with the French, Germans and R [...]

    10. Commodore Hornblower is the 8th book in the Horatio Hornblower series by C.S. Forester that I've read, not in any particular order. They have all been good value for entertainment. I've also enjoyed the TV series featuring Ioan Gruffudd as Hornblower. The series is like the Sharpe war / adventure series, except, of course, Hornblower has his adventures on the open sea for the most part.In The Commodore, Hornblower, newly married as Squire of Smallbridge, is called back to London, made a Commodor [...]

    11. Hornblower was the inspiration for Star Trek's Captain James Kirk, as well as Cornwell's Sharpe. Hornblower is more cerebral and socially awkward than Kirk, more educated and refined than Sharpe. In his own right, Hornblower is certainly an engaging and complex character and the series is an interesting study in leadership, and a fascinating portrait of life at sea in the age of sail. This book catches Hornblower at an interesting time in his life and career--after, seemingly, he's gotten everyt [...]

    12. C.S. Foresterin "Kommodori Hornblower" (Otava, 1948) on neljäs - tai kronologisessa järjestyksessä yhdeksäs - osa historiallisten meriromaanien sarjassa, jotka kertovat brittiläisestä meriupseerista Horatio Hornblowerista Napoleonin sotien melskeessä.Napoleon valmistelee hyökkäystä Venäjälle. Niinpä kommodoriksi ylennetty Hornblower komennetaan eskaadereineen Itämerelle, jossa hän ehtii muun muassa mitellä voimiaan ranskalaisen sotalaivan kanssa, estämään tsaari Aleksanteri I: [...]

    13. Hornblower is a hero, but he does not see things that way. It's interesting that he is exceptionally brave, an excellent seaman and commander, and is admired, even loved, by all who serve under his command. Yet in his own mind, he is a fraud. He thinks of himself truly as a coward who merely puts on a show of bravery and tries to hide his insecurity and low self-esteem with a mask of coldness and/or indifference. By this book, though, he is finally beginning to loosen up a bit and realizes that [...]

    14. I recorded all of C.S. Forester's Hornblower books in 50-55 minute episodes for Golden Hours, my local radio service for blind and reading-impaired listeners. Too bad I didn't make CD copies for myself, since the radio station broadcast the tape versions and then erased them too reuse.I guess I'll have to re-record them for Golden Hours and this time keep a copy.I have read and re-read the entire Hornblower series over a dozens times each, three times aloud: once from the upper bunk to my brothe [...]

    15. This is the eighth (or ninth) book of the Hornblower saga written by C.S. Forester and my favorite of the series.Hornblower's personal and financial well being are finally settled and he devotes himself fully to the business of war against France. He takes command of a small fleet of ship as a Commodore and has wide latitude to carry out his plans.In this book we see Hornblower at his military peak and unfettered by the commmands of other men.This was originally my favorite of the novels when I [...]

    16. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who haven't read Hornblower, and those who love Hornblower.

    17. A good story in an uncommon setting (The Baltic during the Napoleonic Wars), but for a series that made its bones with naval adventure there is far to little of that here.

    18. What I love about the Horatio Hornblower series of books seems to be missing in this volume, and maybe it is because Hornblower now has more influence, power and wealth than ever before. As the commodore, he has command of several warships, and takes on a more backend role with most of the adventures. As a result, nighttime assaults, sabotages and bombing runs happen in a distance, with Hornblower observing from far away. It feels as if he is removed from the action, then describing the details [...]

    19. Book number 9 in the saga! As the story started out, I thought it definitely read like a sequel. I envisioned Mr. Forester sitting before his typewriter thinking, "Let's see. I've given Hornblower adventures in the English channel, the Mediterranean, the Pacific. Where else can I have him sail? I know! Let's send him to the Baltic!" So Captain Hornblower is made Commodore of a small fleet and spends 1812 attempting to thwart Napoleon's war effort in northern Europe. But the story wasn't just a c [...]

    20. I've read this series several times starting when I was a young teen and they're always a pleasure. One of the great achievements in popular and historical fiction. Historical details aside, as well as the nautical details, they are about the character of Hornblower, the conflict and struggle between the inner and outer man. Not just his fears and hopes, but the necessity of the mask of command as he does his duty. Old fashioned and all the better for that frankly. In this one he's enmeshed in t [...]

    21. Another thrilling set of adventures. I'm really happy I am reading these in the order of publication; so far they are turning out really well--picking up where the last adventures took a rest--These books have a great deal of historical significance, and my geography and appreciation of Napoleanic war times has been much advanced. I especially appreciate how the character is presented--with his own misgivings and self criticism so heightened--even in the face of his many victories. what a joy to [...]

    22. Getting a little tired of Hornblower's constant inferiority complex. Like the very accurate history of the Napoleonic War and the British Navy's part in it.

    23. Ouch, this book started like an episode of pride and prejudice. definitely a let down after the last book, but It Got Better. Still well worth reading. This is a Good read.

    24. This review is for the complete 11-book series of THE HORNBLOWER SAGA by C.S. Forester, which I just finished reading last night.[Note: Individual books have individual star ratings (mostly 5-star, a few 4-star), but the descriptive review will be the same for each, and encompass the entire series, as follows.]Actually, I just finished reading the complete series for the second time, the first being as a teenager some 30 years ago.It's remarkable to me that I have only just this moment realized [...]

    25. I am almost at the end of this series and will miss reading about Horatio Hornblower. This is the 9th in this historical fiction series. Since I'm not a history buff, this book was simple enough in the explanation of the Napoleonic era for me to understand the ramifications of what was going on during Hornblower's military exploits.The beginning of the book finds Captain Horatio Hornblower getting ready for a ceremony to mark his next phase of life on land. He has become Squire of the small vill [...]

    26. Napoleon is threatening Russia, having conquered the European countries. There is still some skirmishing in Spain but Bonaparte's sights are now set toward Asia. Hornblower is elevated to Commodore and given command of a squadron headed for the Baltic to try to stave off the entrance of Russia and Sweden into the war on the French side.The Baltic, a landlocked sea but for the narrow strait between Denmark and Sweden, has no fleet in occupation. There is just one privateer taking prizes, commande [...]

    27. An excellent book and my first five star read since the early summer. Probably my favourite of the series so far. Promoted to Commodore and given his first flag mission (in command of other captains) Hornblower travels to the Baltic just before and during Napoleon’s disastrous Russian campaign. I think one of the features of this book is how much more alive Forester has made the history; the previous books are, of course, all set against the real history of the Napoleonic wars but the actual h [...]

    28. In chronological order, this is the 9th Hornblower book. (It’s getting near the end of the series and I’m already not look forward to it.) As usual, the book is VERY well written. It’s now “Sir” Horatio Hornblower and member of the chivalrous Order of the Bath. (This is big stuff!) He’s married to Lady Barbra too. He’s got it all going for him as a Commodore. Even his always faithful Bush is now the Captain of his 74-gun ship of the line flagship. Listening to the thoughts of Hornb [...]

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