The Stout-Hearted Seven: Orphaned on the Oregon Trail (Sterling Point Books)

The Stout Hearted Seven Orphaned on the Oregon Trail Sterling Point Books Based on a true story originally written by one of the survivors Neta Lohnes Frazier s account of seven children traveling westward still has the power to astonish In the s the Sager family set

  • Title: The Stout-Hearted Seven: Orphaned on the Oregon Trail (Sterling Point Books)
  • Author: Neta Lohnes Frazier
  • ISBN: 9781402736179
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on a true story originally written by one of the survivors, Neta Lohnes Frazier s account of seven children traveling westward still has the power to astonish In the 1840s, the Sager family set off on the Oregon Trail, a dangerous and adventure filled journey Tragedy struck when both the mother and father succumbed to fever, orphaning the youngsters one just a newbBased on a true story originally written by one of the survivors, Neta Lohnes Frazier s account of seven children traveling westward still has the power to astonish In the 1840s, the Sager family set off on the Oregon Trail, a dangerous and adventure filled journey Tragedy struck when both the mother and father succumbed to fever, orphaning the youngsters one just a newborn The entire wagon train adopted them, until they arrived at the Whitman Mission in Oregon There, the Sagers settled into an ordinary life until the day of an Indian massacre The bravery of the Stouthearted Seven will amaze today s young readers.

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    1. I found this true biography of the Sager children fascinating! Written more for children, I'm not so sure I would recommend it to every child as it, of course, depicts the deaths of several people as well as a massacre.I felt like the history portrayed in this book was very accurate and it gave a very sober, realistic view of the Oregon trail, its hardships and fatalities. While very sad, I enjoyed it.

    2. Although this book was interesting, I could not give it more than 3 stars because it was so depressing. It is historical fiction about the seven Stager children who survived the Oregon Trail trip (ages 14. 12, 9, 7, 5, 3 and newborn at the time) even after the death of their father and a little less than a month later the death of their mother as they journeyed along the trail. Many pioneers in the wagon train and missionaries after the journey adventure helped them. For some four years they wer [...]

    3. A harrowing story told with honesty and truth. The author does not elaborate or make the story something it is not, because there is enough drama in the story by itself. I think I read this in school back in the day and didn't quite realize at the time how much of it was about the history of where i live, so that was more important to me this reading time around.

    4. Dramatic and harrowing story based on a true account of seven children orphaned on the Oregon Trail. Fascinating look at the real dangers of life at this time and the spirit of the pioneers who made the journey.

    5. My mother gave me this book when I was 9 and it was amazing for me at that age. I still read it every few years and I love it. This is one of the books that started my love for reading.

    6. Good historic children's book that is pretty gritty. Seems like it would make any kid grateful for what they have, compared to these early pioneers!

    7. From chapter 1 to chapter 7 (65 pages)1. In today’s reading, did the setting or any of characters remind you of people or characters in your own personal life? Were any of the situations or events similar to your own life? How were they alike and how were they different? I have just read some chapters of the story named “The stout – hearted seven orphaned on the Oregon trail”, but it reminded me of my parents’ migration to the south of Vietnam in 1954 (after Geneva Convention ).In 195 [...]

    8. I only started this book for a school project, (more specifically a Social Studies journal on the Oregon trail) and as soon as I finished the project I was contemplating whether to return the book or not to the library. Then I realized how much I really enjoyed reading this book. So I finished it.Neta Lohnes Frazier, an author of fourteen books and who died at age 100 in Waitsburg, Washington wrote this book so intriguingly and creatively I just had to find out Catherine Sager and her families s [...]

    9. The most famous book about the Sager family is probably "On to Oregon!" by Honore Morrow, on which the movie, "Seven Alone," is based. But "Stout-hearted Seven," is based on more thorough research and is more accurate. This is the one our fourth grade teachers usually read aloud as part of their curriculum on Washington State, and it's the title that most students will come into the library to check out and read again.While there are many good fictional accounts about the Oregon Trail, this is t [...]

    10. Narrated by Mary Starkey. Based on the true story of the Sager family who left Missouri in 1844 to head for the Oregon Territory as part of a wagon train. The hard conditions of life on the trail tragically befall the family, as both parents die. Catherine, the oldest, and her brothers and sisters eventually are brought to the Whitman mission in the Territory where they are taken in by Narcissa and Marcus Whitman who work as missionaries to the Indians. The Sagers come to see and love the Whitma [...]

