Dead Girls Don't Write Letters

Dead Girls Don t Write Letters Sunny Reynold s sister Jazz dies in a fire Then one day a letter arrives a letter from Jazz A girl follows But she can t possibly be Jazz or can she She seems to know all the family secrets but No

  • Title: Dead Girls Don't Write Letters
  • Author: Gail Giles
  • ISBN: 9780689866241
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sunny Reynold s sister, Jazz, dies in a fire Then one day a letter arrives, a letter from Jazz A girl follows But she can t possibly be Jazz or can she She seems to know all the family secrets, but Not Jazz clearly has a few secrets of her own Compelling, edgy, and suspenseful, Dead Girls Don t Write Letters will keep you guessing And just when you think you know whSunny Reynold s sister, Jazz, dies in a fire Then one day a letter arrives, a letter from Jazz A girl follows But she can t possibly be Jazz or can she She seems to know all the family secrets, but Not Jazz clearly has a few secrets of her own Compelling, edgy, and suspenseful, Dead Girls Don t Write Letters will keep you guessing And just when you think you know what s real and what s not, Gail Giles unfurls another surprise.

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    1. What sunny was going through was very hard for anyone. For all her life, she was second best to her older sister Jazz. However, when jazz dies in a fire in new york, shes left to pick up the pieces. Her dad's drinking sky rockets and her mother's depression gets worse. Her faily has never liked her much, espexically with her sister around. But now hat her sister is dead. She finds herself having to deal with and take care of the family that never wanted her. Not only is she only ten, shes also o [...]

    2. *Independent Reading Project*Dead Girls Don't Write Letters written by Gail Giles is a very catchy book. It's been a while since i haven't read it. This book is also confusing since it's mysterious and while you are reading you have to keep up with it. The main character, Sunny, was living with her whole family but was never feeling loved by her parents. Unfortunately, Sunny's sister, Jazz, was said to be one of the people who didn't survive this fire in her college.Before this fire Sunny and Ja [...]

    3. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooWhat do you do when your older sister, believed to have been killed in an apartment fire months before, suddenly sends you a letter claiming to be alive and well? If you're Sunny Reynold's, a girl who has always lived in the shadow of her older, much-beloved sister, you wait and day before you tell your parents that their most loved daughter is coming home. Jazz Reynolds was the "it" girl--popular, outgoing, loved and praised and admired by everyone. When she up an [...]

    4. Sunny's sister Jazz died in February. You can imagine her shock when she gets a letter from Jazz in the mail in May. You can also imagine her shock when Jazz shows up and isn't the sister Sunny remembers.I love Gail Giles, so it is kind of surprising that I never read this, one of her earliest books. It is a very, very short book, and an incredibly quick read. This doesn't give the suspense quite as much time to percolate as I would have liked. But the story itself takes place over a very short [...]

    5. The book I read was Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters by Gail Giles. The genre of this book is fiction. This book is about a girl named Sunny. And her sister ran away to New York and Sunny is happy about that. Because Jazz (Sunny’s Sister) is the girl that everyone likes and is the best at everything, she's the better of the two. But then they hear that her apartment burned down and she was thought to be dead. Once she is thought to be dead her parents become a mess. All of a sudden she started [...]

    6. Dead girls don’t write lettersThe name of the book is Dead girls don’t write letters and it’s about a girl named Sunny. She had a sister, Jazz, but she died in a fire. Sunnys parents were crushed and her father, Dan, started to drink a lot. Her mother, Lily, took sleeping pills and didn’t do much at all. She lied in bed almost all day. One day Sunny gets a letter from her dead sister, saying that she didn’t accually die in the fire and that she will come home soon. When she finally com [...]

    7. I read this book primarily because it fit a segment of the Winter Seasonal Reading Challenge. I don't normally read young adult novels (I didn't even read them much when I WAS a young adult) but this was the only book I could find at the library that fit the particular challenge so I thought I'd give it a chance since the blurb on the book jacket sounded intriguing. I was mostly just disappointed, though. This book went very quickly (I finished it in an hour and a half) and I did find the plot s [...]

    8. I read this when it first came out, but just re-read it in anticipation of booktalking it to middle schoolers in January. There's a bit of language and some uncomfortable situations like the dad's drinking and the mom's addiction to anti-depressants, but I'm hoping that the teens can overlook that part and just enjoy the story. Has anyone else booktalked this one? And if so, to what age group?

    9. Awful. Just awful. Terrible writing, one dimensional characters. A plot that didn't even make sense (seriously wtf was that ending).

    10. Sunny’s sister Jazz ran away to NYC and died in a fire. When Sunny heard, she was secretly glad, because Jazz had been the bane of her existence. Things were not easy after her sister’s death, however – her parents basically fell apart. Her father drowned his sorrows in alcohol and her mother retreated into a quiet refuge of psychiatric drugs. Sunny was left to handle things as best she could. Then, one day, a letter arrives – a letter from Jazz – which reveals that she’s not dead af [...]

    11. I was actually really lazy to finish reading this book. I'm actually really glad I did though.One of my favourite points about this book is how they know that she's not Jazz. To make things "better", they call her Not-Jazz. haha.OK, so the girl who is pretending to be Jazz(I'm gonna call her Not-Jazz even though she has an actual name).She is pretty phsyco. Crazy scary. "Dangerous", like certain people describe her. I think that her Jazz "identity" i the second one she's stolen, correct? The thi [...]

