Huntress Born

Huntress Born A missing brother A family obsessed werewolf An impossible choice Pack is Ember s passion Ever since being adopted at birth her large werewolf family has been both her anchor and her support But when

  • Title: Huntress Born
  • Author: Aimee Easterling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A missing brother A family obsessed werewolf An impossible choice.Pack is Ember s passion Ever since being adopted at birth, her large werewolf family has been both her anchor and her support But when a missing half brother draws the twenty something away from home for the very first time, bonds to her adopted family are tested at every turn.The milk chocolate eyes ofA missing brother A family obsessed werewolf An impossible choice.Pack is Ember s passion Ever since being adopted at birth, her large werewolf family has been both her anchor and her support But when a missing half brother draws the twenty something away from home for the very first time, bonds to her adopted family are tested at every turn.The milk chocolate eyes of an off limits human are the first threat to her pack commitment Meanwhile, the local alpha is less interested in dark dangers facing human women and intent upon eliminating his guest s ability to leave his territory ever again.Can Ember protect innocents and track down her elusive sibling in time, or will the not so charming alpha cut off all ties to her adoptive pack From the USA Today bestselling author that readers are comparing to Patricia Briggs comes a new urban fantasy novel full of adventure, romance, and danger that will leave readers craving .

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    1. Wow! I don't even know where to begin to discuss "Huntress Born." Aimee Easterling has a vision for an incredible read with the Wolf Legacy series. The plot is strong and the characters are endearing. So, what made me give this book one star? Well, it is extremely difficult to enjoy a book with there is hardly any dialogue. In this read, the characters have a one sentence statement and then there are pages and pages of mind speak/thoughts. Not only does this break the flow of any meaningful disc [...]

    2. Aimee Easterling reliably delivers fun shifter stories with exciting plots. Huntress Born is the first volume in her new Wolf Legacy series, which is a spinoff of the Wolf Rampant Trilogy: A Fantastical Werewolf Adventure but can definitely be enjoyed alone.I found Ember a charming heroine. I loved how she tried to solve so many of her problems with baked goods and was always guessing at what someone's favorite dessert would be. I liked Sebastien too, though I feel like we haven't really gotten [...]

    3. Ember is a werewolf who leaves the safety of her pack to search for her newly discovered brother who seems to have disappeared, her search takes her into another packs territory but if she was hoping to stay under the radar then that plan backfires as soon as she comes across a shifter intent on rape ! What is going on in this pack ? Exposing their kind to humans is punishable by death. The incident brings her to the attention of her uber driver, Sebastien, unleashing a host of sexually charged [...]

    4. My first introduction to Ms. Easterling's writing was Wolfie's story. Now one of his daughter's has quite an adventure of her own in this new serial. I loved catching up with dad again and he has raised quite a daughter.Ember has left the safety of pack and home to search for the brother she recently learned about. It doesn't seem he had the same luck to be adopted by a strong alpha like Wolfie. Entering a strange pack's territory without permission has consequences. She is hoping that a persona [...]

    5. I loved this book all the way up to the cliffhanger ending. Bad author. Lol.Ember leaves her pack family and goes in search of her half-brother. Things start to go wrong the moment she gets off the bus. She is in the territory of another pack and will need to make nice with the Alpha. There is a werewolf hanging around the bus station acting strange. Then there is the interesting Uber driver. Her job at the nearby college involves her favorite pastime - baking. At least she has that as she tries [...]

    6. Finding new strengthThis is a story of a pack princess that’s never been away from her pack before now. On a quest to find her half-brother after getting a cryptic message from him. Going into a big city that’s run by another Alpha who she will need his approval to be on his territory if she gets caught. She’s hoping to just get in and out before he knows it. But that’s not to be and he has plans for her, like mating his son in 7 days.So she needs to get gone before the seven days. What [...]

    7. Another strong character comes out from Haven's Pack. I just loved the crazy-baker-Wolfie and I was happy to learn about how other characters from Wolf Rampant were doing. No need to read the first series to enjoy the book though, Ember is quite phenomena herself.What started as a quest for her elusive brother soon turn into a mess sticky but not sweet. Okay maybe bitter-sweet if we count a certain man too curious for his own good and a kak-kak-chanting girl. The wolfs in the city might have ada [...]