    11. This is the very true story of the Sager family who set out west in 1844. Both parents died on the trip, leaving their seven children orphaned. The wagon train banded together to get the children to the Whitman Mission where they were adopted by the Whitman family. My knowledge of the Whitman mission was that it was near the end of the trail, out of the way, and you only go there if you have money and are desperate for supplies. And that's accurate, but I learned a lot more as a result of this b [...]

    12. "Stout-Hearted Seven" written by Neta Lohnes Frazier is based on the true story of the Sager family as they made their way from Missouri to Oregon in 1844. What starts out as an adventure quickly became a tragedy for the seven children of Henry and Naomi Sager who were left orphaned on the Oregon Trail. This book does a great job telling a story of a courageous family during the westward migration and I can see this book being used in the 4th grade classroom during the study of the Oregon Trail. [...]

    13. Here is the true story behind the movie Seven Alone. The movie was always one of my favorites, but there really is very little to compare to the book (although both are excellent). I enjoyed the story of the Sager family. Their tale is a heartbreaking one and is a powerful reminder of the sacrifice our early forefathers made when settling this country. Experience this true story of suffering, courage, family devotion, and peril. Join the Sagers, Kit Carson, Narcissus Whitman, and others during o [...]

    14. What a fantastic book for children about life along the Oregon Trail. As a child I became fascinated with the subject after playing the famous game and it was books like these that allowed me to develop my understanding of the time period. The book suffers from dry prose at time, but does a fantastic job of telling a meaningful and important story about how the Sager children came out west. Children who enjoy the subject will find much to enjoy in the book. For older children, teens, and adults [...]

    15. Great true-life chronicle of the Sager family's tragic journey west in 1844. The surviving siblings determined to record what happened, and Catherine Sager took it upon herself to do it. Although never published, her account has been kept alive by subsequent generations and is one of the most authentic sources of information about that trip. We read this as part of a homeschool unit on westward expansion and the whole family loved it.

    16. This is a simple retelling of a very sad, true story that seems like it might end up okay, but really doesn't in the end. (That's not really a spoiler since it's a true story). I didn't love the author's writing style, but did love how reading about their overwhelming challenges and struggles when coming across the Oregon trail and beyond made me appreciate my own relatively easy and comfortable life.

    17. I read this because my girls had to read it for an assignment and I like to know what they're learning about I haven't read much about the Oregon Trail so I learned one family's perspective and experience. It is a heartbreaking story and makes your heart ache to know that it really happened and think of what the Sager family suffered. I'll be hugging my little ones a little closer tonight and feel grateful for the safe home we live in each day.

    18. I had never heard of this family's saga or tradgedy. It was such a sad story. I think the writing was good for young readers, easy to read and understand. For me it was under-developed and missing some good writing details. It is a good history non-fiction read for young readers who like the history of the pioneers crossing the US.

    19. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review. I was not paid nor was I instructed what to write. This book was really interesting to me as someone who grew up playing Oregon Trail. It's a tale both heartbreaking and heartwarming about one families journey to a better life. It was a quick and easy read, full of history

    20. An excellent account of seven orphaned children on the Oregon Trail and the astonishing experiences they encountered. Recommended for kids age 10 or so and up. Well-writtenI couldn't put it down.

    21. I read this for school. It was okay. But all the deaths in the book are so sudden. They seem like they're all crammed together at the end. It was kind of sad but it really seemed to capture what things were like at the time.

    22. A totally awesome story about seven children and their mother and father making their way across the Oregon Trail and facing hardships and disaster along the way.

    23. Absolutely beautiful and horrifying. We loved this book, and by extension, this family. There are so many life principles in their story. I'm changed.

    24. Historical account of a family on the Oregon trail. Using this with my 5th graders for great accurate background information!

    25. This version of the Sager's journey is much closer to the truth than On to Oregon! was. It's a great story for anyone looking for an adventure or interested in the settling of the West

    26. Though written for kids this was a very entertaiing and informative story of a pioneer family who had more than their share of bad luck.

    27. An amazing and sad true story about the hardships of crossing the Oregon Trail.Great book for helping kids understand the historical and practical realities of pioneer life.

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