One thought on “Ranch under the Rimrock”

  1. This is a history of the McCall family throughout their decades on the Ranch Under the Rimrock. This is certainly a different story than became of the many pioneers of the late 1800s. There were no great tragedies of people mortally wounded or dead by accidents. They often paid their way out of trouble with money from back east. It was an interesting account of a well-to-do family but I don't think was indicative of the majority of people in the Wild West days.

  2. I read this book at the time I moved to Central Oregon. The McCall's moved to Oregon from the East and settled outside of what now is Prineville, Oregon - around 30 miles from where I now live. Dorothy McCall was from an elite family, and living in the wilds of Central Oregon was a real change of pace. We still have an abundance of wild life around us, but not to the extent that they had. The main interest of this book was simply our living in the area she writes about.

  3. Interesting chronicle of what it was like to be really, really wealthy and run a ranch in central Oregon in the teens and twenties by the mother of Governor Tom McCall. Both his parents came from old Bostonian money, and the adjustment to the wilds of Oregon were, I think, more jarring that Mrs. McCall lets on here- but there's an undercurrent that makes me want to know more. I would like to read a book covering this same timeframe written by one of the house servants.

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