Big Brother Dustin

Big Brother Dustin A boy with Down Syndrome helps his parents and grandparents get ready for the birth of his baby sister and chooses the perfect name for her

  • Title: Big Brother Dustin
  • Author: Alden R. Carter Dan Young Carol S. Carter
  • ISBN: 9780807507155
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy with Down Syndrome helps his parents and grandparents get ready for the birth of his baby sister and chooses the perfect name for her.

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    1. Big Brother Dustin, by Alden R. Carter, Photographs by Dan Young and Carol CarterDustin has down syndrome. His mom is expecting a new little girl, and Dustin helps his parents and grandparents get ready for her special arrival. Dustin also picks out his new sisters name, Maryann.There was no problem in this story, the language in the text was easy to follow and perfect for all ages. This book hinted on a child with a disability, but this book could be read to for any family expecting their secon [...]

    2. Big Brother Dustin is a book with a positive portrayal of a boy with down syndrome. Dustins mom explains to him that she is having a baby girl and Dustin will be a big brother. Dustin is excited about the opportunity and does a lot to help his parents.

    3. This does show a positive portrayal of a child with Down Syndrome interacting with a variety of family members as well as being educated in how to be a big brother. The photographs that illustrate the story are generally heartwarming and focus on Dustin's connections with other characters. I will say that I was a bit concerned with the reactions of some of the others towards the names he comes up with for his sister. The idea that they made faces at his suggestions, which with the exception of H [...]

    4. Dustin is a child who has Down Syndrome. His mother tells him that she is going to have a baby, so he will be a big brother. She goes through different books and pictures to help him understand what is happening. This is a good book for children who have disabilities. They can see the different roles that they will take on in life.

    5. This is a picture book, but with real photos of real people. Dustin has Downs Syndrome and this is his story about becoming a big brother after he and his parents learn that they are going to have a baby girl.I discovered this book when one of our Children's Librarians handed it to me for a patron project relating to Special Needs kids that I was working on.Excellent!

    6. This would be a good book to use when teaching/interacting with students with disabilities who are expecting younger siblings or have younger siblings. It shows that being a big brother/sister can be very helpful to parents bringing a new baby home.

    7. Dustin, who has downs, knows his Mom is pregnant, but he is confused when he spends a great deal of time with his grandmother. His new sibling finally comes home and Dustin helps with the new baby. He finally feels a part of the family again.

    8. I like this book because it shows that Dustin, who has downs, still goes through the same emotions when he finds out that his mom is pregnant. This is a book to read to students who have new babies in the house or who will have a new baby. It also could be read to discuss disabilities.

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