Welcome to Camden Falls

Welcome to Camden Falls Combining the heart of her Newbery Honor winning fiction and the spirit of her legendary Baby Sitters Club series Ann M Martin introduces a timeless new series for girls Flora and Ruby do not want to

  • Title: Welcome to Camden Falls
  • Author: Ann M. Martin Dan Andreason
  • ISBN: 9780439868792
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Combining the heart of her Newbery Honor winning fiction and the spirit of her legendary Baby Sitters Club series, Ann M Martin introduces a timeless new series for girls.Flora and Ruby do not want to move to Camden Falls But they don t really have a choice their parents are dead and their grandmother, Min, is taking them in It s strange to be in a new place But lucCombining the heart of her Newbery Honor winning fiction and the spirit of her legendary Baby Sitters Club series, Ann M Martin introduces a timeless new series for girls.Flora and Ruby do not want to move to Camden Falls But they don t really have a choice their parents are dead and their grandmother, Min, is taking them in It s strange to be in a new place But luckily, it s a very welcoming place Min runs a sewing store, Needle Thread, at the heart of Main Street in Camden Falls There, Flora and Ruby become friends with Olivia, who likes to organize things, and Nikki, who lives on the wrong side of the tracks Even if Flora and Ruby never expected it to, Camden Falls becomes their home and its stories become a part of their stories.

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    1. I can't remember the last time I have been so pleasantly surprised by a book. I chose the first three books in Ann M. Martin's new series "Main Street" to review because my daughter wanted to read them. I picked up the first one, dreading it. Not sure why, maybe it was the whole "Baby-sitters Club" thing. My daughter went through a phase with these, and although I've never read one, I have a negative view of them. Don't know why.By the time I was half-finished, I didn't want to put it down. Gent [...]

    2. Grades: 4 to 6 Genre: Realistic FictionSisters Ruby and Flora have to move to small New England town to live with their grandmother after their parents die in a car crash. The girls are a bit nervous about the new town, but while things don’t always go smoothly, they start to make friends and start to feel apart of this small community. When a local girl is accused of stealing from one of the shops, Ruby knows that she is innocent and decides to solve this mystery. The grief that the girls fee [...]

    3. These are amazing books. These are my favorite children's books of all time. They are good for ages ten and up. I still go back and read them for fun sometimes. If you are looking for a good clean middle school books these are the ones to chose.

    4. I liked this well enough for a realistic fiction kids book. It's a good book for late elementary kids. I like that it introduces a lot of diversity into the characters, not just ethnically diverse, but broken families, social class, Down Syndrome, age, Alzheimer's, as well dealing with the death of parents. As such, it may be a bit intense for younger or more sensitive kids, but it's a good way to bring these topics into discussion as a family. This small town community feels so close-knit and m [...]

    5. I almost gave up on this book after disk 1. I'm glad I stuck it out because it ended up being a decent children's realistic fiction story. This small town had a lot of stuff going on around it. Ann M. Martin touched on quite a few issues without being too graphic or too preachy. I think this series would appeal to a lot of young girls because they could see themselves somewhere in the book. She even managed to catch my attention with a small cliffhanger at the end. Flora found a picture of her m [...]

    6. It's quite a light read about two orphan girls moving with there lovely grandmother to her hometown. How they settle in and adjust to living in an isolated town in New England, America. At times the speech can be a bit corny but otherwise a good read.

    7. Great. Not five stars, but still a good piece. Is Camden Falls real? I would completely live there. Ann brings a peaceful component to this children's goodread. ;)

    8. this book has blown me away in so many different derections this story a great childrens book and i hope you liked it as much as me

    9. I really liked this book. The story of two girls losing their parents, leaving the place they grew up, their school, their friends and everything behind, only to move to a new place, not even being sure if they will fit in with the people there or not. This book shows that how difficult it is to start afresh in life for some people and on the other hand how easy it for some people to do the same. This book shows life from everyone's perspective. Whether it is the sisters with a difficult past, t [...]

    10. Welcome to Camden Falls ( Main Street, #1) By Ann M. Martin. grades 4-6. genre- realistic fiction. Sisters Ruby and Flora have to move to a small new England town to live with their grandmother after their parents die. The two have to make new friends and new people. But when a mystery comes up the two girls decide they need to solve it for there own good. really good book for elementary students. I love how the book has more then just the two girls but it deals with Alzheimer disease, epilepsy [...]

    11. Love this series. Spent a lot of this reread crying. Partially due to the subject matter and partially to my own nostalgia. I would recommend the book to any elementary student who is about third grade and up.

    12. I picked up this book because the author wrote my all-time favorite series as a child, The Baby-Sitter’s Club. Main Street is a little more modern, but it keeps true to the classic feel the Baby-Sitter’s series did. Ruby and Flora are recently orphaned when a car accident leaves them relatively unharmed, but claims the lives of their parents. Their grandmother, Min, comes to stay with them so they can finish up the school year in their hometown. But now it is summer, and it is time for them [...]

    13. My Summary: Flora and Ruby are two young girls who suddenly find themselves orphans, as their parents have died in car accident. Their grandmother, whom they call Min – short for “In a minute”, becomes their guardian and the two girls, along with their cat King Comma, move to Camden Falls, Massachusetts to live with her. The family live in an adorable older home built in the 1800s that is part of the Row Homes on Aiken Avenue. Min has lived in that home her entire life and now the girls ar [...]

