Where the River Runs

Where the River Runs New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry delivers an engaging novel about a South Carolina woman who goes back home to face the past and discovers herselfMeridy Dresden was once a free s

  • Title: Where the River Runs
  • Author: Patti Callahan Henry
  • ISBN: 9780451215055
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry delivers an engaging novel about a South Carolina woman who goes back home to face the past and discovers herselfMeridy Dresden was once a free spirited, fun loving girl All that changed when the boy she loved was killed in a tragic fire Since then, she alone has carried the burden of a terrible secret Now, yearNew York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry delivers an engaging novel about a South Carolina woman who goes back home to face the past and discovers herselfMeridy Dresden was once a free spirited, fun loving girl All that changed when the boy she loved was killed in a tragic fire Since then, she alone has carried the burden of a terrible secret Now, years later, married to a wonderful man and mother of a teenage son, she is shocked to learn that a childhood friend is being blamed for that long ago fire Fearful but determined, Meridy returns to the South Carolina Low Country and summons the courage to make a decision that may destroy her well ordered life, her family s reputation, her contented marriage, and everything she s worked so hard to protectcluding her heart Brilliant Powerful Magical Do not miss this book New York Times bestselling author Haywood Smith

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    1. At the graduation party, Meridy Dresden lit the firecracker that landed on the roof of a historical structure causing it to catch fire. Her boyfriend Danny Garrett ran into the structure to save his friends not knowing that they had already escaped. He died while jumping from the roof but his body was washed out to sea and not found until several days later. Meridy never admitted to causing the fire and this has eaten at her for many years. Now it is time to set it right and admit her mistake. S [...]

    2. I adore Patti Callahan Henry's books and writing style. I feel as if I am floating along in a canoe, relaxing with just a few wonky currents along the way. Where the River Runs's main character, Meridy Dresden, appears to have it all. However, she begins to question whether or not she has lost a part of herself. Her return to her childhood hometown allows her to begin the journey back to finding out who she is. I enjoyed learning more of the Gullah culture as well.Go Cards! L1C4!!

    3. "Where the River Runs" was vividly wonderful to read. I felt like I was part of the book. I love the southern historic aspects of the story and how all the characters have a coming of age moment during the story. Meridy is this girl that grew up living life to the fullest and then tragedy happens in her life. Because of this tragedy, she molds herself to be a person that she later realizes she can be no longer.She learns through supporting characters in the book that she was not the fault of the [...]

    4. Where the River Runs is a story of a "perfect" woman from a "perfect" family who, after building a model life in Atlanta, returns to her hometown of Seaboro, South Carolina to come to grips with her history and rekindle the spirit of the lively girl she used to be.Meridy McFadden Dresden had tamped down memories of her first love until her mother calls with news that makes her remember. Guilt compels her to go home and try to make things right. With family dynamics galore, dear friends, and a wo [...]

    5. This story concerns a woman who returns to her childhood home in the Low Country of South Carolina to do research and write curriculum on the Gullah culture. While there she confronts some secrets from her past and realizes her forgotten dreams. Most chapters begin with a Gullah proverb. Even though it has a similar theme to the last book I read by this author, I think it has an interesting plot and explores some complex relationships.

    6. Loved this, heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time! I think everyone has felt like Meridy at times in their life, like they lost part of themselves and need to find it again, her journey was inspiringly sweet. Loved the pace, the surprising moments of humor, and the feel of the lowcountry the author put in with each word, just a really charming read!

    7. This was a fast read on a day off school. This story is set in the lowcountry of So. Carolina, with some history and cultural insight of the Gullah, told by an old housekeeper. The story is about a woman who goes back to her childhood home to rediscover who she really is and where people in her life fit. I liked Henry's writing.

    8. This is only my second Patti Callahan Henry, and I am thrilled to discover her work. I consumed this novel in two days. I loved the characters, I loved the plot, but most of all I loved the wonderful writing. Her descriptions are mouthwateringly good. I could hear, see, feel the water. Can't wait to read everything else she's written!

    9. Patti Callahan Henry is my favorite author. I find myself, if just a bit, in each and every character she crafts with her writing. I am invariably drawn in immediately to her writing, and stay to the very end, always wanting more. This book is no exception. I have learned so much about myself from reading Meridy's story. It is one you should not miss.

    10. I love the way this author uses the South Carolina as her setting. In this novel, she explains alot about the Gullah culture through the main character, Meridy's, search to learn about her life. I can't wait to read her next book!

