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  1. 22 January 1879. Across the slopes of Isandhlwana, there came the sound of thunder.Assegai shafts pound against drum-tight shields.Fifty thousand voices cry in one dread voice the Zulu word for ‘kill’: ‘U-SU-THU! U-SU-THU!’Against the sweeping landscapes of Southern Africa, Lord Chelmsford’s army of eight thousand soldiers moves inexorably into Zululand. Their aim: to subdue a proud and unyielding warrior nation. But what starts as an imperial adventure turns into one of the bloodiest [...]

  2. The book chronicles the battle at the mountain of Isandhlwana which took place on 22 January 1879 in South Africa.The British outpost, under the command of General Lord Chelmsford, is armed with rifles, but the 30,000 spear-brandishing Zulu warriors outnumber and overwhelm the garrison. There was little that the stiff-upper-lip heroism and regimentation of the British unit could do to stave off the inevitable massacre.Following the slaughter, a reserve mass of Zulu Impis attacked the fortified m [...]

  3. NostalgiaI had tears in my eyes when I finished this superb book,the reason being I visited Isandlwana many years ago,as I stood on the battlefield surrounded by cairns and monuments with the mountain in the background a feeling of extreme sadness came over me thinking of all the brave men on both sides who died in the battle and the futility of it all,this book brought it all back to me.

  4. 3 and ½ starsThis is a good story. However, I had a great issue with the language used. It was difficult to follow. Aside from that, the story was, in places, beautifully drawn – descriptive. The countryside was well described.This is the story of a “war” between the Zulu and the troops of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. The book starts slow, but the pace picks up in the second half of the book. It is the story of bad decisions on the part of the British commanders. Colonel Chelmsford was a p [...]

  5. After writing my double feature movie reviews last month, I decided to finally read the old copy of Zulu Dawn that's been occupying space in my library for, oh, I don't know for how long.Zulu Dawn was written by Cy Endfield, who co-wrote the screenplay of the same name.The book provides in-depth character backstories and introspection, as well as a more detailed narrative about the chain of events that led up to the Battle of Isandlwana along with its immediate aftermath.Many of the scenes play [...]

  6. I am not sure which came first, the book or the film produced Cy Endfield, anyway it is a great account of the battle at Isandlwana of 1879 in Natal when some 1500 British soldiers were slaughtered by the Zulus, the worst defeat of any modern army by a native people armed with nothing but spears/clubs and shields.

  7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.A straight forward re-telling of the 1879 battle at Isandhlwana between the Zulu Kingdom and British forces. Good explanations of the formation and battle plans of the British against overpowering odds. Well done.

  8. Very goodReally interesting historical book keeps u on the edge very moving andSad reading altogether could not put this book down her too read it till it came too final conclusion excellent reading

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