Second Chances

Second Chances Kelly knew all of the reasons why she didn t stand a chance with Andrea Andrea was married She was presumably straight Kelly had been working for her for years And don t forget about the age gap But s

  • Title: Second Chances
  • Author: Emma Collins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kelly knew all of the reasons why she didn t stand a chance with Andrea Andrea was married She was presumably straight Kelly had been working for her for years And don t forget about the age gap But sometimes there aren t enough reasons to stay away from someone Lesbian Romance 18

    One thought on “Second Chances”

    1. Great read. I liked the pace of this book and it's on Kindle Unlimited, always a bonus. Some pretty steamy scenes too.

    2. Liked this one a lot. Second book from Collins and I liked it better than One Way Ticket (which wasn't bad fyi). This one is a big age gap, probably the biggest one I've seen at 16 years. There was some infidelity involved, I feel the universe is trying to say something. I've had a whole string of them lately. Well universe, from me to you, sod off. I've been married 23 years and don't see that changing. Lol. So you can quit with the cheating books, ktnxbai universe.

    3. Walmart vs Chanel in book form!Have you read Behind the Green Curtain? Because this is a bit of a watered down version. Let's get the positives out of the way first. The sex scenes were HOT and oddly enough the main characters had some pretty good chemistry, sadly that's about it though.There are a truck ton of things that irked me about this book. Let's see if I can sum the premise up though. So Kelly (no last name given, I guess she's like Cher or Madonna in that respect) is a senior psycholog [...]

    4. DNF at 45%. The writing is overly simplistic, repetitive and predictable. I prefer my books to be more descriptive, how their expressions change, little details in characters and environment but there's none of that here. Everything's always focused on their (non)relationship and how they want each other, there are no descriptions of how they feel at any point in time or what they like about each other. They just want one another and then it's repeated endlessly.Not to mention the weird time jum [...]

    5. The cover should've scared me away, but because the reviews were good I gave it a try. I couldn't finish it Not only is it full of errors (even I could tell and I'm not a native English speaker), the story reads like bad fanfic. The characters weren't well fleshed out and there was no emotion or depth to the story.

    6. .It was an okay read. Probably enjoyed it more because of the age difference aspect, which is always my weakness. But still the book was lacking some kind of substance. There wasn't really anything that put me off (sone minor edits could be done) but there wasn't anything that drew me in either. It's all pretty flat and straightforward. The characters are pretty one dimensional and there's not much that makes you connect with them.

    7. I am confusedI really liked the book. The people were great and the story was cute but I don't like how she cheated. I am confused about a couple things but I am going to read it again and see if I missed something and if I am still off with the story then I will redo this and ask and if I figured it out then I will rewrite this to give it more praise.

    8. GoodThis is a good story, worth reading. Second chances is a reality of today's world. Andrea is Kelly's boss, a busy lawyer with two teenage kids and a husband who is always drinking. Both are attracted to each other for a long time, and although Kelly is 16 years younger, they give it a try, a second chance to find love and be happy.

    9. Entertaining First of all I love a nice age gap story and this one was well done. Although I don't condone cheating the story was really sweet, great sex scenes and a lovely ending.

    10. This book was just ok. Nothing to write home about. No real depth to it. Not really a 3 star, more like 2.5.

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