Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience

Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience New Book Great Buy We will ship daily Satisfaction Guaranteed We sell the best products

  • Title: Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience
  • Author: Eugene England
  • ISBN: 9780941214216
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience New Book Great Buy We will ship daily Satisfaction Guaranteed We sell the best products

    One thought on “Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience”

    1. I've been reading this in pieces for probably 2 years now. I pick it up when I feel like something really substantive and thoughtful (and related to Mormonism, of course). I've read about half the essays, and almost every one of them I finish wanting to make everyone I know read as well. In some ways, this has been one of the most redeeming things I've ever read.

    2. A delightful writer who made the mundane magical. I'd like to build a library of the rest of his writings - hint, hint!

    3. Meh; some of the early essays were solid, but the later ones just kept reminding me that I live in a different Mormondom than Eugene England did, made it hard to connect with.

    4. "I believe 'Mormonism' affords opportunity . . . for thoughtful disciples who will not be content with merely repeating some of its truths, but will develop its truths; and enlarge it by that development. . . . The disciples of 'Mormonism,' growing discontented with the necessarily primitive methods which have hitherto prevailed in sustaining the doctrine, will yet take profounder and broader views of the great doctrines committed to the Church; and, departing from mere repetition, will cast the [...]

    5. An essential book for LDS readers and a helpful book to others who may want to learn more about LDS thought and doctrine. While I found the first essay (on Joseph Smith and the heroic quest) a little difficult, even though I am a hero's journey enthusiast, I loved the other essays in the book. The essays on the Atonement and on being a Mormon scholar were especially fine. The essays on "Going to Conference" and "The Hosanna Shout" should be read by anyone going (or listening to or reading) Gener [...]

    6. Eugene England was always a faithful member of the church and an English professor at BYU who was subject to criticism by some for also serving as the editor of Dialogue magazine. He says that the best form of LDS literature is personal essays because they are like lessons we are so used to preparing in connection with our church callings. This is a collection of his essays. I thought some of the essays were wonderful in expressing ideas that I believe but could not articulate as well as he did. [...]

    7. Really top-notch and humane writing. England has a wide range of talent, from exegesis to autobiographical essay. A friend of mine had mentioned Eugene England several times over the past several years, and I'm glad I sat down with this. This is a must read for anyone who wants to witness a great and kind mind tackle some of the more difficult issues in Mormonism from the past 50 years. Not a recent work, but England's faith and reasoning are relevant and important to the issues we face today.

    8. Eugene England tackles some of the hard issues with Mormonism in a non-apologetic way. I read much of his stuff while I was trying to find a way to continue participation in the faith without having a belief in everything taught by the church. England was probably personally responsible for me staying in as long as I did. He's a good example of what LDS people should aspire to.

    9. What a great collection of essays! Beautiful explanation of why we must treat seemingly irreconcilable polarities in the gospel as paradoxes rather than as a battle between sides, and an encouraging example of searching in faith, critical thinking without negating personal spiritual experience. Despite its 1994 publication date, a very timely addition on my spiritual journey.

    10. I debated between giving this book a 4 or a 5. Overall I felt it was a refreshing book on Mormonism. The book is very open and honest and discusses aspects of the religion that many have considered but few address. I absolutely loved some of the essays. Other essays I thought were ok. So I settled on a 4. But I definitely feel that most of the essays in this book are must-reads.

    11. There were a lot of things I disagreed with--mostly with his classically trained background that is now not utilized in the academic field. However, I found his writings to be fair minded and always with Christian behavior in view. Never a bad thing

    12. Uncle Jeff loaned Chels and I this book and I'm super glad he did. I had read about Eugene England but I had never read Eugene England, so this was a great first experience. He does a great job of justifying the essay as THE preeminant Mormon literary art form.

    13. I appreciate the personal essay genre, but this collection was far too removed from me to be meaningful. I did, however, enjoy his Making Peace collection.

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