    12. Sunny's family is a wreck. Since her sister Jasmine was killed in a fire a few months before, her mother is basically catatonic and her father is always drunk. They thought the world revolved around Jazz, but Sunny knew the truth. Jazz was mean and manipulative, and Sunny is not upset that she's gone.When Sunny receives a letter from Jazz, she isn't initially concerned. She figures it probably got lost in the mail and tucks it away to read later. No reason to tell her parents, it would just upse [...]

    13. This is a well written, concise, portrait of a self-destructing family and Sunny, the 14 year old anchor that holds them together. Although Sunny is made up of hard edges and a sharp tongue, she manages to win over the reader's pity and support.Sunny dislikes living under her perfect sister Jasmine and although Jasmine dies unexpectedly in an apartment fire, Sunny is still left to pick up the pieces of her drunk father and depressed mother.It seems as if life with Jasmine was torturous and life [...]

    14. Buku yang sedikit aneh. Tadinya saya pikir bakal seru dan penuh dengan misteri. Tapi ternyata simple aja, lebih mirip ke film single white female gitu dehJadi ceritanya nih ada keluarga yang punya dua anak gadis: Jazz dan Sunny. Kedua orang tua mereka sangat-sangat (and I mean sangat) sayang pada anak pertama mereka, Jazz. Sehingga anak keduanya, Sunny, merasa tersisihkan dan membenci Jazz. Ketika akhirnya Jazz pergi dan tinggal di tempat lain, Sunny merasa senang. Namun ternyata apartemen Jazz [...]

    15. In the book Dead Girls dont write letters, the main character Sunny gets a letter from her sister Jazz who was pronounced dead. But Sunny was happy when her sister "died". Everything was about Jazz. All the attention was put on her. Sunny needed some too. So when Jazz "died", there was something in Sunny that was a sign of relief. "Yes, indeedy. Everybody misses Jazz. Everybody but me."I think that this is INSANE!!! Ok it must feel terrible for Sunny to get no attention, but to be happy when you [...]

    16. *Some SPOILERS* This wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't particularly good either. At first, I found myself empathizing with the main character quite a lot, and the basic premise was very interesting. I liked the idea of someone showing up as a dead relative, and how a family would deal with that intrusion into their lives - as blessing or impetus for total meltdown. However, I felt that it wasn't all that believable - who would go along with this for so long? and the end was far too abrupt. There [...]

    17. You can't really claim that Dead Girls Don't Write Letters are a long or a lengthy book.You get pulled into the book right from page one, where you get to meet Sunny who got it pretty hard at home, with a depressed mom and a dad that drinks and basically come and goes as he wish. And all this happed because Jezz, Sunnys perfekt older sister died.But everything chances when they receive a letter from Jezz telling them that she isn't dead.The Jezz who comes into the door turns out not to be Jezz. [...]

    18. Very suspenseful story. Masterfully created the perfect combination of suspense and mystery. Personally I would almost label this book as horror. It is definite a quick and very interesting read. As my first book by Gail Giles I find her to be a very talented author and look forward to reader more from her in the future. Dead Girls Dont Write Letters is a story of a young girls struggle with the passing of her sister, that she was less than close too. Then one day she recieves a letter from her [...]

    19. Y Mystery. When Sunny's older and very popular sister dies in a fire at college, her whole family falls apart. The mother sinks into depression, the father returns to alcoholism and Sunny is left to bitterly take care of everything. When a girl pretending to be Jazz returns, the mother goes back to her normal self. Sunny and her father, however, are not taken in but don't confront this unJazz because of the mother's psychological state. Instead they begin investigating the background of this per [...]

    20. It was weird. Roommate who was supposed to of died in the fire was really living and Jazz was dead. Roommate mocked Rhonda(original roommate name) and Jazz. Rhonda died five years before and This crazy girl mocked her after that she had her social security and license. EVERYTHING! then did the same to Jazz. Then after Sunny (Main character) and her parents found out, her parents let her go! Crazy, i would of locked her up ASAP! Sunny assumed the girl had set the fire after her boyfriend left her [...]

    21. Although it claims suspense and surprise, this book doesn't deliver on many levels. I really liked the plot but I didn't like the author's choppy writing style or the lifeless characters, it was almost as if they were forced into being by the author and they aren't complex, nor are they very memorable.

    22. Dead Girls Don't Write Letters by Gail Giles is packed with suspenseful and crazy things. The story is about Sunny Reynold point of view on her crazy family. After losing her sister Jazz in a fire Sunny get's a letter from Jazz ,But dead girls don't write letters right. I recommend this book to people that are interested in horror and suspenseful books.

    23. A good short mystery for those that want some action without reading a trilogy of books or that aren't great readers. What would you do if the person that was supposed to be your dead sister shows up at your door and you KNOW that it's not really her, but a girl pretending to be her?

    24. i want to read this book because it looks so interesting and who doesnt like a book that "Dead Girls Don't Write Letters" to me i really want to read this book i think that i read this i will be satified really im not lying.

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