    14. Main Street Welcome to Camden Fallsby Ann M. MartinWriter of the Main Street SeriesI chose this book because I heard people that I know say that it was a good book.The story takes place in Camden Falls, Massachusetts in present day. The main characters in this book is Flora and Ruby. Both their parents died in a car accident so they came to live with their grandmother,Min,in Camden Falls.Flora is more quiet and she really likes to sew. Her sister,Ruby,is more the opposite. She likes to sing snd [...]

    15. i think this book was realy intresting. overall this book kept you real hooked while reading it. the author had wroten a lot of books ,so she had a lot of expierence writing this other bookading this book got me to have a lot of connections. my first connection was when ruby's and flora's parents died reminded me when my uncle left to live in chicagoe first thing it helped me understand are the similaraties with ruby,flora,and mee second thing it helped me understand is ruby's and flora's feelin [...]

    16. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooI really enjoyed reading the first book in the new MAIN STREET series by Ann M. Martin. I am glad that she is doing another series. I have many girls in my 5th-grade class who are still reading THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB and this new series is a little more timely. It is the story of two sisters, Flora and Ruby, who lose their parents one night in a terrible car crash. Their grandmother picks up the pieces of their lives and they move to Camden Falls to live [...]

    17. I remember right before my 13th birthday going into the seventh grade picking up this book at my local Kmart in their book section. When I first saw this book I told myself that I just had to have it so I bought it right then and there. When we came home from shopping there I started reading this book immdediatley. I just loved the book so much the first time I read it I just had to read it multiple times after that.I just love the small town feel of it and kind of wishing that my town as kind o [...]

    18. Flora and ruby moved to Camden falls with their grandmother after the big accident. They don't think they will ever like it as much as their old home, but soon they seemed to get in the flow and enjoy things in the town. They live in #4 of the row houses on Aiken Avenue. Their neighbors are the Morris family, Mr and Mrs Willet, the Malone family, Olivia Walter and her family, Mr Pennington, Robby Edwards and his family, and the Fong family. They get to know Olivia really well and become great fr [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this story. The first in a series about sisters who lose their parents in an accident and move to live with their grandmother (in the same house their mother grew up in). I enjoyed the characters and the small town setting. This is probably definitely a book for girls and while it is a great book for children who have lost a loved one I think it would appeal to lots of girls in general. Fans of the babysitters club (or any books that center on a group of friends) would especiall [...]

    20. ( Book Fair)fun, with cute literary illusions at the beginning. a little more flowery than the baby-sitters club, but with a boring wholesomeness near the end."Flora and Ruby were not pale waifs shivering under threadbare blankets. Nor were they off on a glorious, romantic adventure. They were just Flora and Ruby Northrop, whose parents had died in a car accident and who were now going to live with their grandmother Min in Camden Falls, Massachusetts.In the five months since the accident, Flora [...]

    21. I read this one in an hour or so at Barnes & Noble's, out of curiosity. This is the first book in Ann M. Martin's new series about two sisters who, after their parents' death, move to a small town called Camden Falls, where their grandma lives and runs a sewing shop called Needle and Thread. This book served as an introduction to the characters and the places. I wanted to like it, because it seemed like an innocent little book with good intentions. It is a little boring though. The two siste [...]

    22. My goal for this week was to read one to two chapters every day.I did meet my goal thats why i finished faster and i tryed my best to finish all six book that we needed to do by the end of thursday. In the book Main Street there was 174 pages.It took me a pretty long time to read this book because i really don't read books this long. There was only one to two characters well the main character was Ann M. Martin she loves to sew and loves to take walks withher dog,Sadie. She alos haas three cats, [...]

    23. I read this book when I was 7 or so, which is about 9 years ago, so obviously I have forgotten the story except for some parts. Well honestly the (very) few things I remember are the cover art (which I liked very much then), a map (I think), and some of the illustrations (I think). Yeah you can tell that I really do recall very little details of the book. BUT one thing that I am VERY sure about the book is this: it is a great series by a great author and I highly recommend girls of ages 7 to 12 [...]

    24. Judging from the other reviews I have read, I am the only person who didn't like this book. I bought the series for the elementary school, and now I wish I wouldn't have spent the money on it. This is a very wholesome book, but I feel part of the problem is that it is trying too hard to be wholesome. Every character has some sort of problem, and the girls are very tolerant of those problems. I don't have a problem with tolerance and acceptance of those who are different, but how realistic is it [...]

    25. I don't knowI guess I just expected more from Ann. Having grown up on the Baby-Sitters Club books,I was really looking forward to her new series. However, it was veryowe story didn't pick up until more than half-way through, and even then, it wasn't thrilling. Also, the characters did nothing for me. I remember the BSC girls being so COOL. Stacey with her NYC chic style and Claudia with her funky, artsy style, Dawn the surfer, Kristy the tomboy, Maryann the goody two shoes.but in this book it's [...]

    26. I like adventurous story books but this book isn't quite adventurous, so i rated this 2 out of 5. People who are not interested in moving from one particular place to another can find pleasure reading this book. The story is about two sisters named Flora & Ruby who doesn't want to move to a place named Camden Falls with their grandmother Mimi & they doesn't really have a choice as their parents were dead. Luckily, they find friends-real friends there. Two sad, orphans find happiness at l [...]

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