    11. Southern and insipid, weepy and feel-good, pulling on the heart-strings, bordering on stupid, it is a light-weight novel that I read in a few hours. It didn't appeal to me but I can see that it may be a popular read, something they might sell at Wal-Mart.

    12. A friend of mine marked this as to read so I thought it might be worth checking out. I really like books set in the South for some reason, and this fits the bill. The story is captivating and interesting. I will definitely check out other books by this author.

    13. I pulled the audio version performed by Janet Metzger from the library shelf to listen to on a road trip. It was enjoyable enough to keep me entertained. I must confess, if I'd had a printed copy in my hands, I may have fast forwarded to the end and then decided if it was worth the details in between.The character that held my most interest was the old Gullah woman who had been the maid in the main character's childhood home. I was completely unaware of this cultural group that lives between Jac [...]

    14. I absolutely loved this book. It was definitely a great, memorable read. The characters were so realistic and I admired the history that was intertwined as well. I did want to read more explanation at the end with Meridy and Beau, it felt as though their resolution was a little rushed, but it was a sweet ending for them! I also wanted to hear about the outcome with B.J.'s DUI and how that was handled. I did love the resolution between Sissy and Meridy and between Meridy and her Mother. I felt th [...]

    15. The author reads the audio version well. I'd like to visit S.C. Gullah territory especially since finding out a little more about the island from a friend who's visited there recently. The Atlanta protagonist is a lawyer's wife in midlife crisis. Negative: I think the book has a slow start, and I'd never be so bent out of shape twenty years after an event. Positive: I like feel good endings.

    16. Another good story by Patti Callahan Henry, I would have liked to hear more about Tim, Meridy's childhood friend. This is the second book by this author I have read and it did not disappoint. Follows the journey Meridy takes dealing with an accident that happened when she was young and the consequences her actions had on others.

    17. A while back I read Henry’s novel Losing the Moon and although I had misgivings when I started the novel, it won me over in the end. Sadly, I can’t say the same about Where the River Runs. I wanted to like it, I really did…but I just had so many problems with it.Where the River Runs is the story of Meridy Dresden, lawyer’s wife and mother to a teenage son, BJ. She has a strained relationship with her mother and sister and a big secret that she’s kept since the summer she graduated from [...]

    18. Apparently I gave this book to my mother a while back (although I have no memory of that) and while I am visiting she suggested I read it. It is set mostly in South Carolina Lowcountry, and the main character, Meridy Dresden, grew up in this area. A tragedy happened at a graduation party the summer after Meridy's senior year and her parents sent her away to her grandparents for the summer. She went on to university as planned, and met a wonderful man, got married and had a son. She now lives in [...]

    19. Henry writes about the lowcountry, but somehow I never managed to see or feel it through her words. Maybe it was my mood, but when I read a book about the lowcountry, I want to feel the pluff mud squish between my toes, smell the salt-kissed air and hear an egret's cry. I think I prefer Shakespeare's words as a plot summary: "The course of true love never did run smooth." I liked the gullah proverbs that started each chapter, and wished that promise had played out a bit more. I guess instead of [...]

    20. I read this book more than a year ago, but hadn't yet posted an actual review. I thought I had, and I HAD on another site. I was looking for books by this author, saw I had given it 4 stars, but no review, so I copied my review from the other online book club to post here: I read a beautifully written book by Patti Callahan Henry, called "Where the River Runs" about a middle aged, well off couple in Atlanta who seem to be living separate lives of late. The wife has a secret from her earlier life [...]

    21. I liked this book, but wasn't wild about it. Overheard a couple of ladies in the check-out line talking about it, so, being the bookoholic that I am, I checked it out and it was ok, but not check-out line worthy, if you know what I mean ;o)The story of a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend (Meridy) who returns to her home in SC to write a curriculum on the Gullah community for her son's private school. I know I never heard of the Gullah community, either, but learning about these descendent [...]

    22. Meridy returns to her childhood home after twenty some odd years where she faces some difficult truths about herself and her friends Timmy and Danny, and her family. Her mother, always one to keep up appearances, still came out smelling like roses even after the fire that destroyed the Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage among other things.Meridy doesn't get along well with neither her mother or her sister, Sissy. She's wondering if her husband Beau has his sights set on the law firm's junior partner, e [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book more than the other one I just read by this author, "Between the Tides". I think it was because there was a little 'Gullah' thrown in! But the theme of feeling guilty your whole life for something that happened when you were young was just a little overdone for me once again. You never thought of the event, you made a new life, you never went back that realistic? Maybe it is, but I found it a bit unbelievable. All in all, a quick read but not one I will remember or read again [...]

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