    8. I am a huge fan of Ms. Easterling, and, as I always am when a new series comes out by an author I like, I was very excited to see this new series. And, true to the other books, this series opener was terrific! Ember temporarily leaves her pack to find her brother in another town. Along the way, she stumbles upon a mesmerizing human and the troubled pack who rules the town she’s in. Will she find her brother before it’s too late, and will the pack interfere in everything she’s doing? I real [...]

    9. Fun and exciting start for this spin off series! Ember leaves her pack on her own to find a brother whom she never met. This is her first time really on her own and she has to deal with a few obstacles without her pack to support her in person. I loved seeing Ember navigate life by herself and seeing how she would deal with everyone that she meets and if she would actually find her brother. I can't wait for the next book and see where her journey will take her.

    10. I received a advance copy of Huntress Born for my fair and honest review. I adore Aimee Easterling's books so much, she paints such vivid worlds with her words. Worlds you can slip right into and fall in love with the characters. This is Ember's first book and she looking for her brother, so pack your bags because we're going on a adventure. This book had me on a trip full of laughter, mystery, a smidgen of romance and even a few tears. She is definitely Wolfie's! I am very excited for the next [...]

    11. A wonderful new series that takes place in the Wolf Rampant and Alpha Underground worlds. It has it all - action, a mystery and a forbidden attraction as Ember, the adopted daughter of Wolfie and Terra, searches for her missing brother. Great story line and characters, Huntress Born is a fast read with a strong lead and great supporting characters. Although it can be read without reading the prior two series, I would recommend checking out them out to get a better understanding of Ember's world. [...]

    12. This is my first time ever reading anything from this author and I have to say that I was really impressed. This enjoyable and entertaining read had me glue from beginning to end definitely a great start for a new series. I really like Ember she was strong and independent but also wasn't afraid to let her vulnerability show she was very relatable. I'm still not sure what to make of Sebastian yet hopefully that will change in book two. Overall a great book definitely left me craving cupcakes. I'm [...]

    13. Loved it! I think we can all relate to leaving home for the first time. The homesickness you feel. Well, i don't think we get into the trouble Ember gets into. What she finds goes against all she was raised to know. Read this fantastic story to see just how Ember handles her first trip and see if she finds the brother she is looking for. This book does leave some unanswered questions, but I know Ms. Easterling will answer them all. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. This is a voluntary [...]

    14. I am a HUGE fan of this authors work and extremely happy when there are new books to read!! Even though this is a start to a new series there are people from other series in it like Wolfie and Terra. This series focuses on Ember and she has always been a favorite of mine. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

    15. Dieters Beware! You will gain 10 pounds reading this!Seriously, this book revved up my sweet tooth! Ember loves to bake sweet treats like cupcakes, apple turnovers, muffins, brownies, and more. Every time she would start thinking what treat to serve someone, I got hungry. :D"Huntress Born" is the third book I've ready by Ms. Easterling. I started with "Verdant Magic" of the Dragon Mage Chronicles---which I absolutely loved. I was excited to start new series and meet new characters. Once I starte [...]

    16. The Sweet-I have been on a werewolve kick lately so when I picked this read up I was looking forward to reading a kick ass urban fantasy but found a New Adult book (in my opinion) instead and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The author’s writing style and imagination lends to a whole new prospective into the world of wolves.The author uses what we as readers all know and love about werewolves to not only add but create her own world of family and her own brand of wolf magic. Ember is innocent but at t [...]

    17. I am a fan of Aimee Easterling, having enjoyed several of her books. No surprise then that I grabbed at Huntress Born (first in her new Wolf Legacy series) as soon as I saw it. Good move on my part. This book demonstrates why I enjoy thus author’s work so much. First and foremost it’s the characters, from leading lady Ember on down. They’re complex and interesting and, well, “real” notwithstanding any paranormal elements of the story. The plot has a similarly “real” (genuine) feeli [...]

    18. The writing is good; maybe a little wordy, but I like the flow of the story. Ember is an interesting character, and the premise is interesting. Ember is a wolf shifter, and her brother has gone missing, so she leaves her very sheltered living for a bigger city in search of her brother. Ember has to deal with the wolf pack when she arrives, and there's some crazy things going on. I enjoyed the opening scene, it created a good sense of suspense to the story. I just think Aimee Easterling's take on [...]

    19. 4🌟 with reservationsally 3½🌟I really did enjoy reading this story! The female lead was well written. I wish that I had read the parent's story first-this said Book #1 so I missed it. Hopefully it fills in some questions I have, I'll be reading it next.My biggest annoyance with this book? Yes, the female lead is well spoken, but the number of times the word "perspicacious", or a variation of the word is used is too much! Now, if she spoke like this, "He is much too perspicacious to be take [...]

    20. Hundreds Born by Aimee Easterling.I absolutely love Ember in this wonderful book. I have read Shirtless and subsequent books. The only thing I dislike is the fact that this book had an ending. But as soon as I have a paycheck I'll be ordering the rest of this series.Aimee Easterling, you are one of my favorite authors. I can barely wait to find out what happens between Ember and Sebastian, how Harmony and Rosie adapt in Haven and will Ember find her brother? I guess I'll find out. Thank you Aime [...]

    21. 3.25- i liked a lot of it- easy prose, digestible, but sometimes the characters did stuff i thought was weird/stupid- getting a job during a four day trip, not running away at first attempted rape, not questioning total creeper dudes motivations, not calling your dad when it is really fricking obvious you are in a shit ton of trouble. And then cupcakes. Too much baking detour. Wtf. Like, “ my brother is probably dying, but let me make some scones, and serve some coffee for no discernible reaso [...]

    22. Enjoyable Great Read.This is a well written read, that kept me entertained from start to finish.Ember, all grown up in human year's, yet still a Wolf pup, in her parents & pack eye's, has left home for the first time to find her younger brother, whom she'd only learned about a year earlier.And now the fun begins, crazy Alpha Werewolf, sexy hot human professor, superstitious granny & yummy baked goods.Well worth the read, will definitely be reading the next book in this series.

    23. Received copy through Bookfunnel. Writing a voluntary review This book will confuse you at times but only because it is different viewpoints of shifters. Without giving away spoilers it's best to just say, go into reading this and not expect typical shifter read. It's good but different. Definitely leaves the reader on a cliffhanger. Will read the next book in series just to find out what happens next.

    24. Great readI enjoyed the story and characters. It is a high energy read with lots of twists and surprises. It ends on a major cliffhanger so be prepared to want to read the next book to answer all the questions that have been developingI really liked the character of Ember. She is tough and willing to take risks for those she loves. She is very protective of others. Her desire to find her missing brother sets her on a very interesting path.

    25. This is a great start to a new set of books. I loved the entire book. It had action and some mystery. Ember was a great character to read about and I just loved how she interacted with the other characters via cupcakes. The secondary characters were also likeable. Sebastian I had mixed feelings about but I think I could come to like him too! All in all I will be reading the next book! I am giving my voluntary honest review on a book I received from the author

    26. Fun YA'ish read but annoying wording and repeating of words and sentences where a killing to finish this book.Silly names such as "wolfie" with no real humor attached. The endless talk about the damn cupcakes and strange NON-romantic ya'isch story-line with soft action scenes had me struckling to finish this books. In the end, a book that had so much potential ended unexpected up as a book I struggled to complete.

    27. Cupcakes work wonders on the savage beastEmber is adorable and loving to a fault. Since her parents deaths, her love for her step-brother feels overwhelming as she leaves the love and protection of her pack to search for her brother. Don't forget that cupcakes always make you feel better.

    28. Family is important especially for werewolvesAimee Easterling has a fresh take on werewolves in her world and I love it! More family less fangs, more cupcakes less cruelty. Her characters have a conscience and live by their rules, mostly. With original plots and personalities, her stories keep me coming back for more!

    29. A shifter wolf looking for her brother in a strange territory of another pack. Letting her into the pack, the pack leader wants her to marry and mate with his shifter son. Try getting out of this is very difficult and then meeting with her brothers girlfriend is just crazy. Good storyline, good book. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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